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"I am myself. That is not enough." -"The Jailer," Sylvia Plath.

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2 "I am myself. That is not enough." -"The Jailer," Sylvia Plath

3 "Dying Is an art, like everything else, I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call." -"Lady Lazarus," Sylvia Plath

4 "Some things are hard to write about. After something happens to you, you go to write it down, and either you over dramatize it or underplay it, you never write it quite the way you want to." -The Unabridged Journals, Sylvia Plath

5 “Show us how happy it makes you to write a poem.” -- extract from The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

6 "Before I give you my body, I must give my thoughts, my mind, my dreams. And you weren't having any of those.-" -The Unabridged Journals, Sylvia Plath

7 "I love you because you are me... My writing, my desire to be many lives." -The Unabridged Journals, Sylvia Plath

8 "...Once again love life day by day, color by color, touch by touch, because you've got a body & mind to exercise, and that is your lot, to exercise & use it as much as you can, never mind whose got a better or worse body & mind, but stretch it as far as you can." - The Unabridged Journals, Sylvia Plath

9 "There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." -"The Bell Jar," Sylvia Plath

10 "I lean to you, numb as a fossil. Tell me I'm here." -"Two Campers in Cloud Country," Sylvia Plath

11 " happiness streams from having wrenched a piece out of my life, a piece of hurt and beauty, and transformed it to type written words on paper..." -The Unabridged Journals, Sylvia Plath

12 “Your hair smells nice, Pinny. I said, sniffing her freshly washed blonde locks. “It smells like soap.” “Does my eye?” she asked, wriggling her warm, nightgowned body on my arms. “Does your eye what?” “Smell nice?” “But why should your eye smell nice? “I got soap in it,” she explained. -The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath -- Sylvia talking to Pinny Mayo

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