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VitalQIP® DNS/DHCP and IP Management Software

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1 VitalQIP® DNS/DHCP and IP Management Software
Alcatel-Lucent PowerPoint Design Guidelines When necessary Portfolio/Program Name can wrap to a second or third line to maintain consistent typographic spec For title slide only, a 5% gray background has been added General specifications Page Setup set to “On Screen” format Update footer to include appropriate “Portfolio/Program Name” Ensure that only one font “Trebuchet” is used throughout. Following pages provide font sizes for text and graphic pages. Ensure all text boxes sit in proper location. Sometimes the automatic PowerPoint settings are not exact Titles on slides, Agenda and Division pages use “Title Case” Text is set predominantly with regular weight. Bold Trebuchet is used to highlight key words or phases When a slide has more text than comfortable fits on the page using standard font sizes, treat this instance as an exemption and reduce the font size of the entire block until it fits For graphic only slides, use as much of the object area as possible to enhance legibility and emphasis Slides with multiple logos should be adjusted so all logos appear visually equal in size and weight Please remove any tinted or light color backgrounds from slides other than Agenda and Division slides Market-Leading IP Address Management Software Enhances Profitability and Productivity

2 Market Trends & Why IPAM is Important Product Overview
Agenda Market Trends & Why IPAM is Important Product Overview Selling the Product ROI & Case Study Competition Future Directions Product Pricing Additional Resources Agenda Pages This page allows for the listing of the sections within a presentation.

3 1 Market Trends & Why IPAM Is Important Divider Section Break Pages
Title block set 28/32pt Trebuchet white, flush left with text box positioned at, Horizontal 1.87” and Vertical 2.87” This slide is to be used to create Section Divider slides Please copy, paste and modify this slide to reflect your specific needs. It is not generated from a Master slide template

4 IPAM Marketplace Dynamics
“IPAM solutions greatly simplify not only the management and accuracy of network records, but they also simplify their provisioning as organizations grow, merge together, and look to deploy these next-generation network applications.” The Burton Group Worldwide IPAM Revenue, Worldwide 2006 IPAM Market Share As more end users and end user equipments are deployed, enterprises will require more efficient IP address management, at the same time, enterprises’ increasing adoption of VPN, mobility, and other IP services will further the need for IP addresses to be effectively managed. In addition, government and regulatory agencies now require auditing of IP address usage. All these combined with the increased deployment of broadband services will cause a sharp increase in IP address demand and management capability. Based on a recent IDC study, IP address management software worldwide revenue is projected to grow to US$170M by And Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP solution has been THE market leader for the past 5 years running. VitalQIP -- #1 in Market Share for 7 Years Running Source: Worldwide Network Configuration Management , IDC

5 IP Network Trends Converging communications and IP
Everything over IP (e.g., VoIP) 3G/Mobile Data Protecting the network More vulnerabilities and threats Expanded role for IP address management Increasing productivity Improve ROI Manage a mission-critical resource Leveraging new business models Managed services and centralized management Micro-sites Emerging IP-based technologies for competitive advantage IPv6 ENUM Clearly there is a major movement to IP networks for convergence of current and future applications such as VOIP, Mobile, High speed network access, etc.  With the increased dependence on the network to provide these services, network management and control become increasingly important.  VitalQIP is invaluable to helping to deploy these initiatives as well as position the network for future growth and applications such as IPv6 and ENUM

6 Key IP Management Challenges
Maintain consistent, accurate IP name and address inventory Provide high availability for clients/subscribers Manage diverse DHCP/DNS infrastructure, including Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 support Support scalable IP management architecture Control operating expenses through automation Provide high performance access for clients/subscribers Control system access through a secure infrastructure Evolve with new technology – VoIP, ENUM, RFID, IPv6, etc. Some of the key IP management challenges facing enterprises today are: The need to maintain consistent, accurate IP name and address inventory while providing high availability and high performance access for clients/subscribers The ability to manage diverse DHCP/DNS infrastructure, including Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 support Deploy a solution that can scale and grow with the business while controlling operating expenses All these need to be done in a secure environment and can be easily evolved to support new technologies, such as VoIP, ENUM, RFID, IPv6, etc. Over the next few slides we’re going to introduce the VitalQIP solution and review two primary IP Address Services: Domain Name Service or DNS, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP.

7 The Importance of Address Management
What is IP Management? Configuring network nodes with IP address, mask, gateway, etc. Monitoring address usage to ensure efficient deployment Configuring DNS servers with each node’s name and IP address Why is It Needed? If hosts can’t get an IP address via DHCP or resolve host names via DNS, they can’t communicate! Manual tracking of IP names and addresses is cumbersome and error- prone even for moderately sized networks Home-grown or freeware solutions lack support Number of IP hosts continuing 3 million/month growth rate The need to effectively utilize IP space in the face of growing demand requires software to automate processes and reduce errors. Just as VoIP and WLAN have come into today's enterprises, RFID, telematics, IPTV, and similar technologies are rapidly emerging. New concepts, such as on-demand computing, are also bringing changes to IT architectures and resources. IP Addressing impacts the use of landline VoIP telephones, PDAs, WiFi laptops, RFID scanners, any mobility data device, as well as cell phones, security sensors and appliances connected to monitor from the Internet, “follow-me” services and other SIP/IMS endpoints. It is the single critical element in the IP network that must be “always-on”. An automated IP management software like VitalQIP's role as a core resource manager can map to these new requirements. Additionally, the need for improved record keeping, whether for regulatory compliance or enhanced automation, appears to be the sure path into the future. With VitalQIP, which is built with a high degree of scalability, IT managers can drive new and complex policies for business-aware service management. IPAM/DNS/DHCP is the single critical element in the IP network that must be "always on." -IDC

8 2 Product Overview Divider Section Break Pages
Title block set 28/32pt Trebuchet white, flush left with text box positioned at, Horizontal 1.87” and Vertical 2.87” This slide is to be used to create Section Divider slides Please copy, paste and modify this slide to reflect your specific needs. It is not generated from a Master slide template

9 VitalQIP® - Award Winning Software
Leading Market share in segment — IDC, Giga Leading DHCP server performance — Exodus Labs Numerous recognition awards including Network World Blue Ribbon Network Testing Labs World Class Award Network World Clear Choice Award SC Magazine 2006 Awards Finalists Best Integrated Security Software Best Enterprise Security Solution VitalQIP® IP Address Management Unmatched DNS/DHCP functionality Proven, high performing, speed & scalability Easy-to-navigate GUI Continues to evolve with new technology – VoIP, ENUM, IPv6, Mobile HSD, IP Video Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP was the first IP address management system and it was designed for Fortune 500 companies on an open systems philosophy. VitalQIP is currently the leading IP infrastructure management solution with over 900 customers world-wide, including Global 1000 companies and top Service Providers around the world. This innovative system has received numerous honors and awards, including the recent Network World Clear Choice Award. VitalQIP is consistently rated a best-in-class IP Address Management solution by industry analysts and market research firms, including the Number One Market Share designation by IDC VitalQIP® IP Address Management’s performance has also been independently certified for: Unmatched range of DNS/DHCP functions Proven, high performing, speed & scalability Easy-to-navigate GUI Continues to evolve with new technology – VoIP, ENUM, RFID, IPv6, Mobile HSD, IP Video Market Leading Network and Service Management Software Enhances Profitability and Productivity

10 VitalQIP® IP Address Management Solution
This is a graphical architecture representation of VitalQIP. With this high availability architecture, VitalQIP minimizes downtime of critical IP services and maximizes user satisfaction. Its multi-vendor, multi-platform compatibility provides investment protection and cost-effective growth. VitalQIP also has the industry's highest performance DHCP and DNS servers, enables rapid IP address assignment for the delivery of robust IP services. It is designed to scale for the growing business, manage millions of IP addresses with one readily extensible solution. The flexible administration allows local or remote administrators to streamline management of IP names, addresses and distributed DHCP/DNS services to help reduce operating expenses. The Add-on modules extend the VitalQIP® offer with optional pre-integrated modules to suit your specific needs. VitalQIP enables multiple levels of administration and a distributed administration infrastructure. Administrators may use a graphical client, command line interface, or web client to manage VitalQIP data. IP addresses may be monitored for usage, security, and billing purposes. The valuable functions of multiple add-ons can be integrated into the VitalQIP product to provide additional capabilities

11 Flexibility and Scalability
Manage Existing Infrastructure Manage the Migration to New Platforms Cross-Platform Multi-Vendor Support Deploy Appliances Where Needed Most enterprise customers today are running something that supports DNS and DHCP in their environments, but in many cases these solutions are problems and are not being managed in a centralized fashion. One of the most powerful things about VitalQIP is that it doesn’t have to necessarily displace these existing environments. It can compliment it by integrating and managing existing infrastructure and platforms. As you can see from this slide VitalQIP today supports the integrations of multiple appliances, BIND based DNS and Microsoft based systems. The Alcatel-Lucent DNS and The Alactel-Lucent DHCP Services do have advantages over the alternatives, but VitalQIP gives the customer the flexibility to use the systems of choice whether it be in the short term or long term with a mixed environment.

12 The VitalQIP® Response to Trends
Explosion of IP devices on the network Securing the network Lower Total Cost of Ownership New Business Models Support of Sarbanes-Oxley Adoption of IPv6 Response Automated configuration of different device types Enhanced registration management Advanced client compliance validation Security integration, e.g., Endforce Support for SSL, DNSSEC, GSS-TSIG Ubiquitous Web UI Integrated feature packs Greater IPAM flexibility (flexible modeling of the operational environment, Web UI) Expanded reports and reporting More flexible and granular administrative control Integrated IPv4 and IPv6 management VitalQIP is constantly evolving to better respond to market trends. Some examples are QIP’s automated device configuration for the explosion of IP devices in the network; with QIP’s enhanced registration management, client compliance validation, support for various security protocols, customers can ensure the security of their network.

13 The Importance of Name Services (DNS)
Name Services is analogous to telephone directories In order to communicate via the telephone, the caller must know the telephone number of the person they are calling A telephone directory or telephone book provides a lookup between a name and their respective telephone number Imagine trying to navigate the web by using the IP address (

14 The Need for DHCP DHCP enables networks to auto-assign IP addresses and configure client network communications DHCP makes efficient use of IP networks by leasing addresses for specific periods of time allowing the re-use of IP space as needed Enables mobile users to easily change IP networks as they freely move about Enables enterprise to quickly change configurations without the additional cost of modifying each device manually Is standards based and readily available on most hardware/software platforms DHCP Basic Concepts DHCP is a protocol that is built into IP host stacks and specialized servers that automates the distribution of IP addresses and configuration parameters. It is important to keep in mind that the IP Architecture and Protocols were initially designed to have participating workstations manually configured with their IP addresses and parameters. Over time, much of IP has matured and been enhanced. Basic IP address assignment, however, continues to be an administrative intensive process for most organizations. Two protocols, first the Bootstrap (or BootP) protocol and later the DHCP protocol, were developed to centralize the administration of IP addresses and parameters for large numbers of distributed IP hosts. However, it does not really improve the overall manual process of IP address administration. Within this context, you must realize that address and configuration assignment by way of Bootp and DHCP is primitive when compared with other more robust self-registering protocols like IPX and AppleTalk. Therefore, understanding DHCP better can provide insight into the overall IP configuration process and help in problem solving and troubleshooting IP networks.

15 VitalQIP® Key Features
Full IP Management Software Holistic IP Network View Manage DNS domains, DHCP scopes, IP networks, subnets and objects Manage IP network and DHCP scope utilization Market Proven Scalability Millions of IP addresses Hundreds of thousands of domains Industry Leading Performance Highest Performing DHCP Server Exodus Labs certified Security Administrator access security Secure configuration pushes Secure DNS updates High Availability DHCP Failover, DNS master/slaves Extend Management Capabilities Audit Manager, Services Manager, SNMP Module, Network Allocator, Usage Billing Interface, API Toolkit, AutoDiscovery, Workflow Manager, Registration Manager, ENUM, DHCP Rules Manager Windows 2000®/ Windows 2003® Support Continuing support of Microsoft W2K DNS/DHCP Servers Active directory support integration Usability Simplifies creation and tracking of DNS and DHCP information Variety of GUIs simplifies information entry and formatting At the beginning of this lesson, we discussed the general challenges for IPAM. VitalQIP provides a solution for each one: Centrally manages entire IP inventory Reliably scales to support millions of IP addresses Automates critical IP name and address services Enhances administrator effectiveness and user satisfaction Continues to evolve with new technology – VoIP, ENUM, RFID, IPv6, Mobile HSD, IP Video Controls system access through a secure infrastructure Provides high availability and high performance access for clients/subscribers Built with standards based technology that enables you to work within your existing infrastructure and support future needs Support scalable IP management architecture

16 3 Selling the VitalQIP® Offer
This lesson explores topics to assist business partners in selling VitalQIP.

17 Enterprises from Many Verticals Secure their Businesses with VitalQIP
Health Care Bristol Myers Squibb Warner Lambert Pfizer Eli Lilly Johnson & Johnson Wyeth Merck and Co. Finance Citigroup JP Morgan Nationwide Ins State Farm Ins Prudential Bank of America Mellon Financial Government US Air Force US Army USDA US INS FAA Dept of Energy Dept of Transportation Telecom British Telecom Verizon Sprint AT&T Cingular Cable and Wireless T-Mobile Comcast Manufacturing and Services General Motors Ford Home Depot Warner Broadcasting Coca-Cola Technology 3 Com AMD IBM Motorola Oracle Veritas The VitalQIP solution has been and continues to be successful in many verticals in the market today for the last 10+ years. Alcatel-Lucent has the ability to offer customers not only the market leading IPAM solution but also expertise in network architectures and deployment across each of these verticals to make the overall solution in the customer environments fits their needs. Companies ranging from Citigroup to Home Depot to Cingular and even the US Army trust the VitalQIP product manage their communication requirements. All enterprises that have at least 1000 IP devices to manage (PC’s, servers, routers, switches, printers, …) Sweet spot = devices and above Any market segment: Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution/retail, Transport, Telecoms, … Hot leads are those companies that have to reduce IT costs, are dealing with mergers and moves, or need to decrease risk or increase security of their IP network Many Enterprises still do not have a commercial solution like VitalQIP in place ! Recent Wins

18 Understand Your Customers’ Pain Points
Current solution is Implemented as point solutions turn up of services, distribution of IP Addresses is time-consuming and slow The lack of a centralized repository, and integration of services, results in duplication of data between services (e.g. DNS, Host Files) and can delay the ability to address client requests DNS and DHCP services are typically managed “independently” of each other with minimal integration Ensuring data-integrity and validation of IP address data Redundancy of DHCP services is non-existent in some vendor implementations Convergence of Voice and Data networks In most environments, companies are using today to manage, administer and track IP Address and DNS Services. But even these customers that are operating today have pain points that eventually will become overwhelming and risky to grow in to the future. Point Solutions in the long run will never be able to scale and managed in the long term. No centralized repository of addresses and services is costly – duplication, unrecovered addresses and delays all create major impacts. Other pain points include overall data integritiy, scalability and stability of DNS and DHCP and having a holistic view in to this moving forward.

19 Successful Selling – VitalQIP® IP Address Management
Talk to IT manager to understand how many people are working on IP address management Demonstrate technical product capabilities to IT manager and IP address management specialist Key arguments to close the deal fast: Short ROI (confirmed by customers & IDC) Most robust, secure and highest performing solution in the market Used by over 1000 customers worldwide – over 400 in Europe Supports IPv4 and IPv6 today Compatible with appliances

20 VitalQIP® IPAM Selling – Positioning Questions
How many IP addresses do you need to manage? Subscribers / clients Network nodes / servers Switches / routers Desktops / laptops Cell phones / PDA’s How do you currently manage? Availability Security Scalability, Growth Speed of configuration Accuracy What are you using today – BIND, Microsoft DNS / DHCP How much does it cost? It is often difficult for companies to identify how many IP addresses are being managed. An administrator will often respond with the appropriate number of registered networks which is a rough indicator of the total number of addresses that can be used. IP addresses are required by a variety of hosts including network gear (such as switches and routers), hosts (such as servers, desktops, laptops, cell phones, and PDAs), and external customers. If there is uncertainty regarding how many systems or services are deployed, it is also unlikely that administrators are aware of the availability and security of all of the services. Administrators of poorly designed networks cannot quickly grow or scale the network to support changes in user populations. A lack of management tools also requires more time to configure network services and accuracy of the information will be questionable.

21 Prepare for Customer Questions
Why should I pay for VitalQIP® when DNS and DHCP are free? VitalQIP is an IP address management system that bundles DNS and DHCP at no extra charge. Moreover, VitalQIP gives you the ability to centrally manage and configure all of the DNS and DHCP servers in your environment from a centralized management platform. Why do I need VitalQIP® when I have W2K or other Microsoft tools? VitalQIP is a complimentary product to W2K and other tools, *NOT* a competitor. VitalQIP offers an impressive amount of integration with W2K and provides the ability to see and manage your IP networks and mission- critical applications. DNS and DHCP are services available either from the operating system vendor or available for download from the Internet. While these services are free, they often require specialized expertise to install and manage. VitalQIP is an IP address management tool that provides DNS and DHCP at no additional charge while allowing the services to be fully integrated. VitalQIP is not a competitor to Microsoft’s Windows 2000 DNS and DHCP services. VitalQIP can be used to centrally manage all DNS and DHCP information and allows the integration of Microsoft’s services with the VitalQIP database. VitalQIP provides a single interface to view all IP networks and mission-critical applications.

22 4 ROI and Case Study This lesson explores topics to assist business partners in selling VitalQIP.

23 Reasons for Implementing VitalQIP
Study Determining the ROI of Automated VitalQIP® DNS/DHCP and IP Address Management Software Reasons for Implementing VitalQIP Savings Breakdown ROI Study Results Normalized for Company Size As you can see from this graphic, respondents to a recent IDC survey reported these primary reasons for choosing VitalQIP to meet their IPAM requirements: Centralized Control Better Management Automation Standardization Mobility Support This IDC survey pie chart represents the significant IT and user productivity savings from deploying VitalQIP. Over three years, the average total quantifiable savings the interviewed companies enjoyed from deploying VitalQIP was more than $50K per 100 users. The largest area of benefit was in user productivity (61%), but substantial gains were also made in cost savings and IT staff productivity. VitalQIP accelerates return on investment by: Increasing IT Staff Productivity Provisioning New Services Quickly Minimizing Network Vulnerabilities Increasing End User Productivity Reducing Network Expenses On average, the companies realized an ROI of 930%, which means they recovered their investment in an average of days, after which the savings continued to accumulate. Customers deploying VitalQIP® IP solutions in place of manual IP name and address management typically save from two to four dollars per IP address per year. Here’s a couple of quotes from VitalQIP customers surveyed: "We’re probably saving between 10 and 20 people. And we’ve eliminated a lot of busy work, so people have time for security or IT infrastructure initiatives." "We wanted to look at the redundant DNS servers, so we scanned the network and found that we had about 600 servers, and all we needed was 312. So we shut down almost 300 servers or used them for something else.”

24 International Multi-Channel Food-Provider
Ahold’s Goal To centrally manage all of its IP resources on its multi-platform, heterogeneous network serving 6 US supermarket chains and its central office To reduce the amount of time and resources required to make IP changes Solution VitalQIP® software Results Nearly $8 million in cumulative 5-year net benefits 1774% annual ROI 1 month payback period “VitalQIP® makes our data more available and timely. We’re able to put our applications in more quickly, and it frees up our administrators to work on other important tasks.” BENNY MAYNARD MANAGER, AHOLD ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT TEAM

25 5 Competition This lesson explores topics to assist business partners in selling VitalQIP.

26 Major VitalQIP Competitors
BT-INS (Diamond IP) Infoblox BlueCat Networks Cisco Network Registrar (CNR) Nortel Networks NetID Nominum Network vendors such as Lucent, Nortel, and Cisco, as well as start-ups such as Nominum, and Incognito, are clearly focused on scale, availability, interoperability, and security for large telecom providers. Other independent systems from vendors such as MetaInfo, INS, Infoblox, and MenandMice are focused on the medium-sized to large enterprise networks with some carrier-class functions. Their aggressive pricing will open new ground into the SMEs as the SMEs also struggle to manage their IT infrastructure for cost savings and compliance. The above are considered MAJOR competitors in the large enterprise space. Contact Alcatel-Lucent PM in competitive situations where more information is required

27 Alcatel-Lucent Clear Winner in IP Name and Address Management Software Test According to Network Testing Lab Performance Ease of Use Features Scalability Security Installation & Documentation Total Score Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP 7.0 A A – International Network Services Inc. (INS) Sapphire 20 Series Appliance B C + BlueCat Networks Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance Adonis DNS/DHCP Server C MetaInfo Enterprise Server Appliance B – Efficient IP IPM 2.2 D C – Infoblox 550 Appliance VitalQIP is the best IPAM solution Feature completeness Performance, reliability, scalability Multi-platform, standards-based Appliance option Alcatel-Lucent is an established vendor in many accounts Organizations are seeking to minimize number of vendors Alcatel-Lucent is totally committed to customer satisfaction Alcatel-Lucent does not believe in having an unhappy customer VitalQIP is a market leader VitalQIP is not going to disappear or be acquired Alcatel-Lucent has tremendous assets to devote to VitalQIP Alcatel-Lucent investing heavily in QIP Bell Labs innovations provide unique capabilities to QIP VitalQIP is a great value

28 What Analysts Are Saying About VitalQIP®
Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP earns the Network Testing Labs World Class Award for its quick performance, rock steady reliability, watertight security, useful features, thoughtfully-designed user interface and expansive scalability. (Network Testing Labs, 2007) VitalQIP is market leader in IPAM, market share is twice as big as next competitor (IDC,2005) VitalQIP's IP address management capabilities are the standard by which other vendors are measured (Burton Group, 2005) On average VitalQIP customers realized an ROI of 930%, which means they recover their investment in an average of 106 days (IDC, 2004) What are the experts saying about VitalQIP. Here is just a sample of what those that evaluate solutions in this space say about VitalQIP… above…All of these articles are available on the network world website that we will discuss in later slides.

29 6 Future Direction This lesson explores topics to assist business partners in selling VitalQIP.

30 VitalQIP® Strategy Provide a Complete IP Mgmt Software Solution to Enterprises, Gov’t and Carriers IP Address, DNS and DHCP Management Data Core Features Network planning and administration IP network and host inventory Flexible administration and access controls Centralized IP services management Flexible APIs High performance, multi-vendor DNS/DHCP service management Advanced Features VoIP support/IMS integration (ENUM) Security Network Access Control Business Process Mapping/Workflow Integration Network and Host Discovery and Reconciliation Appliance Deployment Model Support for Alcatel-Lucent Offers Enterprise Offers – Enterprise Business Group Service Provider Offers: WiMax, IMS, IPTV Converging communications and IP Multi-Vendor Support ENUM Support for VoIP Alcatel-Lucent DHCP Rules Manager Protecting the network Registration Manager -Audit Manager – NAC Solutions Increasing productivity Workflow Manager -AutoDiscovery -runIP Network Allocator -Services Manager Leveraging new business models Multiple Organizations per Administrator De-coupled DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management Exploiting emerging IP-based technologies for competitive advantage VitalQIP 7.0 (IPv6) Stay-Tuned ************************************************************************************************** Developed partnerships and integrated with two Hardware Appliance vendors to be able to offer alternatives to traditional server based architecture with appliance partners: Increased service availability: Eliminate problems relating to maintaining remote servers Improved security: Appliances eliminate OS vulnerabilities Lower operating costs: Monthly server maintenance can be $1,000 to $1,500+/month for many large enterprises Simple software upgrades: Appliances only accept approved, digitally signed software Update hundreds of appliances with a single operation Improved monitoring: Centralize reporting and analysis for device- and application-level logs Developed Integrated Solution and Partnership with Endforce – leading provider of secure network access control solutions ENDFORCE Module built to reside on Lucent DHCP Server. Module enhances the standard DHCP process by providing a way to include a compliance “look-up” after the DHCP Request has been sent by an endpoint, but prior to the DHCP Server processing and returning the request. If an endpoint is non-compliant, that endpoint can be quarantined via Options in the DHCP Lease Configuration.

31 VitalQIP® – Continued Market Leader
Continuous investments and competitive edge VitalQIP Release 7.1 – June 2007 – Continued performance and web architecture enhancement, enriching the user experience through Web UI, Integrated task based GUI and SOA based integration capabilities with the use of the most advanced technologies available today Integration with Alcatel-Lucent Voice and Data switches and routers Changes to pricing and packaging for a complete cost-effective solution Investment at all time high On top of the technology trends with IPv6 support, ENUM, IMS Established partnerships to expand the offering and provide customers with a total solution that fits their needs VitalQIP, still a PROVEN Market Leading Solution Over 800 customers worldwide today Over 50% of Fortune 100 companies use VitalQIP Multiple recognition awards

32 7 Pricing and Licensing This lesson explores topics to assist business partners in selling VitalQIP.

33 VitalQIP® IP Address Management Pricing / Licensing Options
Pricing is based on the number of IP addresses to be managed Count number of servers, routers, switches, pc’s, … For DHCP domain, only count maximum number of IP addresses in use: ACTIVE licensing A series of optional modules are available, also priced based on number of IP addresses to manage Support & Subscription 15% of License Fee per annum – 8x5, 20% for 24x7 Not included third party SW: Oracle license (but free of charge Sybase included)

34 Reseller Pricing – f-Lucent vs. f-Alcatel
RTU Former Lucent resellers receive the following discounts: 35% for Authorized resellers 40% for Accredited resellers (Accredited resellers provide Tier 1 and 2 maintenance direct to their end customers) Former Alcatel resellers receive the following discount: 40% with the proviso that the reseller is accredited or becomes accredited within one year Maintenance F-Lucent partners can resell either 8X5 (15%) or 24X7 (20%) maintenance. F-Alcatel partners can resell 24X7 maintenance at 18% only.

35 Who to Contact for Help QIP Pricing Maintenance Renewals Ordering
RSC – Ray Stendall VitalQIP Product Management Maria Fire (Enterprise) – mfire, Ralph Senseny (SP), rsenseny, Maintenance Renewals Colette Goodwin, colettegoodwin, Ordering Price Book and Reseller Price Files Julie DeVincentis, jdevincentis,

36 How to find the Reseller Price Files on the Web
1. Go to 2. Under "Resources for", click on "Partners and Developers". 3. Scroll down slightly. Under "Business Partner Programs", click on "To sign into the Business Partner Portals, click here." 4. Click "Access to former Lucent systems". If the reseller doesn't have a login, click on "Login help for former Lucent systems" and then use one of the provided addresses/numbers to e- mail or call for assistance. 5. On top right, under "NAR Standard Pricing", click "More". 6. Click on the zip file. The Vital reseller files are in the zip file.

37 8 Additional Resources This lesson explores topics to assist business partners in selling VitalQIP.

38 VitalQIP® Resource Center
The Network World-Alcatel-Lucent Technologies Micro site, where you are privy to information, special offers and events you won't find anywhere else. Key Supporting Materials are: IDC ROI Study “Best Practices for Securing Your IP Address Management Infrastructure” white paper Best Practices in DNS/DHCP and IP Address Management (Current Analysis) Special Report Network Test Labs World Class Award – Jan 2007 Brochures, case studies, ROI calculators and much more VitalQIP Product Page on Alcatel-Lucent: SG_CONTENT_FILE=Products/Product_Detail_ xml&LMSG_PARENT=

39 VitalQIP® Additional Trainings
Former Alcatel Business Partners: Login Then, click on "training and certification" - on the left nav. Then click on "training" Now you are on the home page of training, scroll down to the bottom, click on "Access my online classes" Then click on the tab for "learning catalog“ In the search field type "%vital%"  Former Lucent Business Partners: Course numbers are: VitalQIP Sales and Marketing -  VQ-SM-002W VitalQIP Pre-sales Design and Engineering (R6.2) - VQ-DE-002W V6.2  Various VitalSuite resources are available to support your efforts at highlighted website.

40 Who to Contact with Questions?
VitalQIP Contact Role Maria Fire Product Management Ralph Senseny Chris Pyne Product Marketing


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