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Building your Skincare Business

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1 Building your Skincare Business
A Distributors Guide

2 Contents Welcome Inviting Customers Hosting a Skincare Party
Setting up the room/What to do? Performing a facial Other Products What to do next? Tips on how to grow your skincare business Objection handling Closing the sale Asking for Referrals Following up

3 1. Welcome This presentation explains the new way of selling Herbalife’s skincare range Learn more about how to demonstrate the skincare products on customers and how to build your skincare sales The aim is to allow customers to experience Herbalife in a small, comfortable, intimate setting where they can try products before they buy them Our skincare products are not only fantastic but will allow your customers to immediately feel a difference to their skin There are 3 ways you can talk to your customers either: through a group party setting on an on-going basis as 7 Skincare Steps at your WLC or Nutrition club 121 basis

4 2. Inviting Customer Participation
Inviting customers to trial our skincare products is simple: Talk to your Circle of Influence to begin with and practise what you’ll say Try hosting a Pamper Skincare Party with your Circle of Influence and experiment with different techniques Wear your button – “Ask me for a free facial” and talk to everyone about it. After all, who doesn’t want a freebie?! Use the invitations to tell people about your party Make sure you talk to all your customers about hosting a Pamper Skincare Party Ensure you use the skincare products yourself and understand what each product does. You will be able to talk about the benefits it can make to a customer then. Button Invitation

5 3. Hosting a Pamper Skincare Party
Try and get people together for the Pamper Skincare Party – it’s a better use of your time You can perform a Pamper Skincare Party at your home, your Nutrition Club, as part of your Weight Loss Challenge or even in the participants home If you can, offer everyone a drink – an Aloe or Herbal Tea perhaps? Make sure everyone’s sitting comfortably and run through what you’re going to be talking about and doing with them Try to make everything as friendly and informal as possible, we don’t want them to feel under any stress or pressure at all You are trying to sell products but don’t use a selling technique that is too hard Try and limit the Party to about a hours Top tip - try and talk about other Herbalife products – Inner nutrition for example?

6 4. Setting up the room Arrange chairs ideally in a semi-circle around another chair Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got drinks ready for your guests for when they arrive Get all your Skincare assets out – products, mirror, towels, etc. Put up the Skincare posters in high visible areas in the room You can really set the scene here – perhaps light some candles (if it’s safe to do so), play some relaxing music, set some products out on a table for customers to look and try Posters

7 4. What to do Ask everyone to complete a Skin Wellness questionnaire. This will give you an idea about their skin types and what issues they feel they have Ask who would like to trial the products and ask them to come to the front and sit on the chair making sure they’re comfortable Put the headband around their head ensuring their hair is off their face Put the cape around their shoulders making sure their clothes are protected Remove any trace of make-up they may be wearing with make up remover As you’re doing this, talk to everyone explaining what you’re doing Top tip – you can buy all these tools in our handy Herbalife branded skincare kit*! You can also buy these items individually. *Skincare kit contains- bag, mirror, towel, cape, headbands, spatulas

8 5. Facials There are several types of facials you could perform:
A regular facial for Normal to Dry skin using the NouriFusion Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser for normal to dry skin For Normal to Oily skin use NouriFusion Foaming Gel cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser for normal to oily skin A targeted facial focusing on problem areas. For this use Skin Activator day cream, Skin Activator Lip Refiner Cream and Skin Activator Eye Cream A targeted facial for dull and uneven skin using Radiant C Facial Scrub Cleanser, NouriFusion toner, Radiant C skin booster and NouriFusion Moisturiser

9 5. Performing a facial Start by reading through their Skin Wellness Questionnaire and discuss their skin requirements Depending how they respond, please use the appropriate products Start by massaging the cleanser onto their skin – ask them to describe what it feels like You can pass round the cleanser for the others to try on the back of their hands Take a cloth and wash the cleanser off, using warm water. Make sure you remove any trace of the cleanser. Then put some toner onto a cotton wool pad and sweep across the face Ask the participant to feel their skin Then apply the moisturiser to the face and wait a couple of minutes for the cream to sink into the skin Ask the participant to feel their skin – does it feel smoother than normal? Hold the mirror up to their face so they can see the difference in their skin Top Tip: Check out the Jacqui Carter training videos on for more information

10 6. Other Products This is a great opportunity to showcase other Herbalife products: Exfoliators – you could incorporate this into your facial routine Masks – if you have time, you can demonstrate the masks Eye cream – again, put this on before you moisturise Aloe Shampoo & Conditioner that all the family can use and it smells fantastic! Pass the bottles round Aloe – you can talk about the other new products that have just been released Body products – you can talk here about the body moisturisers You should use the folder and the product sheets as they will give you an overview of all the products we have. Top Tip- you can download all the literature items you need such as product sheets, folder dividers and much more on Tools and Training.

11 6. Order in which to apply products
In case you’re not sure, use the products in this order: Cleanser Toner Exfoliator Mask Eye cream Moisturiser Top Tip: If the customer does not want you to use some products on them then you can skip some products.

12 7. What to do next? You can do as many facials as you’ve got time for during the course of the Pamper Skincare Party Make sure you write down on the “Products used today” card which products you’ve used on each participant. Make sure you’ve got your details on there so they know who to contact if they want to order more products in the future Gently try and make the sale by asking – “Would you like to purchase any of these products?” If so, get your order pad out! Make sure you thank the host and tidy up before you leave

13 8. Tips of how to grow your skincare business
SCHEDULE ONE-ON-ONE DEMONSTRATIONS Give potential customers one-on-one skin-care demonstrations with Herbalife Outer Nutrition products. This is a great door-opener, providing customers with a free service that allows them to experience the products first-hand. Try to do at least 2 demonstrations per day. Make sure the customer only uses the products on one-half of their face so they can see and feel the difference! Ask customers if they are also interested in weight loss or nutrition. If so, present those products instead and set a follow-up meeting to do the Outer Nutrition demonstration another day. Close by talking about the business opportunity.

14 8. Tips of how to grow your skincare business
COACH YOUR DOWNLINE ON THE TOTAL PLAN Have your downline come with you on two or three of your demonstrations Do two demonstrations together - Let your Distributor do the actual presentation, with you closing the sale Tag along on two demonstrations that your Distributor conducts By the time you've completed a handful of demonstrations together, your Distributor will be ready to fly solo!

15 9. Objection Handling You may have to deal with objections
Try to handle them in a calm and rational way

16 10. Closing the sale Hopefully, the participants will love how their skin looks and feels Ask if anyone would like to buy anything today If you can get one person to purchase, a couple others may follow Take the customer’s details and payment and explain how quickly they’ll receive their products OR have a few products that you can sell to them on the day Use the Gift bag, tissue paper and sticker to pack the skincare products – this will not only make them look great, but will also make the customer feel special If no one wants to buy, hand out your business card and ensure they’ve got your details if they change their mind Top Tip- you can buy our Skincare Gift Bag kit. The kit contains 20 bags, 20 sheets of A3 tissue paper and 1 sheet of 20 stickers all Herbalife branded!

17 11. Asking for Referrals This is a good time to ask for REFERRALS
If customers are impressed by the demonstration, they'll likely provide referrals—even if they don't buy the products themselves With these referrals you can set up more demonstrations and begin to build your customer base. Ask for referrals before you try to close the sale You can ask if they ‘know of anyone who would like a free facial’? Give them a referral card so they can give them to friends and family. Take a note of their details and make contact with them within 48 hours Referral card

18 12. Following up On the day - Take a note of your customers details
7 days – call the customers to see how they’re getting on with the products 21 days - follow up again and find out if they want to buy any additional products – masks, exfoliators etc. It’s really important to follow up – you can use this time to cross sell other skincare products as well as Inner Nutrition

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