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TRULY NOBLE SERVICES A Guide on how to Winterize a Property.

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1 TRULY NOBLE SERVICES A Guide on how to Winterize a Property

2 Complete a winterization to prevent system freeze Protect the client’s investment Provide feedback of system condition Purpose:

3 Optimum Results: Complete winterization following Truly Noble Services, Inc. guidelines Submit photos, Preservation Services Report (PSR) and Winterization Form to document your work

4 Recommended Tools of the Trade

5 Air Compressor – 150 PSI or greater

6 Gas-Powered Generator

7 Air Hose Fittings – 3 various options

8 Water line Plugs

9 Compressor Air Hose

10 Garden Hoses –long & short

11 Extension Cord – minimum length 75 ft.

12 Antifreeze – Minimum 3 Gallons

13 Non-Toxic & Rated to minus 50 degrees F

14 Recommended Hand Tools, Tape & Zip-ties

15 Plunger & 5 Gallons of water

16 Winterization Process Dry System Shut Down

17 Winterization Steps Turn main electrical breaker to off position Turn off main water supply line Remove water meter (if allowed by local municipality) and cap/plug supply line Drain the Water Heater Turn all faucets to on position Attach compressor and blow air through lines to remove excess water Turn all faucets to off position Add anti-freeze to all drain lines, toilet bowls and tanks

18 Exterior Photos

19 Electrical Breakers

20 Signs of Freeze Damage

21 Water Meter

22 Water Meter Removed

23 Zip-tie & Cap the main water supply

24 Drain the Water Heater

25 Blowing the lines at meter

26 Blowing the lines at outside spicket

27 Blowing the lines at washer connection

28 Open Faucets Inside & Out

29 Add Antifreeze

30 System Pressure Check

31 Post Winterization Notices

32 Complete Your Report  Complete the Winterization Report  Answer all questions completely  Note any visible freeze damage  Remember to sign & date it  Indicate if the system held pressure or not in the Notes section.

33 Keys to Remember: Do not attempt to complete the winterization if there are any signs of freezing When blowing the lines, keep all valves & faucets closed a few moments to allow pressure to build up.

34 Always zip-tie the main water shutoff. Be sure that all excess water is removed from toilet tanks & bowls before adding antifreeze. Photos must document each step of the process as provided on your work order. Keys To Remember:

35 That completes this session of How to Winterized a Home Thank you for viewing.

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