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Scaffolds to Success: TRiO Learning Communities for Underprepared Students Yakima Valley Community College Kerrie Abb, Dean of Arts and Sciences Marc Coomer,

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1 Scaffolds to Success: TRiO Learning Communities for Underprepared Students Yakima Valley Community College Kerrie Abb, Dean of Arts and Sciences Marc Coomer, Asst Dean for Student Support Wilma Dulin, SD Instructor/Faculty Director OIE Gordon Koestler, English Instructor

2 YVCC’s Student Population About 11,000 students a year for 4400 FTE 60% students of color 2/3 female 2/3 transfer/workforce students (~6,500) – 95% required to take at least one dev. ed. course – 85% must take two or more dev. ed. courses – 85% report being first generation* – 57% receive Pell grants* – 3% identify as having disabilities* *these are optional reporting items, so % reflect of those who provide this data

3 YVCC’s SSS Target Population First Generation AND Low Income AND Under-prepared in both English and Math May have disabilities Each Fall Quarter, this is about 170 of the 550 incoming first time college student cohort - about 30% SSS serves about 75 new, incoming students each year - 40% of so of eligible

4 Elements of the SSS program for incoming students Proactive recruitment Relationship- Focused Orientation Guided First Year Schedule Academic Support

5 Proactive Recruitment Role of OIE/Registrar Both 1 st gen & low $ Enrollment Services Identifying potential students Letters Personal calls Orientation invitation Personal Contact

6 Relationship-Focused Orientation Run by TRiO Faculty, Staff, and Students Small groups & introductions College information & Tours Advising & Early Registration Book loans Financial aid support Welcome Event

7 Guided First Year Schedule Fall Quarter ENGL 095 + SD 075 Math Winter Quarter ENGL& 101 + CMST& 220 Math Spring Quarter ENGL 102 choice Math

8 Why Learning Communities? Collaboration Integrate Knowledge and Skills Relationship building Learner and Learning Centered

9 Integrated Focus on Critical Thinking Critical thinking about Self Academic skills College readiness Using a recursive teaching style that has students Reflecting Responding Reviewing Revising

10 Key Content Becoming a Critical Thinker! Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What education is needed to do this? How will I pay for this education? Am I college-ready?

11 Common Elements All instructors are academic advisors for SSS Use common texts and, whenever possible, open source materials Collaborative learning and team assignments Study skills integrated in the classroom Weekly seminars

12 Example: How to Seminar Lesson Think and Brainstorm: Quality discussions Set up note taking for video Show Video Compare notes Add to brainstorm Share rubric Assign seminar topic Seminar

13 Integrated Assignment: Career Presentations & Essays SD 075 Assignments Identify personal attributes Research chosen career – WOIS + 3 resources – Career interviews Create a presentation outline Create a poster Participate in a “poster session” English 095 Assignments Summarize and respond to assessment results Create a works cited page in MLA style for resources Utilize word processing software Write an essay on their career choice, integrating at least four resources, interviews, and personal assessments

14 Integrated Assignment Example:

15 Additional Support provided by TRiO SSS Math support groups Financial workshops Cultural events & Campus visits Student club Book loans Scholarship opportunities Online Canvas TRiO Toolkit

16 How do we know this is working? We use a matched-cohort protocol for analyzing quantitative outcomes – All students in the cohorts are 1 st gen, low-income and enrolled in English 095 Fall Quarter – SSS Cohort enrolled in the learning communities – SSS eligible enrolled in ENGL 095 but not in LC We use pre-/post efficacy surveys, focus groups, and student interviews for gathering qualitative data

17 2010-2012 three-year averages Success MeasureMatched Cohort TRiO SSS Cohort Difference Completion of Developmental English78%97%+19% First quarter enrollment in math70%87%+17% First quarter retention76%94%+18% Continuous enrollment in math43%69%+26% Successful completion of English 101 in first year 36%58%+22% Reenrollment in a second year (fall 2010 & 2011 cohorts only) 63%81%+18%

18 SAI Points per student and Highest Momentum Earned Momentum PointsMatchedSSSDifference Points per Student2.903.01+.11 No Momentum8%0%-8% College Ready (English or Math)28%41%+13% 15 college Level Credits29%40%+11% 30 College Level Credits21%9%-12% Quantitative Point13%10%-2% Tipping Point<1%0%=

19 Qualitative Data College and English Efficacy Surveys: Statistically significant increases Focus groups: SGID model; ATD coaches Interviews with students: TRiO staff Bottom line: Students think this works!

20 Data shows us this program works! Higher course completion rates Higher retention rates More persistence in Math Developmental work before college-level work Strong student support

21 Collaborations are integral Arts and Sciences Division Funding – Identifying faculty – Scheduling – courses, rooms, computer labs – Writing and Math Center Student Services – Admissions and Registration – Financial Aid – Counseling, Advising and Disability Support Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE)

22 What would it take to take this to scale? Currently serving about 25% of eligible Increase the number of sections from the current two to eight Train English instructors to integrate the SD content into existing English courses and/or teach the SD course Add counselors to teach the SD course Guarantee students an annual schedule of sequenced courses to help us plan

23 To recap… Data demonstrates effectiveness Higher course taking and completionMore momentum We focus on first year students Learning Communities with EnglishMath Sequences We changed our recruitment procedures ProactivePre-college Orientation

24 To contact us… Kerrie 509-574-4871 Marc Coomer 509-574-4960 Wilma 509-574-6832 Gordon 509-574-4828

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