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Golden Key International Honor Society San Jose State Chapter September 24, 2009 1.

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1 Golden Key International Honor Society San Jose State Chapter September 24, 2009 1

2 Agenda Introduction and Welcome (Garima) Greeting Message (Bac) Icebreaker (Garima) Golden Key Information (Officers) Chapter’s Goals (Bac) Upcoming events (Aileen) Advisor’s Message (Dr. Ron and Dr. Marylynn) 2

3 2009-2010 OFFICERS President: Bac Tran (Graduating Senior, Corporate Financial Management) Executive Vice President: Vanessa Salvaleon Vice President for Membership Recruitment and Communication: Aileen Phu (Management) Treasurer/Finance: Garima Agarwal (Corporate Financial Management) Secretary : Adaeze Eke (Alumni) Webmaster: Sara Wright 1st-year graduate student, Public Administration Program 3

4 Chapter Advisors Principal Advisor: Dr. Ron Davis Associate professor, Marketing and Decision Systems Dept Co-advisor: Dr. MaryLynn Wilson Lecturer, Marketing and Decision Systems Dept Graduate Advisor: Lohrie Arruiza (Alumni) 4

5 What is Golden Key? Founded on November 29, 1977 at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA as the Golden Key National Honor Society Name changed to Golden Key International Honor Society in 2001 For all majors; top 15% of sophomores, juniors, seniors & top performing graduate students More than 1.8 million members and chapters at 370 colleges and universities in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United States 5

6 Mission, Vision, and Values Mission: To enable members to realize their potential. Vision: Golden Key is the world's premier honor society. We recognize academic excellence and provide tangible value to our members, advisors and partners while positively impacting their lives and society. Values: Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Respect, Diversity, Excellence, Engagement. 6

7 Goals Scholarship - value academic scholarship and continued high academic performance Leadership – encourage involvement of members through chapter activities, attendance at regional and national conferences, and a variety of leadership positions Service – emphasize both academic excellence and a commitment to community service 7

8 Why Join Golden Key? ● Not only academic recognition, but also more tangible benefits than any other college honor society. ● Assist members to realize their potentials 8

9 Members Benefits and Services Scholarships and Awards: More than $500,000 (USD) in member-only scholarships and awards annually. Careers: Job & Internships: exclusive access to some of the world’s top companies, employment opportunities, internship positions and career resources (Accenture, Sun Microsystems, Teach for America, etc.) Study Abroad Opportunities: partnered with several organizations and academic institutions that provide unique global learning experiences (opportunities and scholarships to study almost anywhere in the world) 9

10 Members Benefits and Services ● Graduate school connections: one-stop resource as you prepare to attend graduate school. ● Personal and professional development: provide tips and tools for personal and professional development in the areas of leadership, goal setting, teamwork and more, from experts in these fields 10

11 Members Benefits and Services ● Unique discounts: member-only discounts and other savings opportunities on valuable goods and services (GEICO, GK credit card & checking accounts from BAC) ● GK online store: special collection of sportswear and graduation merchandise ● More details at: nefits/ nefits/ 11

12 2009-2010 GK Scholarships and Awards ● Advisor Professional Development Grant ($1,000) Deadline: April 1, 2010. ● GEICO Life Scholarship (Ten $1,000 awards) Deadline: April 1, 2010 ● Business Achievement Awards: ► A business plan competition ► First place winner: $2,000 ► Second place winner: $1,500 ► Third place winner: $1,000 Deadline: March 1, 2010 12

13 2009-2010 GK Scholarships and Awards ● Chapter Service Awards: Ten $1,000 awards Deadline: December 1, 2009 ● Community Service Award: $1,000 (at least one recipient will receive $500 and $500 will be given to the charity of the recipient’s choice. Deadline: March 1, 2010 ● Golden Key Graduate School Award: At least ten $10,000 scholarships Deadline: January 15, 2010 13

14 International Conference Memories and Spirit (Summer 2009) 14

15 SJSU Chapter Details Region: USA Region 9 Charter Date: Sunday, May 7, 1985 Membership Fee: $70.00 Student Members: 210 Honorary Members: ? New Members: ? Alumni: ? 15

16 SJSU Chapter’s Goals ● Induct at least 240 new members ● Regain the Gold Standard ● At least 3 community services for this semester ● Contributing an article to Concept magazine ● Present SJSU Chapter in the Regional conference in Tempa, Arizona, 2010. 16

17 SJSU Chapter’s Goals ● Participate in the Citizenship Showcase Presentation during the Regional and International Conference. 17

18 SJSU Chapter Website goldenkeysjsu/index.html 18

19 Upcoming Events Pumpkins in the Park Saturday, 10/10/09 10 am - 4 pm Guadalupe River Park /Discovery Meadow 20 th Annual Aids Walk Sunday, 10/18/09 10 am – 12:30 pm Guadalupe River Park/Discovery Meadow Induction Ceremony Time and place TBA 19

20 Questions and Answers 20

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