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Social Development and the UN Millennium Development Goals: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from a Philippine University Mr. Marco M. Polo Associate.

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1 Social Development and the UN Millennium Development Goals: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from a Philippine University Mr. Marco M. Polo Associate Professor, Communication Arts Department Director, University Development Office De La Salle University-Dasmarinas 07/24/2010

2 Discussion Outline Social Development, The UN MDGs & the Case (Subject DevCom) Modes of inclusion of MDGs in Higher Education Pedagogy (Learning Approaches) Teaching Strategies and Learning Approaches and Opportunities Outputs and Outcomes Suggestions and Recommendations 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

3 SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT A process which results in the transformation of social structures in a manner which improves the capacity of the society to fulfill its aspirations. Society develops by consciousness and social consciousness develops by organization. The process that is subconscious in the society emerges as conscious knowledge in pioneering individuals. Development is a process, not a program. Its power issues more from its subtle aspects than from material objects. Development implies a qualitative change in the way the society carries out its activities, such as through more progressive attitudes and behavior by the population, the adoption of more effective social organizations or more advanced technology. World Bank/ADB

4 What are the Millennium Development Goals?
The MDGs are the most broadly supported, comprehensive and specific development goals the world has ever agreed upon. These eight time-bound goals provide concrete, numerical benchmarks for tackling extreme poverty in its many dimensions. Adopted by world leaders in 2000 and set to be achieved by 2015, the MDGs are both global and local, tailored by each country to suit specific development needs. They provide a framework for the entire international community to work together towards a common end – making sure that human development reaches everyone, everywhere. If these goals are achieved, world poverty will be cut by half, tens of millions of lives will be saved, and billions more people will have the opportunity to benefit from the global economy.  The eight MDGs break down into 21 quantifiable targets that are measured by 60 indicators. 

5 UN Millennium Development Goals
Goal 1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger Goal 2. Achieve Universal Primary Education Goal 3. Promote Gender Equality And Empower Women Goal 4. Reduce Child Mortality Goal 5. Improve Maternal Health Goal 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases Goal 7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability Goal 8. Develop A Global Partnership For Development 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

6 The Subject: Introduction to Development Communication
PROFILE: 3 unit credit, 3-hour class/week, offered to AB Communication students DEVCOM: Art and science of human communication applied to the speedy transformation of people and communities in order for them to realize their full potential (Quebral, 1975 modified). DEVCOM: Organized efforts to use communication processes and the media to bring social and economic improvements (Paterson, 2000). DEVCOM: The discipline and practice of communication in the context of developing countries. Communication for planned change. 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

7 DEVCOM… Involves creating mechanisms to broaden public access to information on reforms; strengthening clients' ability to listen to their constituencies and negotiate with stakeholders; empowering grassroots organizations to achieve a more participatory process; and undertaking communications activities that are grounded in public opinion research. Is using communication as a tool for development with a preferential option for the poor, marginalized, exploited and disenfranchised. The practice of systematically applying the processes, strategies, and principles of communication to bring about positive social change (Quebral, 1973). 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

8 DEVCOM defined A branch of communication theory or practice that is concerned with applying insights from communication theory to address problems of development and modernization. The aim of development communication is to find strategies for mobilizing people and consequently resources, for developmental goals. 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

9 Pedagogy (Learning Approaches)
Conscientization Rights-based Approach (Development is a Human Right) Transformative Learning Development is holistic Development is the enlargement of choices and opportunities 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

10 Modes of Inclusion of the UN MDGs in the School Curricula
A. Instruction (through the Curriculum) Integrated in a Program BS Development Communication, BS Community Development, BS Development Studies, BS Social Work, AB Sociology Integrated in a Major Subject Introduction to Development Communication, Introduction to Social Development Integrated in a General Education Course Social Science, History B. Research As a research agenda of the institution C. Community Service As a social development thrust of the institution particularly on neglected areas or areas that lack support D. Co-curricular Student-led activities Institutional activities Multi-stakeholder activities 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

11 Teaching Strategies & Learning Opportunities
Reading List Class and Group Discussion Field Work Video Presentations Role Playing Production Organizing Events Film Viewing 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

12 Sample Activities & Projects
Case Reports on Perspectives on an MDG Goal by Government, Civil Society and Business Interpretation and production of music videos on UNDP MDG songs Original composition of MDG inspired songs MDG Posters Public Forum on MDG inspired theme Exhibit on the MDGs MDG themed radio plugs and tv commercials Music Videos of MDG inspired songs Feature-documentary inspired by the MDGs Compilation of Music Videos and Documentaries 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

13 Sample Activity: Docus & MTVs
Objective: To apply the concept of the UN MDG by producing a documentary feature and original song and music video. Process: The student groups choose a particular MDG in which to do a documentary and to write an original song and produce a music video The script, composition and story boards are discussed with the teacher before it is approved and executed Students are given 6-8 weeks to work on the projects All music videos and documentaries are compiled in an album and launched in a formal event. The videos are also uploaded on the internet and distributed to partners and friends of the University. 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

14 Sample Activity: MDG themed Forum
Objective: To popularize and raise public awareness about the UN MDG by organizing a public forum on a relevant theme or issue. Process: The classes are tasked to organize the forum and specific roles and responsibilities are identified. With the help of the teacher, resource persons are invited. Student produce publicity materials, are in charge of the program including special numbers and moderating the forum. Forums Organized: May Magagawa Ka (You Can Do Something): A Forum on Achieving the Millennium Development Goals Through Volunteerism The Role of New Media in Empowering People for Development Dear Gov: Mga Adhikan ng mga Kabitenyo, Kilalanin and mga Kandidato (Dear Gov: The Aspirations of Caviteños, Get to Know the Candidates) Preparation Time 4-6 weeks 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

15 Sample Activity: Case Studies/Reports
Objective: To let the students know and understand the concept of development through the perspective of government, business and civil society by conducting an in- depth case study using a particular MDG Goal as subject. Process: The classes are divided into groups of five and are assigned a particular MDG Goal. They are then tasked to propose a particular government agency/unit, business foundation and civil society org that they will conduct their case study on. Once approved guide questions are prepared in discussed with the group. Guidelines on how to produce the report are also given Output: A full paper (at least 20 pages) and a powerpoint or flash/video presentation (15 minutes) about their study including their insights, discoveries and realizations Preparation Time 3-5 weeks 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

16 Other Initiatives Book project on MDGs and fiscal policy “May Pera Pa Ba?” by Social Watch and Public Administration Classes Blogs on the MDGs Community-based research on awareness on the MDGs Review and analysis of LGU development plans vis-à-vis the MDGs Impact assessment of MDG inspired initiatives at the community level 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

17 Suggestions & Recommendations
Integration of the MDGs in the curriculum is possible given the desire, creativity and industriousness of the faculty and students. Various learning modes and strategies can be utilized to harness the various possibilities of raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of the MDGs. 07/24/2010 MMPOLO

07/24/2010 MMPOLO

07/24/2010 MMPOLO



22 END THOUGHTS Anchoring DevCom as a subject on the MDGs allowed us to provide educational experiences that stretch students out of their comfort zones and increase their awareness of needs in both global and local communities. Schools should be the laboratories for acts of conscience. We need young people’s energies to address the complex problems that will face us in the coming decades. Civic education crosses the line between schools and communities and reflects a more inclusive definition of education. As educators, we hold the next generation of voters, politicians and corporate leaders in our hands. “Yes reading and math are important. But what matters most is what kind of human beings are reading the books and doing the math (Haynes, 2009).”

23 Social Development and the UN Millennium Development Goals: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from a Philippine University Mr. Marco M. Polo Associate Professor, Communication Arts Department Director, University Development Office De La Salle University-Dasmarinas 07/24/2010

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