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Grameen Bank Borrowers Non-formal Adult Learning Transformation in Bangladesh Dr. Kazi Abdur Rouf Visiting Scholar Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL),

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1 Grameen Bank Borrowers Non-formal Adult Learning Transformation in Bangladesh Dr. Kazi Abdur Rouf Visiting Scholar Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL), CIDEC University of Toronto And Noble International University (USA) Presented at CIDEC Speakers Series, University of Toronto Date: September 29, 2013

2 Thesis Statement GB non-formal oral face-to- face adult trainings, communications and campaigns are effective for empowering marginalized people in Bangladesh

3 Aims of Grameen Bank A key part of GB’s strategy is bringing adults together in their neighborhoods on weekly basis  Not only to pay their loans, but  Also to share experiences  Support one another’s business  Inform Sixteen Decisions and their applications in borrowers life.

4 GB Sixteen Decisions  Grameen Bank “Sixteen Decisions” is a socio-economic-civic-environmental consciousness raising program built-in GB credit program in Bangladesh  Grameen Bank communicates and implements its program through face-to-face oral adult trainings  Twenty five thousand field staff of GB involved in this job to serve GB 1.9 million borrowers across Bangladesh  To improve GB borrowers’ social, economic, cultural, environmental features and  To relief them from their family space and civic space exploitation.

5 GB Adult Learning Strategies GB credit training, name signature learning and GB “Sixteen Decisions” campaigning among GB women borrowers through Face-to-face group training Weekly center meetings Seven days workshops Exchange visits Annual gathering festivals and Other action programs

6 Objectives of the Study  To know the efficacy of GB adult learning strategies  To study its paradigm shift and transformation in local communities  To examine the impact of GB non-formal adult learning on  GB borrowers daily life, family decision making practices and  Civic engagement in their community  Socio-economic development in local communities in Bangladesh and  To identify limitations of GB adult learning strategies and  To explore critical thinking ability developed among GB borrowers.

7 Bangladesh Context Literacy Problems  Adult literacy rate (15 years and above) is females 35.6 percent and males 47.6 percent  Rural areas non-literate rate is 53% females 56.5% and males 48.5%   Urban non-literate females are 34.8% and male’s 25.2%  Findings on literacy do indicate a major national literacy failure ( Education Watch, 2005.) GB deals with illiterate, semi-literate adults NGOs, religious institutions, private and state agencies implement their outreach programs through non-formal education.

8 Concepts of Adult Learning Adult learning is about useful knowledge that helps create a more equitable world at individual, family, community and societal levels It is about to build a more stable, safe and just society for the disadvantaged (Nesbit 2006, p. 17) Adult literacy is a process of developing skills and knowledge and applying these in adults’ life Critical adult education can lead to change in the way power is distributed in society (Palolo Freire, 1991, UNESCO, 1991 Adult learning helps to know issues like power, identity (Leona English (2006).

9 Research Questions  How GB adult learning process does enable GB’s borrowers  To mobilize their group solidarity  To develop their leaderships and  To apply the sixteen decisions in their daily life?  How can other outreach agencies benefit from GB’s adult learning procedures?

10 Methodology  The paper uses the available literature on GB  Author`s personal working experiences with GB to interrogate the application of non-formal adult learning and  Reviews adult learning literatures.

11 Findings  87% GB borrowers are able to make better family decision on behalf of the family  25% of women vice-chairs won in Upzilla counsels in 2009 election in Bangladesh  All (100%) of GB borrowers are able to sign their names on the documents which show signs of achievements in adult learning  GB borrowers become exposed to various issues and are informed about  Different developmental information  Interact with their centre members resulting in the development of a harmonious relationship among centre members and

12 Findings continue-2  Develop social solidarity, integrity, and promote cohesion among borrowers  Increased women’s awareness about their various human rights issues  GB one borrower Sophina says: ” If I am not present in my community hearing committee, the Union Parishad member (Councilors) shall wait until I arrive before making the decision.”  Halima, a borrower of GB says:  “By joining in GB, my mind has opened, my intelligence, experience and ability to speak to different people has also increased. I distribute relief and senior’s allowances to my neighbors. Moreover, I have developed my family decision-making skills. This development has occurred because of GB”.

13 Implication of 5 th slogan (educate children) of the sixteen decisions GB borrowers have determined for their second generation education. For example, One GB borrower Shajeda says, “I sent my first son to Cyprus and I shall send my second son abroad for studying higher education”. This is implication of 5 th slogan of the sixteen decisions This is the sign of GB borrowers Public Space Development in their community in Bangladesh.

14 Implications  GB borrowers’ weekly meetings have implications to women intra-household power relations, “family partnerships,” and to their cognitive development  Other MFIs/NGOs in Bangladesh and other countries could benefit from GB’s adult learning procedures and its impact on disadvantaged people in society.

15 Limitation of the Study  Study measures GB women borrowers’ family space and civic space development through knowing and following the Sixteen Decisions  However, it does not measure their economic development and micro-enterprise development that is also significant.

16 Suggestions Streamline GB adult learning strategies according to adult learning principles for generating More socio-economic consciousness Environmental awareness Social justice reforms to improve the life of GB borrowers in Bangladesh GB could provide training to its field staff on adult learning principles Develop non-formal learning reading materials and written materials and Develop attractive audio video films to local conditions, context and culture.

17 Conclusion Findings indicate that many improvements have occurred among GB borrowers However, more result could accelerate if GB streamlines its adult learning tools OISE could develop a manual/general guide lines on effective adult learning principles and strategies and Distribute them to different agencies in the world

18 Thank you Comments/Questions

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