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Sign Post Words of the Wiser.

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1 Sign Post Words of the Wiser

2 What’s the Point? Helps recognize the author’s theme
Identify the scene in which a wiser, and generally older, character offers the main character some critical advice Notice the sign post, then ask yourself What’s the life lesson and how might it affect the character?

3 Words of the Wiser Does your mom always give you advice? For example,
“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” “Always tell the truth.”

4 Authors Authors are like a mom or a dad or a grandparent or a teacher.
They include scenes in which wise words are shared. So, you want to be on the lookout for a place where the main character has a quiet and serious talk with a wiser character. That wiser character might be a friend, a brother or sister, a teacher, a parent, or the kindly neighbor down the street. When you find that scene, you want to slow down and read it carefully because the wiser character is probably offering the main character some good advice. The advice is probably a life lesson and an important idea the author wants you to think about.

5 Ask ourselves After the scene has been found, you want to ask yourself one question: What’s the life lesson and how might this affect the character? As you answer this question, you’ll learn more about the character, the conflict he or she faces, the plot, and perhaps the message or them the author wants you to consider.

6 Name ______________ Notice and Note Log for _________
Location Signpost I Noticed My Notes About It Rainbow Fish T.Q. – “Why doesn’t anybody like me?” Lonely – is he starting to regret his behavior? W.W. – octopus giving R.F. advice about happiness and sharing Looks don’t give you happiness, but sharing and caring with others does. T.Q. – “How could I ever be happy without them?” R.F. could go either way – share with others or be alone? Sadako T.Q. – “I’m going to die next, aren’t I?” Will she make 1,000 cranes? If she does, will it help? T.Q. – “Did it hurt to die?” Internal conflict – asking herself about her own death. As a 10 year old – having to consider death

7 Homework In your reading tonight, be on the lookout for our sign posts – Words the Wiser or Tough ? If you don’t find one as you’re reading tonight, then listen to things your parent says to you or listen to conversations that you hear on television. Write it down and then answer the question: What’s the life lesson and how might it affect me or the character? – Words of the Wiser What does the question make me wonder about? – Tough Question

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