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1 Stats SA Surveys UGU DISTRICT Prepared by: B.N. Mavundla & P.P. Nhlumayo 21 November 2013.

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1 1 Stats SA Surveys UGU DISTRICT Prepared by: B.N. Mavundla & P.P. Nhlumayo 21 November 2013

2 2 Outline 1.Stats SA background 2.Methodology 3.Stats SA projects

3 3 1. Background Stats SA is a governmental dept legally mandated by the Parliament, through the Statistics Act, 1999 (Act No. 6 of 1999), to collect, process, analyse and disseminate official statistics. Stats SA is placed in the planning department from the presidency. Information is needed by government and decision makers to inform policies, implementation of programmes and to report, monitor and evaluate progress to help build our country.

4 4 1.1 Confidentiality No unauthorized person can be furnished with this info as abide by Stats Act 6 of 1999 Section 16 – For respondents to participate in Stats SA projects Section 17 – Confidentiality clause for Stats SA and its employees even after termination of employment Section 18 – Penalty Clause of a fine for contravening the clause

5 5 2. Methodology All settlement types e.g. Tribal, Urban formal, Farms, Informal within 6 Local Municipalities under Ugu district are sampled to conduct various surveys Master Sample constituted from PSUs/Census EAs that are drawn from stratum Conducted process of listing where we list all structures within the Primary Sampling Unit e.g. private dwelling units, churches, schools, shops etc Sample dwelling units are drawn scientifically from sample PSUs and sample is a representative of all households in South Africa i.e. (You can’t drink the whole pot of soup to taste salt, its just a snap shot) Surveys are conducted through out the year. Due to scientific nature of the sample, we are obliged to visit only the statistically chosen dwelling units NOTE: NO SUBSTITUTION ALLOWED!!!

6 6 Forward logistics Publicity Data Collection Reverse Logistics Coordination Provincial Office Capturing Process Analyze Disseminate Archive 2.0 Phases of the project District level Head Office

7 7 3. Stats SA’s Projects currently running All surveys are household based: Domestic Tourism Survey (DTS) General Household Survey (GHS) Victims Of Crime (VOC) Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) Dwelling Frame

8 8 3.0 Other Stats SA projects Income and Expenditure Survey – IES Consumer Price Index – CPI Living Conditions Survey – LCS National Household Travel Survey – NHTS Community Survey – CS Census

9 9 3.1 Domestic Tourism Survey Objective of conducting DTS: To determine tourism expenditure, To determine the contribution of tourism to the economy of South Africa To improve the experience of those travelling in the country, and To compare South Africa tourism with other countries

10 10 3.2 General Household Survey Objective of conducting GHS: To measure the level, and quality of govt service delivery Access, use and level of satisfaction about provision of: Health and education services and facilities Electricity, water, sanitation, and refuse removal, Housing Social welfare services e.g. child support grant, old age pension and disability grant Transport

11 11 3.3 Victims of crime Objective of conducting VOCS: Collects data to establish the prevalence of particular kinds of crime within a certain population The survey will provide information regarding crime from the victim’s perspective, Public perceptions of the activities of the police, prosecutors, courts and correctional services, and Provides complementary data levels of crime in SA in addition to statistics published by SAPS (South African Police Service)

12 12 Are you a victim? Have you reported your case?

13 13 3.4 Quarter Labour Force Survey Objective of conducting QLFS: It is primary used to determine the unemployment rate Collects information quarterly of individuals who are employed, Those who are unemployed and still looking for work Those who are not economically active Those who are able to make a living without being employed NB: Results are released every quarter

14 14 3.5 Dwelling Frame Objective of conducting DF: Partnering with SAPO in assigning addresses to all structures in the rural areas Allocating GPS points to all numbered structures in rural areas using geo-referencing To form an address database of all structures in rural areas which can be accessed by all government department who operate within such areas which is frequently updated To update the place names

15 15 Stakeholders/Users Stats SA’s officials Govt dept, NGO, Private business, Public in general

16 16 For more information Stats Online Stats SA publications District Office: Sub 142 Commonage, Marburg 039 685 7244


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