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Grow your Business using the best tool we have; “THE WEB PORTAL” A brief EXCITING PORTAL TOUR will help you identify POTENTIAL BUSINESS PARTNERS Master this skill and your business growth will “EXPLODE” This is by far the easiest way to expose your new business 1

2 ADVERTISING Why is Internet marketing such a powerful source of advertising today? The answer is simple; EVERYTHING is going ONLINE!!!!! Retailers can no longer advertise and get the same response on TV due to TiVo and DVR so they are switching to ONLINE forms of advertising such as Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo and our favorite “” 2

3 ADVERTISING When people have their Homepage set to YAHOO, GOOGLE or FACEBOOK those providers make money off the advertising. By using MARKETAMERICA.COM the customer is rewarded with anywhere from 2% - 50% CashBack on purchases We pay our customers for using our FREE service and our Comparison Shopping Feature gets them the VERY BEST PRICE! 3

4 ADVERTISING The YAHOO’S , GOOGLE’S and FACEBOOKS of the world are genius for this form of advertising. These platforms can tell the advertiser exactly how many eyeballs are looking at their add at any given second, because they know how many pages are imprinted . You can see how lucrative this form of advertising becomes, it’s like a Super Bowl Advertisement.

5 PORTAL TOUR The first thing you want to do is register each “Potential Business Partner” as a customer and remember to stress the fact that “IT’S FREE” Now every time they purchase anything from one of our thousands of partner stores we will pay them anywhere from 2% to 50% CashBack 5

6 Yes we will pay you for customer referrals
EARN EVEN MORE In addition, now as a customer you can invite your friends and get paid ½ % CashBack for THEIR purchases FOREVER!!! Yes we will pay you for customer referrals

7 SET IT AS YOUR HOMEPAGE Why would they want to use our site as their homepage? Many reasons, but first “IT’S FREE” and we are going to PAY THEM TO USE IT!!! That should be enough… but there is much more. Remember the beauty of this concept is we don’t make our money off our customers we make all our money off the advertisers and retail stores so “YOU SAVE MONEY AND WE MAKE MONEY” Our mission is to save them as much $$$ as possible! 7

8 WHAT WE OFFER… • Make It Your Homepage
• Millions of Products & Services • Quick, Accurate Product & Content Search • Comparison Shopping • Hot Deals & Recommendations • Thousands of Exclusive ma® Brands and Products • Program • , Blogs, Video, ma TV, ma Newsstand • News, Weather & Sports • Entertainment • Social Networking • Custom Nutrition Services • ma Travel • Gift Cards & Certificates • Thousands of Partner Stores 8

9 MORE SERVICES Under MORE you can access everything you need online; News, Weather, Directions etc. You can even take a Nutri- Physical for free which was designed by Doctors and Scientist to help you achieve optimal health, but one of my favorites is Gift Ideas…

10 GIFT IDEAS The reason gift ideas is such a key feature is because customers now earn anywhere from 2% - 50% CashBack on their gift card purchases simply by using our FREE SERVICE. Remember “THEY SAVE $$$ AND WE MAKE $$$” Another great option is GIFT CERTIFICATES .COM because they offer something called E-Gift Cards.

11 WIN/WIN/WIN Situation
E-GIFT CARDS The reason I love e-gift cards is this is a great way to explain how this whole concept works.I own the site but I am also my own preferred customer so I can purchase an e-gift card to My Wines Direct for $50 but it won’t cost $50 because I get CashBack and I also get paid a commission because I own the site.I now the e-gift card to a friend with a link back to my site explaining how they can use this FREE service to redeem their gift.They now redeem their gift card and they get paid CashBack and I receive another commission! WIN/WIN/WIN Situation

12 RESTAURANT.COM Now go directly to to grab their attention! Show them how just by typing a few letters into the search bar our search capabilities find what they are looking for QUICKLY. This showcases our intuitive search functionality…

While this loads explain how we are’s #1 customer, driving millions of people to their site. Then show them where to click to enter our “Exclusive Site” set up for our members only.

Now point out how this site is exclusive to ma members but that it’s FREE to be a member ( we focus on volume and saving our customers $$) Point out the Special Promo Code that we supply our members and ask them to remember it.

15 SAVING OUR MEMBERS $$$ Choose a restaurant that offers a $100 gift certificate and show them how they can purchase it for $40 and have them agree what a great deal that is!!!! We now add to cart and go to checkout

16 $AVE EVEN MORE… Now have them agree AGAIN that a $100 gift certificate for $40 is a great value then remind them of our “Special PromoCode” and type it in!!!!

17 EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE Now Instead of $40 you get that $100 gift certificate for $8 !!!!!! At this point you have their ATTENTION!! Again, this is a FREE SERVICE we offer because “we don’t make $ from our customers, we make all our $ from advertising and retail stores “ SO YOU SAVE $$$ AND WE MAKE $$$

18 HOT DEALS If done ENTHUSIASTICALLY, at this point your Potential Business Partner will usually say “HOW DO MAKE $$$ WITH THIS ?” and that’s what you want to hear. They are basically asking to see THE PLAN, but hold off…EXPLAIN, we are a huge affiliate program and it is very lucrative for these stores to have us drive traffic to them because they don’t pay us until after the sale is made. Our Retailers get 100% return on advertising $$$. Now say, but let me show you this and go right to HOT DEALS

Explain how our goal is to save our customers both TIME AND $$$ . We make it easy for them to find all the additional savings because “we don’t make $$ off our customers… We make all our $$ from advertising dollars and retail stores”, “So YOU SAVE $$$ AND WE MAKE $$$” at this point your Potential Business Partner is dying to know how this whole thing works, but go right to something else.

Always go right to “JUMP TO STORE” and scroll down so they can see the stores we are talking about like APPLE, BESTBUY, TARGET, HOME DEPOT, VICTORIA’S SECRET, SEARS, etc…. Stores they are already shopping at! You want them to see the 1000’s of stores we are partnered with so that it registers with them how BIG THIS IS!!!!!!

21 COMPARATIVE SHOPPING Now go right into COMPARATIVE SHOPPING and explain how we offer this great service that will save them TIME and $$$.Then say, maybe you are going to take a vacation and you need a new camera ( Always use a camera because it gives good comparison shopping results) but It makes it seem random.

22 DRILL DOWN FEATURES Highlight how you could drill down by brand or price, then say but for this example let’s just pick one randomly ( I already know which one I am going to pick, I researched it before the meeting to see which one gives me a GOOD PRICE COMPARISON!! )

23 $MART $HOPPING Select the camera you have already researched and explain how most people would go from site to site looking to see who has the best price, but by using our FREE SERVICE with one click of a button they can compare prices from thousands of our partner stores!!!!! WE HAVE DONE THE LEG WORK FOR THEM

We found them the best price, paid them additional $$ in CashBack and found it at a store they may have never heard of. This form of comparative shopping lowers the price on everything for us as consumers. When all these stores realize with one click you can compare their prices it lowers the price on everything for everyone! Repeat, FREE SERVICE to save our customers $$$ “THEY SAVE $$$ AND WE MAKE $$$”

25 ma travel We are partnered with many major travel sites, rental cars and airlines, but highlight how travelocity came to us and put a special site together called matravel . They wanted to take advantage of our buying power with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of customers using our free service we get special pricing and perks.

26 SPECIAL PERKS Highlight coupon codes and deals to show how our whole mission is to SAVE our customers as much $$$ as possible because we don’t make our $$$ off our customers we make our $$$ from advertising and retail stores “THEY SAVE $$$ WHILE WE MAKE $$$”

27 ma auction Tie it all together with
“ma auctions” explain how there are other auction sites but none like ours!! All of our merchandise is new… everything starts at $1… and we have NO RESERVE so if you are the only one bidding on it you get it for $1

28 shop. bid. win. Show some examples of watches or jewelry but finish with Travel. Remember that camera we got a great deal on earlier? Explain how you can bid on a vacation package for next to nothing to use your new camera (EVERYONE WANTS A VACATION) This helps tie it all together.

29 TYING IT ALL TOGETHER Show how they can get a $1200, five night stay for a small fraction of the cost. They can also save $$$ by booking their airline tickets through “matravel” then explain how they already saved $$$ on their new digital camera. Now close the deal and tie it all together by explaining how they can enter the hotels zip code into “” and print off gift certificates for every meal while on vacation. They can literally take a vacation for less than $500!!!! All we want to do is stress the value of our FREE SERVICE!!!!

Close with the future of marketing. With the introduction of Internet TV this year and our acquisition of SHOP.COM we will be the #1 online shopping site. We have the platform already set up to take advantage of the changes that are happening Globally . This is a way for people to position themselves to financially benefit from the future of marketing because I think we can all agree; EVERYTHING IS GOING ONLINE “Love it or Hate it You Can’t Stop It” Why not Capitalize on it!!!!

At this point your “Potential Business Partner” is dying to understand how we make $$$ You can now book them into a Business Overview that THEY WANT TO COME TO (not one you dragged them to.) This alone changes EVERYTHING, they come understanding the value of the service that we offer and THEY WANT TO GET MORE INFORMATION!!! They are already in mentally they are just coming to get the details of what they are getting into, just like JR says!!!!!


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