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3 To end this year, we would like to say a heartfelt „Thank you“ for all your friendship, help and support for us and our projects throughout this year. Truly, we couldn‘t have done it all without you. God bless you! On the following slides you‘ll see an overview of the many new and old projects and activities that have been done this year! We hope you enjoy it.

4 Pablo, Jenny and Family move back in with us Most of us have lived and worked with Pablo, Jenny and their family for over 6 years in Romania. After they decided to leave Serbia, where they have worked a little over a year, they moved here in March, and have already become an integral part of our mission here.

5 Trisha moves in with us At the beginning of the year, Trisha came to live with us. During this time she was willing to face many of her life’s difficulties and problems, and has succeeded in overcoming and starting a new phase of her life. What she learned she has been able to use with her friends as well and has been a big help to them. She is ready to continue with her studies next year.

6 Collaboration with Friends and Colleagues This year, 3 new mission centres moved to our district to work and collaborate with us on different projects. This helps us be much more effective; it brings more variety and provides more talents, and generally has proven to be a successful way to share the load. This brings us to share with you the different new programs that the Lord led us to start this year:

7 Birth of the STEPS Program An important part of our mission is to invest in today’s children – the leaders of tomorrow – through knowledge and character-building education for them, their parents and their communities.  The STEPS program, short for Specialized Training & Education for Philippine Students, was introduces when we discovered how many young children are deprived of a basic education. There are more than one million street children in Metro Manila alone, and their parents hardly emphasize the importance of education, which gives little hope to these children. We teach reading, writing, simple math, art and singing to preschoolers from depressed areas and hereby encourage and promote an interest for education. 

8 Start of UYC  Our UYC, short for United Youth Club, was formed by our youths and was born out of a need to help young people find ways to have meaningful fellowship with other young people their age in a safe environment. They learn to reach out in their neighbourhood and do community projects and relief work with the help and supervision of adults and parents. For example our youth club was among the first to answer the call for help after typhoon Ondoy flooded great parts of Manila. 

9 Puppet & Clown shows With the arrival of Pablo and his family, we also gained the added asset of having a funny clown and innovative puppeteer. He knows how to make children happy with his magic tricks and cute balloon creations, and with his self-made puppet theatre he brings a touch of love into many a child’s heart at institutions, squatter areas and birthday parties.

10 Working close with Barangay, our district administrations This year, with the change of our district’s administration, we have continued to collaborate and done projects with the captain and the different counsellors. Just last month we were given the help of a teacher for the STEPS project. Formation of a Church association In July we finally finished all the paper work for our new church and association, the “WorldWide Familia Mission & Education Center Inc.” With this, our members were able to register as missionaries in the country and receive missionary visas. Launch of website In October and November this year, we launched our new website. If you haven’t had a look yet, we encourage you to please do so! 

11  Above are only the projects & activities that were started this year. Besides these, we have been continuing to bring cheer and encouragement to the children & parents in the oncology ward in the PGH (Philippine General Hospital); we have done relief work on several occasions after typhoon Ondoy left much of the Metropolitan area of Manila flooded; many people passing into the paths of our lives have received lots of counsel and encouragement, and we have done many Bible studies and seminars of several topics of the Bible. During the month of December we visit the poor mission areas to bring Christmas cheer to the children. With the help of local sponsorship we are able to bring gifts as well as food to some of the children, and Pablo’s puppets tell the story of the first Christmas to the audience. 

12 Land in Tagaytay for an orphanage And last, but not least, an old dream is finally coming true: We are receiving the use of a piece of land (almost 5000 m2) in Tagaytay, a mountain region near Manila, where we will build an orphanage for abandoned and homeless children! If you would like to be a part of our dream and the dream of many children, please contact us at We’ll be glad to work together with you on this project of building a better future for many children. We need you and your help!

13 Together we have been making a difference in this world! We thank you for your friendship and trust, and for all your help throughout this year! Our efforts would be nothing without the loving support of you, dear friend! It is our prayer that you will have a meaningful Christmas and that the coming year will be filled with lots of love, joy, success, good health and all that makes this life wonderful. We love you and look forward to another year in fruitful collaboration with you. Yours sincerely, Eveline, Manny, Joel, Meeky, Trisha, Christina, Raphael, Baby Jed, Armina, Pablo, Jenny, Nat, Lucia, Anita, Laura, Victor, David & Gabriel WorldWide Familia Mission & Education Center Inc, 8370 Maharlika, Marcelo Green Village, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippinen - Tel: 0062 2 8280337 - - For donations: BDO Savings Acct, Bicutan Branch, WorldWide Familia Mission & Education Center Inc, Acct # 1520374354

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