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Prospecting & Recruiting Using IBV

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1 Prospecting & Recruiting Using IBV
Joanne Hsi #1 Who here believe that I’ve made residual income? Who wants to make residual income? #2 Let me tell you the key of making residual income and that is to build 2 strong organization and stay with you as a team forever! #3 14yrs ago when I started my market america business, it was very difficult to recruit, very few friend, few products, few tools #4 Now with the modern marketamerica you can use our most powerful tool: Web portal (IBV) to build the business, you guys are so lucky! #5 And today i will show you guys how to find your partners using IBV.

2 Our Contribution = Their Growth
Where are the retail profits? ? All Spending Age now #1 Where are the retail profits? #2 From when we are born until today, all of our spending went to the pockets of those big companies #3 Did any one of those company ever give us money back? #4 So you see, Our contribution, all of our spending: everyone in the family becomes part of their growth Our Contribution = Their Growth

3 Daily Activities Into Investment
ma ‘People Power’ BEFORE: No Incentives People Power Now Through Daily Activities Into Investment Preferred Customers Unfranchise Owners BV/IBV Commission Share Profits

4 剩下 8:00 min Daily activities into Investment
ma Products Thousands of Partner Stores 剩下 8:00 min ma Credit Card Consumer becomes Business owner

5 IBV Party #1 Why do IBV party?
#2 I think many of you guys understand the power of market america, residual income, webportal, cashback! #3 but how come I see many distributors when they talk to prospects, they still get rejected? #4 So that’s why we do IBV party, #5 The reason of the party is to gather people to see what we have, just like the convention, they can see us, products, use the products, and talk to many of us face to face.

6 IBV Party To show the business opportunity through Shopping on the internet Give your prospects a relax and fun environment to learn about #1 AFTER THE FIRST BULLET: it’s hard for people to say no to that right?

7 Topic: Business opportunity through your daily activities
IBV Party (Agenda) Topic: Business opportunity through your daily activities 1:00pm – 1:40pm IBV products 1:40pm – 2:00pm Break 2:00pm – 3:00pm UBP (for those who are wiling to stay and learn more) #1 There are 3 parts #2 FIRST, SECOND, THIRD… Im going to explain that later

8 1:00pm – 1:40pm IBV products Demonstrate how to utilize the portal to earn Cashback and other incentives. The party should include partner stores 1 PowerPoint slide for each partner store 1minutes for each slide

9 07/08/10 Example #1 4% IBV 2%

10 07/08/10 Example #2 4% IBV 2% Bonus IBV with ma Credit Card

11 07/08/10 Example #3 4% IBV 4% 11 11

12 4% IBV 2% Example #4 Bonus IBV with ma Credit Card & Gift Certificate
07/08/10 Example #4 4% IBV 2% Bonus IBV with ma Credit Card & Gift Certificate

13 07/08/10 Example #5 5% IBV 2%

14 07/08/10 Example #6 5% IBV 2% 14 14

15 07/08/10 Example #7 4% IBV 2% 15 15

16 07/08/10 Example #8 #1 all those examples you saw, 3% 4% 6% IBV, they will sure increase in the future #2 WHY? Because we have people power. For example: In Taiwan…………..(Taiwan example) #3 Imagine everyone in this room and every customer out there use partner stores IBV, we will have a lot of bargain power, a lot of power for JR, IBV up, CashBack up, and we all here will make money. #4 So next time when you want to buy something, wait wait wait, go home and shop through your portal! #5 So that’s why in the near future, these company will sure give us more IBV, Cashback #6 So when some guests saw what we have and our vision, NEXT PART we will have to talk to them and let them understand the purpose of our party, this is how we use BREAK TIME 剩下 4:00 min 16 16

17 1:40pm – 2:00pm Break This break serve as a ‘filter’: (At this point Some people will leave) People who leave: Follow up People who stay: Go to next part #1 AT THIS POINT #2 People who stay, go to next part……. Which is UBP (Next slide)

18 2:00pm – 3:00pm UBP Just follow the usual UBP format 1 BDC=2 Organizations=187,200/yr Tradeoff!! Key: Turn your daily activity into investment. BV= Change a brand name, buy from your own business (Webportal) IBV= Buy from your partner stores! AFTER THE FIRST BULLET: But there’s a very important key that I want you guys to get. If there’s anything that we don’t have as BV, then buy them in our partner stores IBV.

19 Wrap Up Importance of change (There shouldn’t be any financial pressure on you) Use 200BV Personally: Change your buying habit ! Use portal/IBV for everything else: Make it a habit ! #1: In this room everyone is going to earn 187,000/yr right? #2 Then you need to change. so you need to know the requirement very well, and go home do it! Do not complain, to earn these money you will have to do what you have to do! #3 Know the business very well. Look like a professional. We paid like a professional.

20 Start NOW!

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