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Cisco ESW 500 Series Switches Cisco Small Business Pro

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1 Cisco ESW 500 Series Switches Cisco Small Business Pro

2 Introducing Cisco® ESW 500 The 1st Small Business Pro Product!
Managed Layer 2 switch – purpose-built for Small Business Fundamental building block of SBCS and Cisco Small Business Pro Series Simplified configuration, deployment, and management Supported by Small Business Support Center Enhanced 5-year warranty with next-business-day replacement service Why do I care about mini-GBIC slots and fiber? 2 5

3 Cisco Small Business Pro Series ESW 500
Simple, straightforward portfolio – choose from 7 models Part Number Port Configuration List Price Gigabit Expansion ESW K9 24-port 10/100 $659 4 expansion ports: 2 copper and 2 combo SFP slots ESW P-K9 24-port 10/100 PoE $1,399 ESW K9 48-port 10/100 $1,129 4 expansion ports: 2 copper and 2 SFP slots ESW P-K9 48-port 10/100 PoE $2,799 ESW K9 24-port 10/100/1000 $1,849 4 expansion ports: 4 combination SFP slots ESW P-K9 24-port 10/100/1000 PoE $2,699 ESW K9 48-port 10/100/1000 $3,299 Why do I care about mini-GBIC slots and fiber? 3 5

4 Cisco Small Business Switching Portfolio
Advanced LAN Switching with Intelligent Services Cisco IOS SW, CLI integration + CNA Limited Lifetime Warranty + Smartnet options Cisco Catalyst Cisco® Catalyst® 2960 Series Small Business Pro Cisco ESW 500 Series NEW Complete, competitive LAN switching for small business Simplified configuration and solutions integration 24- to 48-port Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet configurations 5-year Enhanced Warranty with NBD replacement Small Business Support Center Price-Performance Price-Performance Broad switch portfolio Single-device, web-based management (smart and managed) Do-it-yourself small businesses (unmanaged only) Transactional support Small Business Series Unmanaged, Smart, and Managed Function, Flexibility, Scalability Function, Flexibility, Scalability Function, Flexibility, Scalability

5 Cisco Small Business Pro
Cisco Small Business Pro products work together to deliver powerful, integrated solutions that are easy for you to deploy and manage. Individually, every product solves a small business need and delivers peace of mind. Together, they form a solid foundation that you can build on as your customers’ communications needs change.

6 A Foundation of Cisco Small Business Pro Network Solutions and SBCS
VOICE (SBCS) Supports data, voice, video, wireless, solutions Seamless integration with SBCS and other Cisco Small Business Pro solutions as they develop Predictable experience with simplified configuration tools and smart defaults Auto-discovery, common terminology and look and feel PSTN UC520 ESW500 SECURITY DATA Under Development Internet Security Appliance Internet Access Integrated Access for Data and Voice Services Secure Broadband Internet access with WiFi Business Continuity Services with Backup( FE/GE or 3G) Webex Integration IP Centrex – Connect and Call ESW500 WIRELESS Under Development Security Appliance ESW500

7 ESW 500 Small Business Pro Switches: Key Component for SBCS
8- to 64-voice users desktop and rackmount models Optional integrated WLAN AP on desktop models Unified 500 Series Unified Communications WAN Security / Teleworker VPN, wired and wireless access, Remote IP phone extension Cisco SR520 IP Phones All Cisco Unified IP Phones are supported, including new Cisco® 500 Series with WLAN and Bluetooth 7900 & 500 Series NEW Switching PoE & non-PoE models with CDP and Smartports Replaces CE 520 over time ESW 500 Series Wireless Autonomous APs or Unified Wireless Solution with Mobility Express AP500 WLC 500 Cisco Configuration Assistant Business and Productivity Applications

8 Simple and Flexible Management Options
Embedded Switch Configuration Utility Browser-based Best for configuring standalone switches Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) No-charge PC application Simplifies ESW 500 configuration when deployed as part of SBCS and Small Business Pro networks Switch Configuration Utility CCA

9 Small Business Pro Switch Warranty
Cisco® ESW 500 Series Length 5 years Hardware Replacement NBD advance replacement where available; otherwise 10-business-day advance replacement Complimentary Phone Support 90 days Software 5 years for bug fixes Click to Chat (C2C) 1 Year Services None at time of launch Premium Service is under consideration Here, we’ve differentiated the Small Business Pro warranty (for all other technologies besides switching), and compare it to the enriched Small Business Pro warranty for switches. Things to remember: Hardware Next Business Day on Small Business Pro Switches and 90 days complimentary support of phone support Small Business Pro Switch Warranty is competitive (not equal) to HP Procurve For those who want service over an above NBD Hardware Replacement, we will be introducing a 4hr Replacement Premium Service (TBA) 9 9

10 Competing Against HP ProCurve in Small Business with the ESW 500 Series
Solution tested for small- business applications Streamlined configuration with GUI config tools, Smartports, and Smart Defaults Small Business Support Center and Support Community 5-year warranty w/ NBD advance product replacement, software fixes Sell ESW 500 Vs. HP ProCurve ESW (J9085A) ESW P /12PWR (J9086A) PWR (J9087A) ESW (J9088A) ESW P PWR (J9089A) ESW G (J9021A) ESW P ESW G (9022A) HP Product Gap!

11 Handling Objections Too expensive for small business
Small Business Pro switches are very competitively priced to ProCurve 2610 and 2810 switches. Too hard to sell – warranty not competitive Small Business Pro enhanced warranty includes 5-year coverage + NBD product replacement. Too complicated to order Straightforward portfolio with seven switches to choose from addresses primary density and PoE requirements. Too difficult to configure Two GUI-based options for standalone setup and system configuration.

12 Resources and URLs Cisco ESW 500 Series Switches Cisco Configuration Assistant Partner Central Small Business Switching Cisco Smart Business Communications System


14 Backup Positioning ESW 500 Product Details Competitive Overview
Summary 14 14 14 14

15 Cisco In Small Business
Service Provider Commercial / Mid-Market Small Business Small Business (<100 employees) Enterprise IT is strategic IT is not strategic We recognize that there’s a real opportunity of roughly $10 billion in the “S” of SMB. The “S” space is largely an underserved market. Cisco today has approx 13-27% market share with Small Businesses under 100 employees. Our goal here is market expansion and profitable, incremental business. Cisco Small Business is targeting companies with fewer than 100 employees and limited IT knowledge or awareness. We’re trying to increase the use and penetration of our technologies in the small business market by helping small companies that are not IT focused to understand the business benefits, while helping partners and Service Providers to build more repeatable / profitable businesses with their small business customers. Today: ~13-27% Market Share in Small Cisco Cisco Small Business Designed for Extensible Networks Regardless of Size Designed for Small Businesses 15 15

16 Differences Between Cisco and Cisco Small Business
Designed for Extensible Networks Regardless of Size Designed for Small Businesses Scalability & High Availability Sized for Small Small Business Right Functionality at an Affordable Price Intelligent Integrated Services Flexible Configuration and Management Easy to Install & Manage With the introduction of Cisco Small Business—and soon Small Business Pro Series—knowing how to position Cisco switching solutions is imperative. The Cisco Small Business Series is specifically designed for small businesses and offers economical price points. While these price points can be attractive to small businesses looking to manage their costs, these switches are not designed with the same flexibility, scalability and lifecycle management of the Cisco Series switching portfolio. They are not a fit for customers traditionally using Cisco Series such as Catalyst or Nexus switching products.  To support the needs of the small business segment, a specialized small business sales team has been created in each theatre. In order to contain costs in this price-sensitive segment, these are the only teams that are goaled and paid on the Cisco Small Business products. Keep in mind that the Cisco Catalyst Series switches are robust, highly resilient solutions designed to deliver the performance, flexibility, and scalability needed for the most demanding business needs. They facilitate the deployment of secure converged applications while maximizing investment protection. Why Count on Cisco Switches Versus Cisco Small Business Switches:Scalability and high availability - Cisco switches are designed to scale on all fronts, including number of ports, PoE ports, and uplinks. They provide non-stop communications and minimize scheduled and unscheduled downtime through integrated availability capabilities such as In-Service Software Upgrade, Non-Stop Forwarding with Stateful Switchover and StackWise technology. Cisco switches are also designed to handle a full range of configurations and the consistent look and feel that larger organizations need. In contrast, because Cisco Small Business products are designed for the needs of smaller customers, they offer few configuration options and do not scale seamlessly when moving up in size and functionality. Intelligent Integrated Services - Cisco switches are based on years of development of the rich IOS software and offer the highest levels of application intelligence, unified network services and integrated security features. These capabilities deliver converged end-to-end services from the wiring closet, to campus distribution, and to core. With flexible services integration, Cisco switches provide unprecedented investment protection while optimizing user experience and productivity. Embedded into the Cisco switching portfolio, the recently released innovative Cisco EnergyWise technology helps customers proactively control rising operating costs while minimizing their carbon footprint. Although Cisco Small Business offers robust switching capabilities, its products are not based on the IOS software and do not offer such extensive functionality. Network-level Configuration and Management - Cisco switches use CiscoWorks LMS or command line interface (CLI) for management and configuration across the entire portfolio. This consistency ensures that all Cisco switches can be managed using common management tools regardless of their size, and offers network-level management and configuration. In contrast, the Cisco Small Business switching portfolio does not use CLI and can only be configured using a web based GUI or the Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA). While being friendly to use, these interfaces are not designed to scale to the multiple sites and needs of a commercial or enterprise customer. It is not recommended to have a mixed environment of Cisco Small Business and Cisco Series switches, as it would be difficult to manage the entire network holistically due to separate management tools. Comprehensive Support- Cisco TAC is staffed with leading experts with years of experience in all technologies to address any network issue the customer may have. The Cisco TAC is world-recognized for its excellence. Cisco Customer Advocacy provides a broad set of services for the Cisco Series switches, including SMARTnet - a unique offering for enterprise and commercial class products. The newly created Cisco Small Business Support Center is based on a separate group of professionals, specifically hired and trained in the needs of small businesses. They are limited in scope, do not have knowledge of products beyond the Small Business range, and do not support SMARTnet or the software upgrades that our Cisco Series switches offer. Customers who chose to mix Cisco products with Cisco Small Business products in their network would have to work with two different support teams as the small business team is not equipped to diagnose and troubleshoot cross-network issues. Also, Cisco Small Business Series switches do not offer an extended service contract beyond the warranty. For More InformationCisco Small Business products: Cisco Series Switches: Remember, the Cisco Series switches are designed to meet the needs of sophisticated networks regardless of the size of the company. The Cisco Small Business portfolio is specifically designed for small businesses. We encourage you to learn more about the differences between the portfolios to help our customers select the solution that best fits their needs. Small Business Targeted Support Comprehensive Support Cisco Cisco Small Business

17 Small Business Product Mix
Comprehensive Portfolio System Architecture IT-Professional Experience Partner-Centric Experience Transactional Voice Video Switching Security Wireless Routing Broad RTM Experience Wireless Security Video Storage Switching Routing Cisco Small Business Pro Series Enables VAR/SP to build business with small customers Products designed and tested to work together with centralized configuration and management Small subset of products Partner-based service contracts Lifecycle management – basic software enhancements and EOS notification Services and Functionality Cisco Partner Programs Scalability High availability Broad range of services Comprehensive security Service integration Systemwide management Comprehensive support Products that clearly are designed / tested to work together. Small subset of products compared to other categories Contractors Versions.. Designed for the VAR/SP, not the end user.. Managed through common tools Service contracts designed with partner in mind Lifecycle Management – basic software enhancements and EOS notification Seamless, Targeted Solutions…for Partners Predictable, Reliable Experience Profitable, Sustainable Business Models Cisco Small Business value prop: Sized for small, available now, affordable, it just works Cisco SB Pro value prop: seamless solutions for partners, consistent experience, profitable, sustainable business For products and solutions we’ve aligned our categories with the needs and expectations of the sub-segments of the market For the Basic sub-segment, we now have the Cisco Small Business Series (Good) - transactional For the Open to Guidance sub-segment, we now have the Cisco Small Business Pro Series (Better) – system solutions And for the Elite sub-segment, which behave very much like an enterprise customer, we have the traditional Cisco line of products (Best) In the area of service and support: We have created the new Cisco Small Business Support Center. A call center dedicated to small business customers Additionally, we have created and will continue to expand, a set of packaged offerings for our partners that enable them to provide support and managed services to customers as a way of generating recurring revenue with their customers Small businesses want big business capabilities Internet and outsourcing have leveled the playing field Access to data required anytime, anywhere Staff must be easily contactable at all times Want to be able to deploy and grow quickly and easily No IT staff Deployment and infrastructure integration top issues Want it all at a small business price Will invest if there is value: increased productivity, scalability, etc We have organized a rich spectrum of offers that spans the needs from point products to solutions. The point products target the transactional buyer who is looking for a tactical network solution to solve a problem. These products are designed to be easy to install and manage with an out of the box experience. They are quick turn products and as result do not carry the life cycle management characteristics. They have basic phone support and do not have extended support programs available for them. Mostly these are the Linksys Small Business Products. The solution products target the small business customer looking for a complete data or voice and data solution with the ability to run all the individual components managed as a single system. These are the products that small business focused partners will primarily use to build repeatable profitable businesses. These products are system tested, have upgrades and life cycle management and they have extended service offers. An example is the Smart Business Communications Solution which includes voice, data, wireless and security all coordinated into one solution. Just as our portfolio builds out, increasing in richness, so does the services models that support the products. Extended commentary: Cisco Services will offer two categories of services to provide competitive services support in small business. The first category of small business services will provide strong warranty support for our Cisco Small Business Series products in a consumer-friendly “retail style” that is very easy to understand by end customers in this segment. In this category, we will also greatly simplify the way a customer gets rapid product replacement or out-of-warranty support, which can be activated with a convenient credit card transaction. The second category of small business services are partner delivered and support the Cisco Pro-Series Products. The partners that deliver these services earn $5 million or less in annual revenue and rely more heavily on services, which comprise a greater percentage of their revenue stream. Because services are critical to these partners’ profitability, we’ve developed purpose-built services for these partners. An example of a service that partners can offer in this category includes a network-level support service that provides the capability to proactively manage of the partner-built network solution. This service offering provides significant opportunity for partners in the process of developing a small, managed-service business model. Cisco Small Business Series Cisco Small Business Support Center Sized for Small Easy to Install and Manage Right Functionality at an Affordable Price Small Business Targeted Support Cisco Support Margin

18 A Manageable Subset of Products
Cisco Small Business Pro will consist of a manageable subset of foundational components – switching, wireless, routing – that will enable partners build out higher-margin solutions A few cameras and devices The richness comes from the products working together in a complete solution Voice Switches A small set of routers Security appliances A few wireless devices 18

19 End Customer Cares About
Product Guidance for Small Business End Customer Cares About Lead With UC, Security, Mobility, Video, and Collaboration solutions that adapt to changing business needs Breadth of Catalyst switching portfolio for different PINs and common IOS for E2E solution Extensibility – flexibility to grow High availability, security, services, and scalability World-class Cisco TAC for end-to-end Cisco support Cisco® Catalyst® Series Building blocks of networking and communications solutions designed for Small Business partners Partner-centric value proposition to profitably serve Small Businesses with a small architected network Partner or GUI-managed solutions with Small Business support TAC Cisco Small Business Pro Series Switches Availability and price Switches for small customers that are have a board RTM experience (both do it yourself and partner led) Cisco Small Business Series Switches 19

20 Cisco® ESW 500 Series Is a Fundamental Building Block of Cisco Small Business Pro
Business Problem Need to add/support high-bandwidth applications Voice, video Unreliable network with downtime Sluggish network that is slow to respond Decreased employee productivity Solution Wire-speed performance on Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 switching Quality of Service Advanced Security Services Building block for additional technologies Benefits Single network, multi-application platform lowers cost of ownership Improved employee productivity Maximized investment protection Flexibility Supports business growth

21 Designed to Work with Cisco Small Business Pro Products, Including SBCS
Business Problem Too much time, cost, and complexity to install and support Difficult to integrate disparate products that don’t reliably work well together Challenging to support multi-vendor solutions Solution Plug-and-play system set up for SBCS and Small Business Pro products with Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) Cisco Smartports Roles and Wizard Default configurations such as VLANs Embedded Device Utility for standalone configuration Benefits Faster and easier configuration Faster deployment for services and applications Platform for building managed service practice Central management of Cisco Small Business Pro products and SBCS

22 A Broad Competitive Portfolio for Small Business
Cisco Switch Sell Against Cisco Advantage Catalyst 2960 Fixed Switches LAN Based -LAN Lite HP 2600, 2610, 2800, 4200 3Com 4200, 4500, 3870 Nortel 425, 470, 2500, 4500 H3C 3100, 5100 Alcatel 62xx D-Link 3000, 3100 Express set up EEM auto download Cisco IOS SW, CLI CNA Enhanced Security Cisco Smart Foundation, TAC Limited Lifetime Warranty Small Business Pro ESW 500 Series HP 2510, 2600, 2610, 2810 3Com 4200, 4210, 4200G Nortel BES 120, 1020 Simplified configuration via device manager or CCA Solutions integration 5-year Enhanced Warranty w/ NBD product replacement Small Business Support Ctr. Small Business Series Managed HP 2510 Netgear FSM 726, 7328S, 7352S GSM7224, GSM7224R, GSM7248, GSM 7328S, Adv Smart Portfolio breadth – unmanaged, smart, managed Extensive testing for better quality Competitive price/performance Small Business Series Smart HP Smart 1700, 1800 Netgear Smart, Dlink Smart, 3Com Smart

23 ESW 500 Competitive Comparison
Cisco Small Business Pro ESW 500 Series HP ProCurve 2610 HP ProCurve 2810 3Com Com 4500 Value Proposition Designed, integrated, and tested for simplified deployment of voice, video, data, and wireless solutions in small business “A cost-effective solution for customers who are building converged enterprise-edge networks” “Enterprise-class entry-level LAN switches for network administrators seeking an economical edge switch” Ease of Configuration and Management Choice of embedded GUI device mgr. or CCA CDP, Smartports, and smart defaults for streamlined system setup Enterprise Mgmt. Tools: Device, ProCurve Mgr., CLI, SNMP, ProCurve Mgr. Plus Enterprise Mgmt. Tools: Device, SNMP, CLI, 3NS, 3ND, EMS Service & Support Cisco Small Business Support Center Cisco Small Business Support Community ProCurve warranty phone and online “self-help” support HP Carepacks service programs 3Com warranty online knowledge base support Warranty 5-year w/ NBD AR 90-day phone support Click-to-chat Software fixes Ltd. Life w/ NBD AR Phone support Software updates Ltd. Life w/ NBD AR 90-day phone support Software updates Pricing Ranges $$ $

24 Selling the Value of Small Business Pro to Partners
Easier to sell Designed with small business in mind 5-year Enhanced Warranty w/ Next Business Day product replacement and SW fixes Faster configuration and installation CCA, Smartports, Cisco Discovery Protocol, and consistent default configurations You know it works with other Cisco Small Business Pro products Designed to work with and integration tested with Pro products Investment protection for your customers Software improvements and continued Small Business Pro solution integration Secure, high performance platform to support any small business application

25 Mini-GBIC/SFP Modules
Small Business Switch Accessories RPS 1000 Mini-GBIC/SFP Modules MGBLH1 Gigabit Ethernet LH Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver For distances up to 500 meters or 40 kilometers MGBSX1 Gigabit Ethernet SX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver For distances up to 220 meters or 550 meters MGBT1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base-T Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver For distances up to 100 meters or (328 feet) RPS1000 Redundant Power Supply Unit Six redundant power supply ports outputting up to 380W total No loss of data or reboot when connected devices lose power MFEFX1 100 Base-FX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver 1310nm wavelength for multi-mode fiber Supports 100Mbps speed up to 2km MFELX1 100 Base-LX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver 1310nm wavelength for multi-mode fiber Supports 100Mbps speed up to 10km

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