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In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful What can the Qur’an give me? (For Students of high school; WAMY – Jan 05)

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1 In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful What can the Qur’an give me? (For Students of high school; WAMY – Jan 05)

2 The Ultimate Questions… The Ultimate Questions… –Suppose you wake up tomorrow in a nice new place with all the facilities –Questions …

3 Qur’an & Youth –The same questions are valid for this world too!!! –Get the answers directly from the Creator –QUR ’ AN GIVES ME THE ANSWERS DIRECTLY FROM THE CREATOR!!! IT IS CREATOR ’ S BOOK!

4 Qur’an & Youth –Can we neglect this? No! –Who are we?

5 Qur’an & Youth –Suppose you bring a computer. Plug it in 220V –Did you read the manual? –THE QUR ’ AN GIVES ME THE AUTHENTIC ANSWERS!

6 What happens when you open Qur’an? –How is the relationship between this book and Allah? –How is that different from other books? –Allah starts talking to you!

7 My Main Enemy? –Who is enemy? Shaitaan. His plan: To take us to hellfire. –His strategy (step by step)

8 Shaitaan’s strategy –Most Important Aspect: Don ’ t get attached to the book of Allah. –Example: For a future doctor/engr/mgr, ‘ kill ’ his/her education at school –Alim vs. Abid?

9 Qur’an & Shaitaan? –Al-Qur ’ an helps us in taking refuge in Allah from Shaitaan –Al-QURAN SHOWS ME all kinds of attacks of Shaitaan and also as to how I can save myself

10 WHAT DO WE WANT IN THIS LIFE? –Peace & Happiness! –Means?... Success? –To get the success, whom will you follow? –And what did he (pbuh) have? –Qur’an guided him (pbuh) throughout his life.

11 Qur’an – the Ultimate Possession! –People take so much pride in having precious items –Qur ’ an is the ultimate possession, only if you realize it!!!

12 The Ultimate Possession –A noble laureate writes a letter to YOU.. how to be successful. You will read it 10 times. –Here is a book … Preserved 1400 years. –IT IS FOR ME … He sent M pbuh for me. Suppose everyone goes to Jannah and if I go to hellfire (may Allah protect me), then I am loser

13 The Ultimate Possession! –According to a research in Harvard University, when a person gets a job or promotion, 85% of the time it is because of ATTITUDE, and only 15% of the time because of intelligence and knowledge of specific facts and figures. –It applies everywhere –Any task: Either you don’t know how to accomplish or don’t want to do the work

14 For Teenagers –Teenage is the most unstable part of your life Bustling with energy

15 For Teenagers –Youth / Teenagers –After this age, you will be making many critical decisions of your life.. job; new friends/colleagues at job new settlements (countries, cities,..) settling in a new place; new city; new environment; settle in life

16 Have a New Look at the Qur’an! –Don ’ t look at it from the abusive history – –Old book! What has it got for me in this 21 st century? –It is the most powerful Book authored by the Most Knowledgeable and the Most Powerful

17 Qur’an’s role in History –Most important / influential (statement in the British parliament: as long as Muslims have Kaabah and Qur ’ an, we can not defeat them). –Those who do not believe say that EB (Koran). –In HUMAN HISTORY.. has created wonderful people. Who changed the history of the world. –Even today.. it is the issue. Why?

18 Qur’an and History –People are so blinded with the west! –Think/live/act … –but US is superpower for only 100 years. –And Muslims … for more than 1000 years. –And why are they not powerful today? Because they have left it. yarfa ’ oo bihaadhal kitaabi …

19 Ideology rules! –It is not the tech., not the gadgets, not money, and not power. It is the idealogy that rules. –Leaders of powerful countries are not engineers / doctors but social scientists. –Why are we suffering.. In Indopak context.. bad leaders –Qur ’ an will give you the vision of leadership; the ideology –You can be the leaders with Al-Qur ’ an, the true guidance

20 Qur’an & Youth Some of you will –invent things; –will be leaders; –For success you need positive attitude & Self-confidence. –Qur ’ an fills in enormous positive attitude. Ibn-Taimiyah

21 How does it guide? –Chandelier –Space & time

22 How does it guide? –You don ’ t need lectures –1 verse is enough to turn you on. –Remember 1 verse of Allah > 1000 lectures (if received with open heart) –The actual challenge is: Mood and resources

23 How does it guide? –You don ’ t have to be Hafiz –You don ’ t have to wait till you know full Qur ’ an to get the Guidance –Just keep pondering on what you know –Ask Allah to guide (Ihdinassiraa … ) and he can open your heart –Example: Surah al-Fatihah –Remember the hadith

24 Ultimate… –Attitude –Qualities of interaction (Hujarat) –Confidence –Hope –Character

25 The Signs –Qur ’ an : the revealed Book –Universe: An open ‘ Book ’ of Allah –Qur ’ an is not ‘ colorful ’ but when you link it with the Universe, every thing of the Universe confirms the message of the Qur ’ an. –History becomes meaningful! –Space and Time become completely integrated and speak about Qur ’ anic signs

26 Examples – Upset about friends/teachers/brothers or sisters/assets: Liyabluakum… Ja’alna ba’dakum fauqa ba’d –Impressed by creation Wa-la asghara min zaalika.. Tusabbihu lahu.. Impressed by Inventions Wa-laa yuheetoona bishay…

27 Models of Success –Quran gives me inspiration from true models of success –to become strong spiritually –to enjoy continuing spiritual and intellectual growth

28 Qur’an & Me –Qur ’ an is for Musilms. –But what is imp. is whether I follow it or not –If I end up in paradise.. Successful; if all end up in paradise except me (may Allah forgive me).. It is a complete loss for me.

29 For the Hereafter –How precious each word, line,.. A line may give some point which may prompt you to do something which will improve your status … (difference in grades of Jannah). All of us given the same paper. The only reason …

30 Start now… –SO START BUILDING YOURSELF FROM NOW. –ALLAH WILL BRING BACK ISLAM TO THIS WORLD. WILL DO IT WITH OR WITHOUT US, IN SPITE OF US.. We will be lucky to ourselves … Let us therefore follow it.

31 How can it give? –Understand it first!!!

32 Qur’an can give a lot… but –We don ’ t know how to read Qur ’ an (French newspaper?) –Example: Dad and son –Last example. Why are you studying? Future of 40 years? –What about Eternal Future

33 Qur’an & Youth –What is the relationship of the Qur’an with Ibraheem (a)? –QUR’AN is what Ibrahim (a) had asked for me (among other things)!!!

34 Examples –Tell me an incident in your life where a verse has affected you –If it is in the area of worship, how did your worship change –It is not the info that you get (perhaps you already know it) but did your heart get affected

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