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We wish you a blessed month of Ramadan and pray to Allah Almighty for many happy returns of this month. Wish you all the best.

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2 We wish you a blessed month of Ramadan and pray to Allah Almighty for many happy returns of this month. Wish you all the best

3 The Home is the most important place where the family members feel more safety and stability. But, there are several possible hazards that may lead to the occurrence of accidents for many reasons. Some of them are related to the ways of prevention and safety procedures indoor in general, and during the holy month of Ramadan in particular. Through the following slides, We extend to you some advices and guidelines on the safety at home and also some tips on traffic safety. Your Safety in the Holy Month of Ramadan

4  Please check the validity of canned, frozen or preserved foodstuff and also make sure that there is no any change in the foodstuff’s smell, color or texture. For this reason, please make sure that:  The foodstuff has been kept in a clean and closed place or in the refrigerator.  The place and the food is clean and neat whenever you dine out. Protection from food poisoning

5  When fire breaks out in the oil pan:  Avoid pouring water into an oil pan as it ignites the fire.  Cover the burning pan by placing the nearest thick lid on the pan or cover it with fire blanket.  When fire breaks out in the trash bin:  Cover the burning trash bin immediately with a damp cloth in order to prevent oxygen from igniting the fire. Protection from the fire in the kitchen

6  Ensure that a good fire extinguisher is available at your home.  Don’t leave the children in the kitchen or nearby hot and burning materials or electrical power sources.  Don’t put on flowing dresses or nylon mixed wears in the kitchen in order to avoid catching fire. Protection from the fire at home

7 When you smell gas odor  Immediately open all doors and windows to reduce concentration of leaked gas.  Never use a burning matchstick near a gas cylinder to locate the place of leakage.  Avoid switching on the exhaust fan for ventilation and don’t switch on lights as they may serve as points of ignition to the highly inflammable gas.

8 Traffic Safety in Ramadan

9  Do not rush to reach the Iftar place and it is preferred to start enough time before the Iftar time as the period before Iftar is considered as the most vulnerable time for traffic accidents during the month of Ramadan. Traffic safety in Ramadan

10  Don’t let the children play in the internal roads of the residential areas especially at night in order to ensure their safety from traffic accidents.  Allow them to play only at designated areas for playing. Traffic safety in Ramadan

11  Please avoid parking vehicles in such a way that may obstruct traffic movement, especially during the prayer timings like Taraweeh or night (Tahajjud) prayers or Iftar gatherings. Traffic safety in Ramadan

12  Please avoid last day shopping for Eid and finish it early enough to avoid traffic jam and parking at no parking areas because of huge rush. Traffic safety in Ramadan

13  Ensure that the road is completely free from both sides before crossing, especially during peak hours.  Please cross the road only through designated areas for crossing.  Always remember.. You are responsible for your safety. Hitting accidents

14  The Qatari society celebrates the traditional occasion of “Karangao” on 15 th night of Ramadan in which the children will be rounding around residential areas visiting the houses to collect chocolates and sweets being distributed by the residents of the area, neighbors and families.  Hence, all are requested to be extra cautious while on roads and take safety measures on this night in order to avoid traffic accidents and to maintain the safety of children rounding around streets celebrating the occasion. Garangao Night in Qatar

15  Begging is a reprehensible behavior. If you see begging please report to Anti- Begging Section on 44714222/ 44714220.  The really needy people can approach authorized charity organizations in the country. Begging

16 What should you do in case of an emergency? In case of any emergency don’t get scared, but act wisely. Contact immediately 999 Emergency

17 With compliments from

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