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Terrie Flaten Application Services Manager Office Insurance Commissioner.

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1 Terrie Flaten Application Services Manager Office Insurance Commissioner

2  Advocate for consumers  Regulate insurance industries  235 employees  Elected official  Mission: ◦ We protect consumers, the public interest, and our state’s economy through fair and efficient regulation of the insurance industry.

3  Imaging was introduced at OIC in 1988  Evolution: ◦ post processing ◦ pre-processing ◦ workflow processing  A transformation began in 2005 ◦ Re-thinking use of document management tools ◦ Slow, continual process

4  Online Consumer Complaint System (OCC) ◦ Went live October 2010 ◦ For consumers to report and monitor complaints about their insurance company  OIC Enterprise System (SIMBA) ◦ Tool for analysts to manage complaints ◦ Upgraded in 2011 ◦ Interfaces with imaging system ◦ Provides tools to generate letters and store them in AX  Complaint Response System (CRS) ◦ Went live April 2013 ◦ Communication portal between the OIC and insurance companies regarding complaints


6  For consumer  No mailing required  Able to file complaint and monitor progress 24/7  Improved response time  Easy to provide supporting documents  Customer satisfaction survey results for 2013 ◦ Easy to upload documents:  73% agree or strongly agree ◦ Opening documents from OIC was easy:  84% agree or strongly agree

7  For Companies ◦ Reduction in mailing costs ◦ Reduction in physical mail to handle ◦ Improved response time

8  For the OIC ◦ Reduction in mailing costs ◦ Significant reduction in physical mail to handle ◦ Significant reduction in paper to scan and store ◦ Improved response times ◦ Surpassing performance measure ◦ All information about a case in one location  Statistics ◦ 11,000+ complaints/requests per year ◦ 68% received via online complaint system

9  Yearly reporting process for 500+ companies  Yearly, Monthly, and as needed reporting for Rates and Forms process  Repeatable results ◦ Streamlined processes ◦ Less mail and fax processing ◦ Less data entry required by staff ◦ Less scanning required by staff ◦ Information available for public to self-serve

10  Be willing to challenge assumptions  Be creative  Accept change is difficult, but inevitable  Help business staff make the transition  Do small, building block project

11 Terrie Flaten Office of insurance Commissioner

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