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The Schmool Crew The Schmoolz Company was set up by three climbers in the North East of England in 2009. The team has many years of mountaineering and.

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2 The Schmool Crew The Schmoolz Company was set up by three climbers in the North East of England in 2009. The team has many years of mountaineering and climbing experience, over many continents. Cliff Lowther, technical advisor, is the founder of Roxcool and an established mountain instructor and keen winter activist. Mike Collins. ML, SPA Cliff Lowther. MIA St.John Goldfinger.


4 Schmooling is a new and exciting addition to climbing. It simulates and mimics the actions and skills used when dry tooling but is NOT just a training aid for winter climbers. Schmooling is perfect for all types of climbers, young and old, and adds a new dimension to this exciting sport. It uses a specially designed dry tool, called a Schmool!

5 Schmoolz are designed and crafted to mimic the actions of dry tooling, whilst being safe to use in and on artificial climbing walls without causing damage to either the holds, climbing surfaces, or indeed people. The Schmoolz are: Extremely strong & robust. Ergonomic & comfortable to use. Ambidextrous, providing the ability to cross and match. Suitable for both adults & children. Easily maintained and suitable for both personal or professional (hire) use.

6 Key Features Lanyard Hole: allows leashes to be attached to ensure that tools are not accidently dropped during roped climbing use. Main Grip: ergonomically designed providing comfort for continual use by adults & children. Hand Guard: angled profile of the tool ensure that the climbers hand is protected from the wall, preventing potential friction injuries. Matching Grip: secondary grip provides an ideal point to match, with comfortable base- plate ensuring hands don’t slip off. Base Plate: provides added support and ensures hands don’t slip off. Head Attachment: connects the sling to the body, whilst maintaining tension and angle. Uses a combination of hex bolts, compression washers and a specially designed bush. The sling can be loosened when not in use for easy storage. Body: the main body is made from 18mm marine ply with a smooth radius edge. This provides a strong porous structure that doesn’t slip in sweaty hands. Flexible Sling: acts as an anchor between the tool and the wall. The re-enforced 6mm rubber sling provides excellent purchase and strength on a variety of holds, with zero damage to the climbing surface. Rubber Ridges: teeth like ridges on the sling provide maximum purchases even on the smallest of holds

7 Technical Data… The Schmool design is the result of over a year of research & development, and a complete product evolution. They have been extensively tested including tensile destruction tests (4.63kN / 472.12kg per tool). A Registered Design is approved on the overall design. Schmoolz are not considered as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and do not require CE- marking.

8 Who’s Schmooling? Jack, 15yrs Rock Monkey climbing club Andy Earl British Bouldering Champion 03-06. Climb Newcastle. Mike Sadler Outdoor Instructor. Seasoned Winter Climber. A better question is, who isn't Schmooling? We have been actively promoting Schmooling throughout the North-East of England and it has been well received by everyone who has tried it. Seasoned winter climbers, kids, students, beginners, British champions – everyone who tries it (usually) loves it.

9 Schmooling Supporting Climbing We’re keen to emphasis that Schmooling is more than just a training aid for Winter climbing. Using the Schmoolz ourselves, customer feedback, and with groups that we work with, we have found that Schmooling enhances and compliments traditional climbing. Specifically, Schmooling is perfect for improving core stability, stamina and foot work technique.

10 Pilot Program - Sunderland Aido Holt, managing director of Sunderland Climbing wall, has worked extensively with our technical advisor to define a set of working procedures for using Schmoolz alongside normal climbing (these are of course optional). This has allowed us to iron out potential problems and define a comprehensive risk-assessment and guide lines for Schmooling.

11 Schmool-Schoolz To support our goal of promoting Schmooling at Climbing Walls, we have been running Taster sessions and established Schmool-Schoolz. This has allowed us to ensure that our ‘best practises’ are passed on to would-be Schmoolerz, maintaining the high standards that have been established at Sunderland Climbing Wall.

12 Climbing Wall Affiliation Our Mission Climber & Customers Schmool Company ABC / BMC Climbing Walls To achieve our mission, we need the help and support of Climbing Walls. We see this as a two-way process and one that benefits Affiliated Walls. Schmool-Friendly Walls receive: Risk Assessments & technical advice on registration procedures and supporting Schmooling. Access to Tasters, Schmool- Schoolz and staff training. Promotional Material. Website presents and advertising on our site. Discount on tools when purchased for hire or resale.

13 Thank you for your time… If you have any questions please feel free to ask now, or you can talk to one of the team. We hope you will take this chance to try out Schmooling – but be warned, you might just get hooked! - The Schmool Company.

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