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SIMIREL Relays for every application

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1 SIMIREL Relays for every application
For internal use only

2 SIMIREL: - Relays for every application
3RS10/11 Temperature monitoring relays 7PV Plug-in time relays Overview 3RP1 Time relays 3TX70 Interfaces 3TG10 Power Relays 3TX71 Plug-in relays 3UG3 Monitoring relays for electrical and non electrical Size 3RN1 Thermistor motor protection 3RS17 Interface converters

3 What does SIMIREL stand for?
SIMIREL: Siemens Monitoring Interface Relays Contactor- or Relays logic Control Technology Timers Monitoring Technology AC 3 x 480 V <> °C 1-3 PT100 < > PTC U I, cos phi °C or °F 1 or 3~ Application Interface Technology Analog Digital 0-10 V 0/4-20 mA Inputs Outputs

4 Market-Situation Germany
SIMIREL: Product- Features like: SIEMENS CD CC: Portfolio like: Dold Schleicher BTR Hiquel Entrelec Schiele (ABB) Tele Steuertechnik Pilz Crouzet (Schneider) (Timers) Control- Techn. Schneider ABB Competence CD CC - Strategy Market share Germany Moeller Monitoring Technology Weidmüller Finder Phoenix Interface Technology Interface- AS - CD Level SIEMENS A&D CD CC SIMIREL Example Thermistor-Motor protection: of approx visited customers need Thermistor-Motor protection, but only 6 of them are buying this device form Siemens.

5 Checklist: Where is Simirel found? Who are the competitors?
Control Technology Interface Technology - timers (e.g. for Star - Delta) Competitors: Crouzet /Schneider Schleicher Entrelec-Sch./ABB Tele-Steuergeräte Rockwell Pilz ... - Analog converter - Interface relays - Plug-In Relays - Power relays Competitors: Rockwell Phoenix Weidmüller Finder Omron ... Competitor Monitoring Technology Competitor: Crouzet/Schneider Schleicher Entrelec-Sch./ABB - Voltage - Phase - Current - Cos phi - Speed - Level - Temperature - Thermistor- motor protect. Tele-Steuergeräte Rockwell Pilz ...

6 Timers 3RP1/ 7PV Product Family Strength / Weaknesses Use
15 Time ranges 1 CO or 2 CO 8 or 16 functions different or wide voltage range OFF delay wye-delta Clock-pulse ON delay Multi-function 1-15 Time ranges 1-2 CO or 1NO or 1 semic. 1-7 Time ranges 1 CO or 2 CO with or without auxiliary voltage 1 NO and 1 NO delayed 50 ms dead interval variant with idling time separate settings for pulse and clock 1 CO different voltages Product Family Strength / Weaknesses For Front panel or DIN Rail Mounting With Screw- Connection or Spring loaded Terminal No special types for added features No connection for remote- potentiometer Use - For On- Delay (80%) - very short times (15ms) - Wye/Delta - For simple machines

7 Temperature monitoring relays 3RS10/11
Analog product Digital Devices according to DIN 3440 Digital products up to 3 Resistor-Sensors For easy closed circuit controls or monitoring open / closed circuit princ. Over/under/ or window-function For motor-monitoring with PT100/1000, KTY83/84 or NTC New Product Family Strength / Weaknesses very easy use 3RS1041 for up to 3 sensors in 45mm housing Certification as “Temperature monitor”, DIN3440 Screw- and spring loaded terminal no certification as “limiter”, DIN 3440 no analog output and front panel mounting Use - for easy controls - for Monitoring from heat generation plants

8 Thermistor-motor protection 3RN1
Low-Cost 6 Sensors 2 Sensors Standard products terminal A1 is internal connected with common of the changeover contact variances with - no voltage protection - short circ. and sensor brake detection - protective separation For ”warning and switch off” For up to 6 motors with one relay Product Family Strength / Weaknesses Screw- und spring loaded terminal compact device with internal connected common terminal label as monitoring relay and as motor protection relay variances with 1no +1nc, 2co order 2co gold plated no special variance for transformer protection Use - frequent switch or brake - restricted cooling or high enviroment temperature

9 3RN1 Thermistor Devices, the “Airbag” for the Motor
1. The 24V DC devices have been re-designed for 24V AC/DC 2. New versions with 2W or 2W hard gold-plated contacts for 3RN1010, 3RN1011* and 3RN1012* (*with short-circuit detection) 3. Modified terminal labeling Labeling for “Overload protection devices” Old New Product Family Function number Classification No. Labeling for “Relays” Function number Classification No.

10 All of the advantages of the 3RN1 Thermistor Motor Protection Device
Monitoring relays Thermistor motor protection

11 For electrical signals For non electrical siganls
Monitoring Relays 3UG3 For electrical signals For non electrical siganls 0,2 0,4 0,6 0,8 1 1,2 1,4 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 M [Nm] I Cos j 2 point level control from conductive liquidts underspeed- monitoring Phase -loss -sequence -asymmetric Voltage - one phase - three phase current Cos j Isolation Product Family Strength / Weaknesses More functions products are state-of-the-art no spring loaded terminal Use - fault monitoring - symptoms of wear - net-problems - liquid level monitoring o

12 Complete Line supply Monitoring: Voltage, Phase failure, Sequence and Assymmetry
Monitoring relays Electrical quantities

13 A Comparison between current and Cos j (to Monitor the Motor Load)
Monitors motor no-load operation Monitors loads in the lower power range Extremely simple line supply compensation ) Current (single-phase) Monitors motor loads Monitors loads for functionality including wiring Monitors a phase for over or undercurrent, e.g. load shedding when an overload condition occurs As analog threshold value switch for 0/4-20 mA Product Family 1,4 1LA7166-4AA60-Z 15kW / 98.5Nm 1,2 cos phi 1,0 current 0,8 0,6 Mn = 98.5Nm 0,4 0,2 M [Nm] 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170

14 Current and Cos-phi: Dependent on the Motor Load
Monitoring relays Electrical quantities

15 3TX70 Interface Elements: Relay or Semiconductor?
Advantages of relays Advantages of semiconductors No residual voltage Isolating gap when de-energized Output interface is more favorably priced Unlimited lifetime High DC switching capability Highest contact reliability No welding for capacitive loads Mostly short-circuit proof High Probability of failure Mechanical parts start to wear Product Family Probability that electronic components will fail Medium Low Lifetime Recommend semiconductors for: Input interfaces High number of operating cycles High loads Capacitive loads DC loads Highest quality requirements

16 3RS17 Analog Interface Converter
Analog interface converters are used in conjunction with a PLC: Converting analog signals Electrically isolating analog signals Converting non- normalized signals into normalized signa Converting analog signals into frequency signals Overvoltage, EMC short-circuit protection NEW Product Family

17 Typical Applications Some PLC applications use analog I/O and may require an interface converter Converter Sensor, e.g. Sonar Bero mA V Analog PLC input V V Product Family mA Hz Approx. 5 % of all analog input signals have a converter to convert from: Voltage to voltage Voltage to frequency Voltage to current Current to current Current to voltage Current to frequency

18 Converters for Standard Interfaces
Individual interfaces Inputs / outputs which can be changed-over Passive disconnectors- individual interfaces 24 V AC/DC supply voltage, electrically isolated, 2 way Input: 0/ mA V Output: 24 V AC/DC,electr. isolated, 2 way V AC/DC,electr.isolated, 3 way Input: / mA V Output: 0/ mA kHz Electrically isolated, 2 way Input: 0/ mA Output: Product Family Frequency: Hz Hz kHz V

19 Converting non-normalized Signals into normalized Signals
Universal converter 24 V AC/DC, 2-way isolation 24 V AC/DC, 3-way isolation V AC/DC, 3-way isolation Input 0...60mV 0..100mV mV mV 0...1V 0...2V 0...5V 0...10V 0...20V 2...10V 0...10mA 4...20mA +-5mA +-20mA Output 0/ mA V Product Family

20 Promotional Material

21 Demonstrations Available

22 Temperature Monitoring
DC 24V 3RS1040-2GW50 PT100 DC 0V

23 Interface Converter 3RS1725-1FD00 DC 0-24V mA DC 0V DC 0V DC 24V DC 0V

24 SIMIREL: - Relays for every application
3RS10/11 Temperature monitoring relays 7PV Plug-in time relays Overview 3RP1 Time relays 3TX70 Interfaces 3TG10 Power Relays 3TX71 Plug-in relays 3UG3 Monitoring relays for electrical and non electrical Size 3RN1 Thermistor motor protection 3RS17 Interface converters

25 SIMIREL Relays for every application
For internal use only

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