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 2004 Proutist Universal Proutist Universal The Significance of Prout Training for Venezuela Dada Maheshvarananda.

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1  2004 Proutist Universal Proutist Universal The Significance of Prout Training for Venezuela Dada Maheshvarananda

2 Proutist Universal

3 Pres. Hugo Chavez’ Efforts to Alleviate Poverty

4 Proutist Universal Democratic Reforms Doubled investment in education and increased primary school enrollment by one million who were previously excluded. A new progressive constitution was ratified. Infant mortality lowered from 21 to 17 per 1,000 live births. Land reform, and titles awarded to self-built houses in slums 30,000 cooperatives were started.

5 Proutist Universal People take to the streets after the attempted coup in April 2002

6 Proutist Universal Soldiers awaiting the return of Chavez on 14 April 2002

7 Proutist Universal Opposition An opposition rally against Pres. Chavez on 27 February 2004. The major media reported that the demonstration was "peaceful", and "provoked" by government troops. (

8 Proutist Universal The Potential in Venezuela 1.Because of petroleum sales, the country has money and does not need to follow the dictates of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). 2.President Hugo Chavez has popular support of the majority of the people. 3.The President wants to eliminate poverty and corruption, and he wants to start more cooperatives. 4.The President and the majority of the people believe in the power of spirituality.

9 Proutist Universal A New Book

10 Proutist Universal "Dada Maheshvarananda and other citizens of the world are welcome … especially those that struggle and dream of a better world, just as it says in After Capitalism: Prout's Vision for a New World. " (Pres. Hugo Chávez on national TV).

11 Proutist Universal Ali Rodriguez, New Director of the National Petroleum Company (PDVSA) Former head of OPEC. Took charge of PDVSA when the directors went on strike to paralyze the country and overthrow the government. Saved the country millions in unnecessary salaries and corruption. Said: “The cemeteries of the world are filled with people who thought they were indispensable!”

12 Proutist Universal Prout Training Proutist Universal gave 3-days training to two groups of supervisors in telecommunications, planning and cooperatives departments in Venezuela. Called “Proutist Economic Development: Constructing a New Future for Venezuela”, it: – presented Prout principles; – planning tools; – examples of local initiatives that illustrate the principles; – discussion and practical exercises. Our success was due to Prout’s ‘invisible’ global support network.

13 Proutist Universal Topics of the Training 0.Significance of Prout Training in Venezuela 1.Introduction 2.Possible Futures for Venezuela 3.The Number One Problem: Poverty 4.Economics, Community and Ecology 5.People’s Economy 6.Economic Self-Sufficiency 7.Decentralised Economic Planning 8.People’s Economy and Eco-Design 9.Triple Bottom Line 10.Three-Tier Industry 11.Cooperatives 12.Housing Cooperatives 13.Agriculture 14.Balanced Economy 15.Different Forms of Currency 16.Trade 17.Prout’s Five Fundamental Principles 18.Resource Types: Physical, Mental, Spiritual 19.Psycho-Economic Exploitation 20.Middle Class and Psycho- Economics 21.Wholistic Human Development: Neo-Humanism 22.Ethics for Personal and Social Transformation 23.Six Hats Thinking 24.Ideal Leadership 25.Meditations

14 Proutist Universal Prout’s Message for Venezuela Become self-reliant in food and medicine as soon as possible through sustainable agriculture, agro- and agrico- industries. Strengthen and encourage the cooperative system with more training, accounting and inspections to increase employment. Petroleum sales are only a temporary source of income which should be used for education, job training and programs to alleviate poverty. Strive to balance the economy. Fight corruption relentlessly.

15 Proutist Universal Prout Research Institute in Venezuela Efforts are underway to open a permanent Prout Research Institute to: prepare reports and recommendations for each section of society; publish articles and papers in progressive journals; lecture about Prout; train others to propagate Prout. Volunteers are needed for this Institute.

16 Proutist Universal Prout Needs Quality Materials Proutist Universal must authentically communicate the spirit of total transformation that it promotes. We need: attractive leaflets, colorful signs, posters and banners, catchy slogans, quality T-shirts, adhesive bumper stickers, photos of Prout actions around the world, multimedia shows, paintings, inspiring songs, sample Prout lectures, systematic courses for beginners and advanced, position papers on global issues, magazines, books, and much more. Everyone can help!

17 Proutist Universal For More Information About Prout: Pro gressive U tilization T heory Email of Dada: Email of Michael:

18 Proutist Universal Think Globally Act Locally

19 Proutist Universal Children and youth learning together in the AMURT Community Center in Barlovento, Venezuela

20 Proutist Universal Teaching local youth how to use computers in the AMURT Center

21 Proutist Universal One of the girls volleyball teams at the AMURT Center

22 Proutist Universal Boys basketball team inspired by Michael Jordan’s letter to them AMURT: Tel. (58) 234-514-5663

23 Proutist Universal Volunteers at the Master Unit

24 Proutist Universal Proutists at London Peace Rally, 27 September 2003

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