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A Transformation Journey

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1 A Transformation Journey
Terrie Flaten Application Services Manager Office Insurance Commissioner

2 Who is the OIC? Advocate for consumers Regulate insurance industries
235 employees Elected official Mission: We protect consumers, the public interest, and our state’s economy through fair and efficient regulation of the insurance industry. Advocates for consumers with regard to insurance. We are responsible for regulating the insurance industries that do business in our state. About 235 employees. The agency is led by an elected official.

3 Our Document Handling History
Imaging was introduced at OIC in 1988 Evolution: post processing pre-processing workflow processing A transformation began in 2005 Re-thinking use of document management tools Slow, continual process Introduced in 1988 Evolutionary process: Post processing: work from the paper document and then goes to cold storage Pre-processing: work was dependent on the paper document becoming electronic Transformation to Workflow processing began in 2005: Don’t ask for paper, Don’t send paper, less scanning, more storage options (faxes, s, uploaded documents) No more…if it came in electronically…printed it, scanned it, indexed it, stored it As tools improved… it led to technology integration -- ability to upload, store, index Slow, continual process: Allowed time for staff to get comfortable with workflow processes and tools (AX Workbox) Infamous blue folder

4 One Example Online Consumer Complaint System (OCC)
Went live October 2010 For consumers to report and monitor complaints about their insurance company OIC Enterprise System (SIMBA) Tool for analysts to manage complaints Upgraded in 2011 Interfaces with imaging system Provides tools to generate letters and store them in AX Complaint Response System (CRS) Went live April 2013 Communication portal between the OIC and insurance companies regarding complaints Built OCC in 2010 Still included a paper process of printing the new complaints submitted online putting in blue folders for review then assigning to analysts Upgraded Case Management System in 2011 Streamlined workflow Eventually eliminated blue folder processes Remains a manual assignment by support staff Built CRS in 2013 Put the creation of letters in the hands of the analysts Significant reduction in paper use and mailing costs

5 Process Flow Consumer uses OCC Data collected and stored in enterprise database PDF generated, stored in AX and indexed to case (OpenOffice for file conversion) Uploaded documents are converted to PDF, stored in AX, indexed to case in enterprise system Complaint is assigned to an analyst Analyst creates a letter to company Letter is created as PDF, saved in AX, indexed to case Company receives Consumer receives Company responds Company creates letter as PDF and uploads via CRS Assigned analyst received Analyst review Reviews company response Writes action log entry for consumer to see Makes company response document available for consumer to see Consumer review Consumer can review anytime 24/7 Will receive anytime a new comment or document has been made available Will be notified when their case is closed Technical .Net 4.0 SQL 2008 AX 6.5 OpenOffice 3.0 HTTPS through fortress User authentication through webservices SIMBAwebservice ImageService webservice  Ax webservice SIMBAwebservice  OpenOffice webservice (custom webservice)

6 Results For consumer Customer satisfaction survey results for 2013
No mailing required Able to file complaint and monitor progress 24/7 Improved response time Easy to provide supporting documents Customer satisfaction survey results for 2013 Easy to upload documents: 73% agree or strongly agree Opening documents from OIC was easy: 84% agree or strongly agree

7 Results (continued) For Companies Reduction in mailing costs
Reduction in physical mail to handle Improved response time Companies are very happy with the streamlined process

8 Results (continued) For the OIC Statistics Reduction in mailing costs
Significant reduction in physical mail to handle Significant reduction in paper to scan and store Improved response times Surpassing performance measure All information about a case in one location Statistics 11,000+ complaints/requests per year 68% received via online complaint system Performance measure for Time to Close a Case: For many years was 95% closed within 60 days As of July 1, will change this to 45 days – most often significantly less than that

9 Other examples Yearly reporting process for 500+ companies
Yearly, Monthly, and as needed reporting for Rates and Forms process Repeatable results Streamlined processes Less mail and fax processing Less data entry required by staff Less scanning required by staff Information available for public to self-serve Mention Consumer Toolkit for self-service and the Filing Search tool.

10 Wrap Up… Be willing to challenge assumptions Be creative
Accept change is difficult, but inevitable Help business staff make the transition Do small, building block project Wrap Up: Be willing to challenge assumptions We have to have paper! No one will know how to upload documents. No one will want to look at documents online Be creative Work with vendor to figure out what tools are available but then look beyond that if they don’t quite work for what you need to accomplish, keep asking for more and finding ways to meet the business need Learn to use technology differently Accept change is difficult, but inevitable Not always easy to convince others that assumptions can be challenged and changed. Technologists are all about change… we just need to find a way to bring the rest of the world along with us Help business staff make the transition understand the business need and use technology to help don’t use technology to replicate or bend around an existing business process Do small, building block projects This is complex…picture makes it look easy!! Core Case Management system ( ) OCC (2010) Upgrade Case Management (2011) CRS (2012) next… For consumer complaints…adding more types of complaints working with business units to continually streamline their processes and determine how technology can assist with that

11 Office of insurance Commissioner
Terrie Flaten Office of insurance Commissioner

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