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THE PATHWAY FROM PRISON Carey Ewing Reintegration Manager.

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1 THE PATHWAY FROM PRISON Carey Ewing Reintegration Manager


3 LESSON ONE – Getting someone out of prison is comparatively easy compared to keeping them out One of our clients reflects on this when he comments on the period before release “you need to know what you’re getting in to. You don’t get out and go; ‘hey man this isn’t for me’. Pathway laid it out at the beginning.” It was important for us to learn that: TOTAL REINTEGRATION STRATEGY (TRS)

4 Another quote from one of the men in the report reflects the value of this better than I can when he simply said; “they haven’t given up on me, and i’m not gonna give up on them.” This was another important lesson for us LESSON TWO – Relationship is key, it is the only meaningful tool we have to work with our men

5 LESSON THREE – to focus only on what we could do and do it very well. Instead of trying to meet all of the needs around you. DEVELOPMENT

6 YEAR FIVE YEAR FOUR YEAR THREE YEAR TWO Prayer Team Budgeting Service Mentor Programme Community Work Days x2 one bed flats are purchased to address the need for more housing 2 nd Social Worker Increased client load Health Service Whakaora RJ Service Bike Programme Funding for more accommodation Employment Programme supported by Corrections YEAR ONE Pre and post release support Drug and alcohol support Restorative Justice Employment with Oak Tree GROWTH



9 REFLECTIONS What was also encouraging was that of the 12 men interviewed all but one directly credited the support from Pathway with assisting in keeping them out of prison, some were unequivocal; “if I didn’t have their support, I would be in jail.” “I would still be going back to jail if they hadn’t have been there.” LESSON FOUR – Some things can work, but boy is it hard work! The lesson we took from the comments is that unlike the reports from the 1970’s into prisoner reintegration that implied nothing works

10 Another quote taken from the evaluation reflects this in action “Pathway support, they’re consistent with you. Even if you stuff up they are there. I find them really reliable, really loyal. They didn’t give up.” THEORETICAL BASE Disistance Theory Good Lives Model Motivational Interviewing

11 LESSON FIVE – It’s good to have an idea where you are heading and how you plan to get there, a framework to operate within. Especially on the days when it feels like it is all falling a p a r t

12 COLLABORATION LESSON SIX – Collaborations work best when they bring value to both parties

13 LESSON SEVEN – When someone gives up a life of crime, they often have given up a lot, long before they see many rewards for the changes….. so expect challenges, bad days and attempted shortcuts

14 “society and the community fear me and the criminal elment of the cominuite fear me and i hate both communities cas I have found them both as dishonest as each other bit ova the years i have made a few close friends and i mean a few 2 in jail doing life an 2 out here that i would die for an now ive got an x prison chaplin that i am honourd to class as a true freind an trust like i have not let myself trust before. so thank you for all u have done, I know i dont show it but im so thankfull i have had ur support and encouragement cas i know I would b in jail if it wasnt for u but even tho i have misbehaved out here, i have not wanted to let u if u dont stop sending me ur little bible quations im gona ring ur bloody ill let u away wth it u deserve that much. bet u didnt expect this on this nice day so keep the good work up cas its days like today when u get a tx from a hardened crimal that dosent like to show emotion that u know you r doing a good job so u have good day my brva.”


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