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YouTube for Business: Online Marketing for Any Business Author: Michael Miller.

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1 YouTube for Business: Online Marketing for Any Business Author: Michael Miller

2 About the Author Michael Miller Marketing Degree Indiana University 80 non-fiction books

3 Content Part 1: “Marketing Your Business Online with YouTube” Part 2: “Producing Your YouTube videos” Part 3: “Managing Your YouTube videos” Part 4: “Working with YouTube Blogs” Part 5: “Promotion and Monetization”

4 Marketing Your Business Online with YouTube How YouTube Can Help You Market Your Business? –Brand Awareness –Product Advertising –Retail Promotion –Product Support –Product Training –Employee Communications –Recruiting

5 Marketing Your Business Online with YouTube Developing Your YouTube Marketing Strategy –Consider the purpose of your videos and who your customer is Some Types of Video Content –Repurposed Commercials –Infomercials –Instructional Videos –Customer Testimonials

6 Producing Your YouTube Videos Tips for Creating Better-Looking Videos -Focus on large images -Invest in Quality Equipment -Shoot Professionally -Use 2 Cameras Tips for Improving Your Video Content -Be entertaining, but informative -Keep it short -Communicate a clear message

7 Producing Your YouTube Videos Understanding YouTube Video Resolution –Maximum pixel size of 480x360 –Don’t waste your company’s money –Acceptable Video Formats –QuickTime –Windows Media Video Tips for Shooting an Effective Webcam Video –Make it immediate –Keep it simple –Watch the lighting –Minimize Background Noise

8 Producing Your YouTube Videos Editing and Enhancing Your Videos –Aim for fluency –Don’t jump from topic to topic –Choose the best shots –Don’t be afraid to remove content –Transitions –Titles and Credits

9 Managing Your YouTube Videos Things to Consider When Uploading Your Videos –Videos must be preapproved, <10mins, <100MB –Crucial Information: –Description- Sharing Options –Tags- Map Options - Enable Ratings Create a presence on YouTube –Personalize your channel page –Subscribe to other channels & comment –Helps spark interest in your channel

10 Promotion and Monetization Why Tracking is Important –Allows your to fine-tune your videos –Helps plan future activities Useful Tracking Tools –YouTube’s “Statistics and Data” tab –Number of views, ratings, responses, comments, other websites linking to your video –YouTube “Insight” –Views, popularity, discovery Tracking Effectiveness –Look for spikes in website traffic after you post videos –Assign promotional codes

11 Promotion and Monetization Tips for Promoting Your YouTube Videos –Target your content –Optimize your tags –Use a compelling title –Pick best thumbnail image –Share with channel friends Others Methods of Promoting –Email marketing –Use other social networking websites –Facebook, MySpace –Upload to other video-sharing websites

12 Promotion and Monetization Generate Revenue from Your YouTube Videos –Direct viewers to your website –“Close the sale” –Use Google Adsense

13 Amazon Review Why? –Miller offers good insight on how YouTube can help market your business –Different approaches to marketing –Makes your business more dynamic –Appeal to a large, worldwide community –Easy to track and monitor how videos help your business –Too much information of basic video production –Should be more focused on business aspects –Relevant to inexperienced YouTube users

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