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Game Programming Chapter 1 Review Part One Juniors March 11, 2011.

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1 Game Programming Chapter 1 Review Part One Juniors March 11, 2011

2 Agenda Review Vocabulary Words Video Game Designer Description – Part One! Page 65 in workbook/Mouse Game For Monday Team Player – Part Two! Study for Test on Tuesday – Chapter One!

3 Video Game Electronic software product that has all the elements of a game! Played by combining a computer- generated game environment with a video graphic display and a user interface.

4 Video Game Designer Is a person involved in creating a video game. Video game designers create the concept as well as the game play of a computer game.

5 Virtual World Imaginary world created by a video game!

6 Storyboard Is a graphical plan of action. Is a simple drawing of a scene and a quick detail about the action. It’s like a cartoon strip of what you are going to create.

7 Specialist Refers to an expert in a Possesses strong hard skill attributes (the technical requirements) and unique strengths, often achieved through special training.

8 Project Manager Coordinates all lead managers and ensures all project components are on task and well managed.

9 Gantt Chart Is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project chart project schedule Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project.terminal elementsproject Displays the timeline for completion for each task needed by each department and employees.

10 Audio Engineer Creates all sound assets. The job of the audio engineer is to create all of the sounds that add depth to the game. Examples: –Active sounds (door cracking) –Background music (set the mood of the level) –Voice-overs (used in dialogue and narrations) –Ambient sounds (like the buzzing of a bee)

11 Avatar Player’s online persona represented in a game. Virtual Character

12 Role of a Video Game Designer Game designers need artistic abilities for creating graphical and animated components of the games. The ability to work well in a team and time management skills are also necessary

13 Role of a Video Game Designer A game designer is responsible for designing the layout and gameplay of a video game, including the characters, plot, different levels, and scoring of the game. Heavy coding and programming skills are often a requirement.

14 Role of a Video Game Designer Need to have well developed visual and design skills. An understanding of technology.

15 Education? Video game designers often have a degree in art or graphic design as well as computer skills. Individuals who program the game will need a computer science or computer engineering background and have a heavy background in writing software code

16 Work Environment? Video game designers often work for a large organization in an office setting. Need the ability to work well both with others and alone is necessary. Most of the day is spent in meetings or on the computer

17 Salary Range? Video game designer salaries range from $40,695 up to $60,931 per year as reported from Video game designers can earn a pretty good salary – especially if they’re part of the design team that creates a hit game. However, the salary for video game designers varies greatly depending on which aspect of the video game industry you work in. Easily bring in $40,000/year and may make as much as $75,000/year or more a year.

18 For Today: Page 65 in workbook/Mouse Game Just follow the steps! Call me when finished for credit.

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