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Sending & Receiving Messages

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1 Sending & Receiving Messages
Communication Sending & Receiving Messages

2 Why is it Difficult to Listen to Listen to Others at Times?
Distractions are everywhere People may talk too long Disinterest in the conversation Thinking of what you’ll say next in response to the current speaker

3 How do you know someone is not interested in what you had to say
How do you know someone is not interested in what you had to say? What was their body language? They Avoid eye contact Lean away from the speaker Look distracted Do other things while the speaker is talking

4 Selective Listening Hearing what we want to hear

5 Effective Communication Skills “Listening Well & Sending Clear Messages:
Look at the speaker & pay attention to what he/she is saying Be respectful of differences of opinion - keep an open mind Acknowledge what the speaker is saying by nodding, eye contact, etc.. Ask questions if you don’t understand

6 Open Mind It is important to listen with an open mind!!
Be willing to listen, not judge & see others viewpoints…

7 Unclear Messages A person may receive an unclear message due to the following reasons: We are thinking of other things while speaking We may not provide enough detail We may not stick to the point Verbal & Non-Verbal behavior does not match We don’t pay attention to the listener

8 Sending Clear Messages
Make sure verbal & nonverbal messages match Speak clearly & stick to the point Be sure your message is received as you intend it to be

9 What is the Purpose of Effective Communication?
To Understand & be Understood, to learn and or share information & experiences!

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