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By: Phuong Dinh, Chiara Prytz, Nayeon Kim, Hannah Nguyen and Daniella Miller.

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2 By: Phuong Dinh, Chiara Prytz, Nayeon Kim, Hannah Nguyen and Daniella Miller

3 Summary 1 Karana and her brother Ramo went to pick up roots on top of the island that they lived on which was known as "Island of the Blue Dolphins". While they were picking up roots for dinner that night, a few Aleut ships docked on the shore of their island so out of curiosity Ramo and Karana went down to find out what was happening. The Aleut sailors wished to stay and camp on their island while they were hunting sea otters, but their father refused unless they share the sea otters with them. After nights and nights of hunting sea otters, Karana was worried because the sea otters were her friends and she would much rather have them alive and roaming through the big ocean than use their skins and their teeth to wear as necklaces around her neck. She wanted the Aleuts to leave because soon there was blood all over the blue ocean. She was also worried that they would be all gone and they would never come back. After settling down for a while the Aleuts and the island villagers got into a fight over that the Aleuts got to keep more sea otters that the island villagers. So there was a big war on the island and sadly, Karana's and Ramo's father passed away during the fight.

4 Summary 2 The tribes packed their stuff in the basket and they were ready to leave the island. Two boats were pulled up on the beach waiting for people. Everyone got on the ship and so did Karana. Karana looked for his brother, but she couldn't find him. And she saw Ramo running along the cliff. Karana was overcome with fear and she screamed. She asked if they could wait for him, but Chief Matasaip disagreed. So she walked across the deck and flung herself to the sea. She swam back to the island and met her brother. They took shelter among some rocks. The next day, Ramo disappeared. At first, Karana thought he went to bring the canoe back to Coral Cove. But when Karana saw him, he was dead, bitten by the wild dogs. She was really shocked for few days. She couldn't bear to live there. But she had to do something to survive. So, she made a house and spears. One day, she noticed that she was happy with living there.

5 Summary 3 From chapters 12-18 what happens is Karana builds a new home to live in. Karana builds a few spears using the tusks from sea elephants, she builds up courage and decides to go kill the same pack of wild dogs that killed her brother. In the process, one of the dogs gets injured and Karana takes care of him and calls him Rontu. Karana does almost everything with Rontu and also manages to escape the attack of a dangerous devilfish. Later on in the story Karana captures two birds and names them Tainor and Lurai. She teaches the birds to live with Rontu and Karana and to not fly away. The Island of The Blue Dolphins is now at spring time and the ship has yet to return.

6 Summary 4 As usual, Karana still had a difficult time surviving on the island alone. She had to hunt her own food, and build her own shelter. One day, while walking around the island she discovered this cave below the ravine. She didn't really think of moving there because she had her own house until she saw a ship sailing by. It was no ordinary ship. As it came closer, Karana realized that the Aleuts came back. She could see them killing otters and other sea creatures. Karana couldn't do anything about it since 1 person can't fight back a whole pack. So she decided to move back down the cave, and prepared for everything just incase the Aleuts hurt her. During the time the Aleuts stayed, Karana met this girl who belonged to the Aleuts but as they got to know each other they became friends. Sadly, the Aleuts left early so Karana never got to see her friend again. She remained on the island alone again and she felt empty.

7 Read the ending and find out what happens next Hope you choose “ Island of the Blue Dolphins!! ”

8 Thank you For Listening and Watching!!!

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