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Personal Project REPORT.

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1 Personal Project REPORT

2 Aims & Objectives AIMS • engage in personal inquiry on issues that are relevant to themselves, through an area of interaction as a context for learning • demonstrate the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time • reflect on their learning and knowledge (on their own and with others) • move towards thoughtful and positive action • develop confidence as lifelong learners.

3 Assessing the personal project
There are three distinct components that are assessed. The process journal (criterion A) The personal project report (criteria B–G) The final outcome or product (criterion E) assessed by the student in collaboration with the supervisor, based on the agreed specifications created in the planning stage.

4 Aims & Objectives Objective A Use the process journal
Objective B Define the goal Objective C Select sources Objective D Apply information Objective E Achieve the goal Objective F Reflect on learning Objective G Report the project

5 Objective A Use the process journal
Students should: • demonstrate organizational skills through time and self-management • communicate and collaborate with the supervisor • demonstrate information literacy, thinking and reflection. Process journal

6 Objective B Define the goal
Students should: • identify and explain a topic based on personal interest • justify one focus area of interaction as a context for the project • outline a clear, achievable, challenging goal • create specifications that will be used to evaluate the project’s outcome/product. Report

7 Objective C Select sources
Students should: • select varied, relevant sources to achieve the goal • evaluate sources. Report

8 Objective D Apply information
Students should: • transfer and apply information to make decisions, create solutions and develop understandings in connection with the project’s goal. Report

9 Objective E Achieve the goal
Students should: • evaluate the outcome/product against their own specifications for success. Students award a level that relates to the descriptors in criterion E in collaboration with their supervisor. Product and Report

10 Objective F Reflect on learning
Students should: • reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge and understanding of the topic and the focus area of interaction • reflect on how they have developed as a learner by completing the project Report

11 Objective G Report the project
Students should: • organize the project report according to the required structure • communicate clearly, coherently and concisely, within required limits • acknowledge sources according to recognized conventions. Report

12 Structure of the Written Work
A title page A table of contents An introduction A description of process An analysis of inspirations A conclusion A bibliography Appendices, diagrams, graphs

13 Title, table of content Introduction Body of the essay Description of process Analysis of inspiration Conclusion A bibliography Appendices, diagrams, graphs

14 Students should follow format using the following guidelines:
MLA format (consult for help) 12 point font double space 1 inch margins

15 Title Page Include all of the following information Title of project
Name Year Supervisor School

16 Table of Contents Set up your table of contents with all of the following headings and they corresponding page number. Introduction Page # Description of the Process A. Choice and Application of Techniques

17 Bibliography Appendices Conclusion Analysis Analysis of Research
1. Research about my product 2. Research about my AOI 3. Research for new ideas B. Analysis of Process and the Outcome 1. Achieving my goal Focusing on area of interaction Inspiration Planning Research Creation C. Evaluation of my product Page # Conclusion Bibliography Appendices

18 Introduction Goal of your PP
Describing an explicit focus of chosen AOI(s) Outline of how you intend to achieve the goal.

19 Make sure to answer all nine of these questions in your introduction.
Why did you choose this project? Where did the inspiration for your Personal Project come from? What was the goal of your Project? What did you hope to learn? How did you achieve your goal? What did you have to make/organize/present/design/create/produce/perform/write? Outline your plan for completing your Personal Project (list the steps and timeline) How did you intend to achieve your plan? What answers did you need to find? What was your Area of Interaction focus? Describe how it was relevant to your project.

20 Description of Process
Production steps The characteristic Aspect of components of work

21 Description of the Process (3 paragraphs minimum)
This is the section of your essay where you discuss what you did to make/organize/design/create your product. Outline all the steps you took to complete your product. Make sure to list all the steps. Step 1 What you did: Because: (repeat steps) Date: What was the best way to create your product? Why? Were there other ways you could have produced your product?

22 What changes did you make to your original design? Why?
What knowledge did you already have to help create your product? What new skills did you learn? How did you learn them? What assistance/mentoring did you receive? What materials did you use to make your project? How did your choice of techniques help you achieve your goal?

23 Analysis of Inspiration
An analysis of the inspiration, research and influences guiding the work, the findings and decisions made, the resulting product and the process in terms of the goal and its focus on the area(s) interactions chosen (if you have chosen to write an essay about a specific issue, the essay itself will form the main part of this analysis)

24 Analysis - Analysis of Research (3 paragraphs minimum)
Explain how your research affected the decisions you made in planning/creating your product to achieve your goal? Outline all the research you did to create your product. Make sure you list all your sources. Why did you choose to do this research? What did you learn from your research? Was it useful?

25 How did you change your original ideas?
How did your chosen Area of Interaction influence the direction of your research? How did the Area of Interaction connect to your project? What new perspectives did you research? What did you learn from these new perspectives? the creation of your product? What problems did you encounter making the product? How did you solve these problems?

26 Analysis of Process and Outcomes (3 paragraphs minimum)
Achieving your goal: Did you achieve your goal? Explain. How did you achieve your goal? Was your goal realistic? Focusing on an Area of Interaction: State the pages where you demonstrated an understanding of the AOI. Planning: How successful/unsuccessful was your planning stage? How did you solve any planning problems that emerge? Research: How successful/unsuccessful was your research stage? Explain. How did you solve your research problems? Creation: How successful/unsuccessful was

27 Evaluation of Product (1 paragraph minimum)
How successful was your product? Explain making reference to your goal. What would you change if you could do this project again? Why?

28 Conclusion A reflection of what is the impact of your project.
A new perspectives that occurred regarding your project. Sum up the points that have been covered in the essay. Should not contain any new information and should refer back to the topic/question being discussed.

29 Conclusion (3 paragraphs minimum)
Reflect on the ways in which you have fulfilled your initial goal? What did you learn by doing this project? What would you change? In attempting to achieve your goal, how did your understanding of the Area of Interaction deepen? What would you like to learn more about? Why has your project made you interested in these things? Explain why this was the best work you could do. What was the best part of your personal project?

30 Bibliography List all primary and secondary sources using MLA format

31 Appendix Appendices- Place material you have referred to in your personal report or could not include/was not appropriate to include in your personal report. Any creative writing, novels and essays that you produced should be included as well as drawings, storyboards or photographs. For each appendix, include a description that addresses the following questions: What is it showing? Where did you get it from? List the page/s you have referred to this appendix. What does the appendix explain/illustrate about your project?

32 Finalizing the report Organization of the written work
This criterion focuses on the presentation of the written work (including title page, contents page and page numbering, overall neatness, the appropriate use of graphs, diagrams and tables, where appropriate). It also assesses the internal structure and coherence of the work.

33 Assessment FORMATIVE - Feedback on the process development
- Journal & Logbook - Presentation & Exhibition SUMMATIVE - Assessed by supervisor - Assessed by one other teacher (Moderation) - Personal Project Assessment Criteria

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