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AIESEC Czech Republic. Upcoming Summer Available25.

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1 AIESEC Czech Republic

2 Upcoming Summer Available25



5 GCDP + CEED is … GCDP is when people go abroad for working in foreign organization for period around 6 weeks. AIESEC is either TN-taker or account manager of the TN – taking company CEED is when intern becomes an ambassador who helps in developing hosting LC. AIESEC is an employer, who gives one more opportunity for personal development and invites in official journey in another LC.

6 GCDP + CEED is Great opportunity to mix 2 interesting @programs (GCDP + short term TMP) and make bigger contribution, more diverse development and better cultural understanding. Starting GCDP + CEED opportunity in your LC is killing 2 rabbits with one shoot. – It is resources to allocate for summer tasks – It makes TN more attractive to EPs with @XP – It is solution for better reception in your LC

7 What can intern do as CEEDer: 1.OC for events (summer conferences, Pravakovny, Orientation Days, Flash mobs etc) 2.Coordinator for matching & international cooperations 3. OC for GIP og recruitment in August 4. OC for Newies recruitment in September 5. OC for the long term strategies’ tasks

8 How to start ? Create JDs with TM Add CEED as opportunity in TN description Offer CEED during selection interview After interns come to LC organize small conference with VP TM (to explain JDs and present departments and opportunities)

9 X + CEED your limits!

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