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List/Inviting Skills/ Better Grand Opening or Business Launch.

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1 List/Inviting Skills/ Better Grand Opening or Business Launch

2 Maximize Prospecting Calls Make a list 1-10 (rate ) You only need 8 Partners ! Best part is these will be great friends for life!


4 ATTITUDE PRIOR TO THE INVITING CALL ASK yourself: Why this business can change the financial future of the person you are calling? This attitude of helping others needs to resonate through the phone and through your conversations. Be in a positive mind set when you make calls. Always have a clear head. Dont go to Happy Hour and then go home and make calls. Be excited about how you can HELP each person that you are calling or talking to face to face. Tailor-make a script for this person BEFORE you pick up the phone! Why could this person could use an opportunity. Are they trapped in a job they dont like? Are they nearing retirement? Do they want to work around the needs of young children? Have they had a financial setback?

5 Make the Call! Smiles come through the phone! Schedule a time for the call. The most important thing is your attitude. Expect to achieve success on this call! Make sure you have an event to invite them to before call… End the call by scheduling an appointment

6 On the Call: 1. Build Rapport 2. Share your Excitement!! Enthusiasm trumps knowledge every time! – Char Knox 3. Set Appointment to join me on: Shared call with my business partner Girls Night Out Grand Opening Face to Face for Coffee Business Luncheon (see Superstar Coaching for Scripts)

7 Follow the Script Print the script and take notes as you listen Make notation where you may want to go back for more information OR where they had a question you need to answer

8 On the Call you want to Agree on Next Steps…… When you will be back in touch When to expect follow up information from you How to reach you and when Invite to a launch event or Meeting

9 Role Play Get someone to practice with Use your sponsor or new consultant Practice is a good thing!!!

10 Follow the PROVEN R+F System Rodan + Fields has had a proven system in place from day one. Dont re-invent the wheel!

11 Successful Business Launch or Grand Opening (BBL) Stations: Welcome ~ have nametags, Prize Entry Forms/Solution Tool, PC Enrollment forms ~ sign in sheet near food or wine Kitchen ~ light refreshments Presentation area – easy viewing of videos AV Equipment: TV Laptop computer HDMI cable Speakers Projector (optional) Docking station for iPod to provide music Product Display: Regimen boxes Each step of each regimen unsealed and available to use Chargers Regimen Towers with tissue or tulle popping out of top Colored stones, beads, flowers matching regimens on chargers Before & After flip book Redefine Macro E centered and staged up a little higher than rest


13 Dos & Donts for a Successful Grand Opening/Business Launch DO: Prepare & Practice – who is doing what? Start on time Be yourself, natural and have fun! Be relaxed and dont be nervous. Lead with the business Explain the agenda (in biz dev library and superstar coaching) Follow the agenda Welcome by introducing yourself & The Doctors (video) Tell Stories 1. Someones Why 2. Product story (Dont have someone tell their story unless you have heard it first.) Move people through different stations 1. Hand facial – kitchen sink 2. Business overview area (leader) 3. Product show & tell 4. If time permits do the Solution Tool online. I find it more engaging to show the audience how the Solution Tool looks. You can do this during the initial presentation. ASK for the ORDER! Everyone here tonight will want to start on these amazing products. You will get 10% off and Free Shipping!

14 Dont: Invite someone from another cosmetic company Do a Death by powerpoint presentation Lose control of the meeting Dont drink too much alcohol Discuss other direct sales companies Say anything negative about Proactiv Make presentation too long

15 Skin Care Clinic Agenda Welcome, food, drinks, solution tool, etc (20-30 minutes) Have everyone complete their personal information on PC forms Brief Intro to RF (Why I joined the business) and cover the product lines we carry. Show Before and after Pics! Sample the Microderm Paste on their hands and wipe off with gentle wet wipe Using the Redefine regimen, start with the eye cloths using them all over the face and eyes. Apply Step 1 to Face. While letting it dry show Redefine Commercial and Macro E Commercial and Doctors Product Overview (video clips) Rinse Step 1 with warm wash cloth. Apply Step 2 with gauze pad Use Macro E Apply night renewing serum capsule Apply Step 3 Apply Eye Cream with Q-tip Discuss PC Enrollment Door Prizes/Thank Host Talk w/each person about the products we just used and what will be best for their skin care needs. *Important Reminders! Before getting started ask if anyone has overly sensitive skin. Stress to them not to apply products directly to the eye.

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