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Report Writing for Business Students. Business School Report Writing Topics 1.Planning 2.Structure & Content 3.Style.

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1 Report Writing for Business Students

2 Business School Report Writing Topics 1.Planning 2.Structure & Content 3.Style

3 Business School 1. Planning A report is directed towards: Systematically answering a question or questions May involve recommendations but will certainly involve evaluating information and drawing conclusions

4 Business School The Report Writing Process 1.Identify your audience 2.Define your objective(s) 3.Organise your ideas, relating this to relevant theory And then structure your argument based on points 1 to 3

5 Business School Identify your Audience Who is your audience? In our case -your Seminar Leader This enables YOU to: Write persuasively Organise your thoughts

6 Business School 1.Structure & Content Critical success factors for communication The majority of your perceived ability comes from how you communicate This DOES NOT mean that you shouldnt research!! Research is a key ingredient

7 Business School Report Format 1.Title page 2.Abstract/Executive Summary 3.Table of contents 4.Introduction 5.Discussion 6.Conclusions 7.Recommendations 8.References 9.Appendices

8 Business School Covering Page Title Author's name Module Name & Number Seminar Leader Date of Submission

9 Business School Table of Contents Abstract/ Executive Summary Table of Contents 1. Introduction1 2. Discussion2 3. Conclusion3 4. Recommendations4 5. References5 Appendices

10 Business School Executive Summary Concise summary of the essential elements of the report Purpose Scope Main points Conclusions Recommendations (consult assessment requirements) Can be read on its own Short, only 10-15% of the length of the report (maximum ONE side)

11 Business School Introduction States the: Purpose and scope Main points Structure of the report

12 Business School Discussion Main body of the report State how it is organised up front Headings clearly identify the content Incorporates relevant theory Integrate theory with specific context related issues Well referenced Presented in an order that leads logically towards the conclusions and recommendations.

13 Business School Conclusions No new material introduced Follows logically from the Discussion Conclusions section should give: Key points NOT just another Executive Summary

14 Business School Recommendations Consult the assessment criteria as to whether recommendations are required Are suggestions for possible actions based on the discussion section of the report

15 Business School References The reference section lists all publications cited in the report Material not directly cited in the main text but is key to the development of the report should be listed directly after the reference section using the heading Other sources consulted

16 Business School Appendices Not usually part of the word count (check specific module requirements) Used to detail supporting material; This may include illustrations, charts, detailed analysis which supports your key arguments within the main body of the text.

17 Business School 3. Style Use headings and subheadings to signpost your work Illustrations, charts and so on where appropriate to highlight relevant points (these should be fully referenced) Blank line between paragraphs Left-justified or blocked Font, font size & margins-see individual module booklets

18 Business School Easy to Read Clear, concise language Short sentences Use examples where appropriate to illustrate argument

19 Business School Effective Paragraphs Place information where it will be seen: First and last paragraphs The start of the paragraph Keep paragraphs simple: Short paragraphs

20 Business School Time to Reflect You should initially spend time noting key ideas/ theory and their linkages Leave enough time so as to enable you to set the draft aside When coming back to this work: You should find that your ideas have fallen into place and that you can see the way ahead more clearly One draft is not enough. You should redraft your work to further organise your argument

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