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Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 1 SOA: Not Just Jake Freivald Director iWay Software Copyright © 2004 iWay Software 1 Web Services January 10, 2014 Norman.

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1 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 1 SOA: Not Just Jake Freivald Director iWay Software Copyright © 2004 iWay Software 1 Web Services January 10, 2014 Norman Manley Vice President January 10, 2014 Service Oriented Architecture The Missing Link?

2 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 2 SOA – The Missing Link? iWay Software - An Information Builders Company World leader in connecting information assets Over 2000 customers Over 6000 servers Adapter Suite for integration

3 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 3 SOA – The Missing Link? Where are we coming from? The Monolithic Structure

4 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 4 SOA – The Missing Link? What is the Value Proposition? SOA promises seamless collaboration of multiple information systems without regard for the nature of the technology or the incompatibilities that may exist between systems.

5 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 5 The Business processes transactions – Contracts, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Payments etc. They dont want to wait a year while IT re-writes the mainframe invoicing system which has worked fine for the last 10 years. They want to provide better Customer Service at lower cost The Business needs to be agile – changing the service they offer to meet market demands The Business SOA – The Missing Link? What does the Business want?

6 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 6 SOA – The Missing Link? One Adapter Layer for All Projects SOAPJCAJDBCJMSMQODBCOLE DB WS API WS API ApplicationDatabaseeBusinessLegacyTechnology

7 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 7 SOA – The Missing Link? So what do we achieve? Agile business systems can be created utilizing the information technologies companies already have in place, since no business can afford the time and expense of ripping out, replacing or rewriting every incompatible technology that impedes business agility.

8 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 8 SOA – The Missing Link? What does the Business want? The Business Back Office Systems Web Portal Order Entry Pay Bill Send Goods Swift Adapter Oracle Adapter Peoplesoft Adapter SAP Adapter

9 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 9 Adapter Classes Data Adapters: Provide a relational view of proprietary databases and file systems Application Adapters: e.g. SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, JDE eBusiness Adapters: e.g. EDI, SWIFT, cXML, HIPAA Transaction Adapters: e.g. CICS, IMS, Tuxedo Emulation Adapters: e.g. 3270, 5250 Touchpoint Adapters: e.g. Bill of Materials, Chart of Accounts, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Work Order & more Program Adapters: e.g. 3GL, 4GL, etc. Data Adapters Adabas Adabas/C ALLBASE/SQL C-ISAM (Informix) C-ISAM (Microfocus) CA-Datacom CA-IDMS/DB CA-IDMS/SQL Cloudscape D-ISAM DB2 DB2/400 DBASE DBMS EJB ENSCRIBE Essbase Excel Flat Files FOCUS Data Access Foxpro IDS-II ImageSQL IMS InfoMan Informix Ingres Interplex ISAM KSAM Lotus Notes Microsoft Access Data Adapters Microsoft OLAP Services Microsoft SQL Server Millennium Model 204 MUMPS (Digital Standard MUMPS) NOMAD NonStop SQL Nucleus Omnidex OpenIngres Oracle PROGRESS QSAM Rdb Red Brick RMS SAP BW SAP R/3 SQL/DS SUPRA Sybase Sybase/IQ System 2000 Teradata TOTAL TurboIMAGE Unisys DMS 1100/2200 UNISYS DMS II UniVerse VSAM XML Application System Adapters Ariba AXIS Baan BroadVision Clarify Commerce One Hogan Financials i2 Technologies J.D. Edwards Lawson Manugistics Microsoft CRM Oracle Applications PeopleSoft SAP Applications Siebel Vantive Walker Interactive e-Business Adapters AS1/AS2 Comma-Delimited Files cXML ebXML EDI-ANSI X12 (American) EDI-EDIFACT FIX FIXML Flat (positional) Files HIPAA HL7 ISO OAG BOD Structured Files SWIFT SWIFTML Transora UCCnet XBRL xCBL Transaction Processing Adapters Bull TDS Bull TP8 CICS IMS/TM Software AG Natural Tuxedo Terminal Emulation Adapters 3270 (Mainframe, zSeries) 5250 (AS/400, iSeries) Touchpoint Adapters Analysis Codes Bill of Material Catalogs Change Quality Chart of Accounts Component Issues Container Move Customer Inventory Item Item Maintenance Locations Order Changes Preliminary Invoices Production Order Purchase Order Receipts Requisition Returns Sales Order Suppliers Users Work Order Work Order Status Change Technology Adapters Any J2EE Application Server BEA MessageQ BEA WebLogic Application Server BEA WebLogic Integration C C++ cc:mail (VIM) COBOL COM FOCUS FORTRAN FTP Fujitsu Interstage HTTP IBM WebSphere Application Server IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ Series) IBM WebSphere MQ Integrator Internet Mail (SMTP/MIME) JacORB Java JMS Lotus Notes (VIM) Microsoft BizTalk Server Microsoft Exchange (MAPI) Technology Adapters Oracle 9iAS Oracle 9iAS Integration Oracle AQ Oracle PL/SQL Orbix Pascal POP Python RDBMS RPG SAP eXchange Infrastructure (XI) SAP Web Application Server Sonic ESB SonicMQ SunONE Application Server TIBCO JMS TIBCO Rendezvous Visibroker Connector Technologies.NET ActiveX iWay JCA JDBC Microsoft DTS MQSeries ODBC OLE DB SOAP SOA – The Missing Link? 250+ Intelligent Adapters ADAPTERSADAPTERS ADAPTERSADAPTERS Data Application Touchpoint Program Emulation eBusiness Transaction

10 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 10 Target resource iWay Adapter Manager Pre-processing Client Application Client Application Listener (TCP, SOAP, SAP XI, JMS, MQ, etc.) Post-processing Agent Template selection Agent Transform One transformation template is selected based on the name of the first tag in the XML request document SOA – The Missing Link? Expect more from the adapter Layer

11 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 11 SOA – The Missing Link? Universal Adaptive Framework Real time, transaction based integration Over 250+ Connectors and Adapters for integrating legacy databases and applications

12 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 12 SOA – The Missing Link? EDIFACT/AS2 Adapter in a SAP XI Environment The Adaptive Framework and the Broker at Philips Lighting Fine-Grained and Coarse-Grained Services Coarse-GrainedFine-Grained

13 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 13 SOA – The Missing Link? Summary SOA is about business, not just another IT solution. Re-use of existing systems is not only possible – its relatively simple You need an adaptive framework to access your existing systems Be wary of Adapter Development Kits The Business needs to be agile – offer new services quickly to meet market demands

14 Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 14

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