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1.1 Designed and Presented by Dr. Ayman Elshenawy Elsefy Dept. of Systems & Computer Eng.. Al-Azhar University

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1 1.1 Designed and Presented by Dr. Ayman Elshenawy Elsefy Dept. of Systems & Computer Eng.. Al-Azhar University Email : eaymanelshenawy@yahoo.comeaymanelshenawy@yaho Lectures on Computer Graphics

2 Lecture 1 Introduction to Computer Graphics

3 Computer Graphics (CG) is an area of computer science and engineering that plays an important role in almost every application of computer software. For example: The spreadsheets allow you to create charts to see data. CG’s enhanced entertainment by providing new kinds of cartoons and special effect. CG’s enabled us to see and understand scientific principles. CG’s is everywhere we turn.

4 Introduction to Computer Graphics Computer graphics were used routinely in such diverse areas as Science and engineering, medicine, business, industry, government, art, Entertainment and advertising, Education and training simulations and graph presentations.

5 1.1 Introduction to Computer Graphics

6 What is computer graphic Computer graphics is the art and science of creating images by: Programming the geometry and appearance of the contents of the images, Displaying the results of that programming on appropriate devices that support graphical output and interaction. Uses a graphics API’s that supports the necessary modeling and does most of the detailed work of rendering the scene that is defined through the programming.

7 The work of the programmer is Develop appropriate representations for the geometric objects of the images. Assemble these objects into an appropriate geometric space. Specify how the scene is to be viewed and how it will be displayed on the graphic device. Define some animation for the image. Design a ways for the user to interact with the scene as it is presented.

8 Computer Graphics API’s API’s (Application Programming Interface) is a set of tools that allow a programmer to work in an oriented application area. Allow the programmer to design applications using the concepts of the area without having to deal with the details of the computer system. Graphic API’s is a set of tools that allow a programmer to write applications that include the use of interactive computer graphics without dealing with system details for tasks such as window handling and interactions.

9 Why do we use computer graphics CG’s are used to create images for: Science (scientific visualization, explanations to the public). Entertainment (movies, video games, special effects). Creative work (art, interactive installations). Commercial purposes (advertising, communication, product design). General communication (animated weather displays, information graphics).

10 Why do we use computer graphics GC can solve a lot of problems: Identifying a problem. Addressing the problem by building the model. Identifying a way to represent the problem geometrically. Creating an image from that geometry so that the problem can be seen visually. Use the image to understand the problem or the model and to try to understand a possible solution.

11 Why do we use computer graphics

12 Computer Graphics Applications Computer Aided Design Presentation of graphics Computer Art Entertainment Education And training Visualization Image Processing GUI

13 Computer Graphics Applications Computer Aided Design (CAD) CAD methods are now routinely used in the design of buildings, automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, spacecraft, computers, textiles, and many, many other products. CAD is a software packages for electrical, electronic, and logic circuits. Realistic displays are also generated for advertising of automobiles and other vehicles using special lighting effects and background scenes A circuit board layout

14 Computer Graphics Applications Computer Aided Design

15 Computer Graphics Applications Presentation Graphic Is commonly used to summarize financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific, and economic data for research reports, managerial reports, and other types of reports. Typical examples of presentation graphics are bar charts, line graphs, surface graphs, and other displays showing relationships between multiple parameters.

16 Computer Graphics Applications Computer Art Artists use a variety of computer methods

17 Computer Graphics Applications Entertainment CG methods are now commonly used in making motion pictures, music videos, and television shows. Sometimes the graphics scenes are displayed by themselves, and sometimes graphics objects are combined with the actors and live scenes.

18 Computer Graphics Applications Education and Training Models of physical systems, physiological systems, population trends, or equipment, such as the color coded diagram in Fig., can help trainees to understand the operation of the system. the simulators for practice sessions or training of ship captains, aircraft pilots, heavy-equipment operators, and air traffic control personnel. But most simulators provide graphics screens for visual operation.

19 Computer Graphics Applications Visualization of Data Scientists, engineers, medical personnel, business analysts, and others often need to analyze large amounts of information or to study the behavior of certain processes. By produce data files containing thousands and even millions of data values. Similarly, satellite cameras.

20 Computer Graphics Applications Image Processing modify or interpret existing pictures, such as photographs and TV scans. Medicine model and study physical functions, to design artificial limbs, and to plan and practice surgery.

21 Computer Graphics Applications Graphical User Interface (GUI)

22 Major Points of Computer Graphics



25 Exercises 1 What is the computer graphics? What can the programmer do in CG’s? How can we use CG’s in solving Problems? What is meant by Computer Graphics API’s? Why do we use computer graphics? What is the most common computer graphics applications? Summarize the great variety of topics that make up the study of computer graphics?

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