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Welcome and Good Morning!. Agenda Math Initiative for 2014-2015 IBPYP -Program of Inquiry.

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1 Welcome and Good Morning!

2 Agenda Math Initiative for IBPYP -Program of Inquiry

3 Math Initiative Curriculum review- standards Best practice in teaching mathematics Review of our math manipulatives Review of our math resources Professional reading for teachers IB Workshop next fall- The role of Mathematics

4 Emerging Agreements · Mathematical fluency requires automatic recall of certain procedures and algorithms. · Use of calculators in instruction can be useful but must not impede the development of fluency with computational procedures and basic facts. · Using and understanding the basic algorithms of whole number arithmetic is essential.

5 Emerging Agreements (cont’d) Developing an understanding of the number meaning of fractions is essential. Teachers must ensure that the use of “real-world” contexts for teaching mathematics maintains a focus on mathematical ideas. Mathematics should be taught using multiple strategies, Mathematics teachers must understand the underlying meaning and justifications for ideas and be able to make connections among topics. (Ball, Ferrini-Mundy, Kilpatrick, Milgram, Schmid, & Scharr, 2005).

6 Best Practice Students’ engagement is at a high level. Tasks are built on students’ prior knowledge. Scaffolding takes place, making connections to concepts, procedures, and understanding. High-level performance is modeled. Students are expected to explain thinking and meaning. Students self-monitor their progress. Appropriate amount of time is devoted to tasks.

7 Recommended Practices Ensure mathematics curriculum is based on challenging content, Ensure curriculum is standards based Clearly identify skills, concepts and knowledge to be mastered, Ensure that the mathematics curriculum is vertically and horizontally articulated.

8 IBPYP Requirements for Math Transdisciplinary- strong connections with UOIs, Math Inquiry- Inquiry based learning environment, Move away from a text-based math program, create standalone units for math strands where strong connections can’t be made with the UOI.

9 Next Steps ES Curriculum Leaders Melissa Fleck PK-grade 2 Terra Dennis- grade 3-5

10 Parent Information


12 Number Strategies Addition There are 47 children in the hall. 28 more children arrive. How many are in the school hall now?

13 Solution = How did you work it out? What happened in your head? Share your different strategies with the people around you. Can you think of any other ways to solve the problem?

14 Make sense of these Strategies “Four rows of ten is 40 and two rows of ten is 20, so = 60 with 7 and 8 left ! double 7 = 14 plus 1 =15 so there are 75 children” “I use tidy numbers: = = 75”. “I know that 50 plus 30 is 80 and 3 plus 2 is 5, so is 75 “ “I think of plus 8 is 15, so that’s 5 and carry one. 4 plus 2 is 6 plus one more ten is 7. so the answer is 75” “I use an open number line!” =

15 Class Example

16 Number Strategies Multiplication There are 4 packets of biscuits with 24 cookies in each pack. How many cookies are there altogether?

17 Solution 4 x 24 = How did you work it out? What happened in your head? Share your different strategies with the people around you. How else could this problem be solved?

18 Make sense of these Strategies. “I used place value 4 x 20 = 80. And 4 x 4 = = 96 I used doubling and halving. Double 4 = 8, half 24 = x 12 = 96 “I think of 24 X4 4 x 4 = 16. Put down the 6 and carry the 1. 4 x 2 = 80 + another ten = = 96 4 x 24 = “I use tidy numbers: I know 4 x 25 = (1x4) = 96. “I know = = 96

19 Class Example

20 Goals Developing multiple flexible thinking strategies Mental and oral before written standard vertical forms Make decisions about the most efficient strategy to use on any given problem. Challenge children to achieve and develop a positive attitude towards learning mathematics.


22 PYP


24 Questions?

25 IBPYP PYP Coordinator- Kirsten McGrath 5 Essential Elements of PYP Program of Inquiry- POI

26 Questions?

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