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Safety is Your Responsibility

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1 Safety is Your Responsibility
LAB SAFETY Safety is Your Responsibility

2 No Horse-play in the Lab……

3 Lab Safety Never work in the laboratory without  proper supervision by an instructor

4 Lab Safety Knowledge is the best prevention. Read the directions before beginning any lab procedure.

5 Lab Safety Never work in the laboratory without  proper supervision by an instructor

6 Lab Rules Never carry out unauthorized  experiments Come to lab prepared Follow all lab directions

7 Eye Safety Eye protection (goggles) must be worn in all labs using chemicals and glassware.

8 Eye Safety Do not wear contacts when working with chemicals.

9 Clothing Safety Students should wear durable clothing that covers the arms, legs, torso and feet. (Note: sandals or open-toed shoes should not be worn when working with chemicals, glassware or sharp objects).

10 Clothing Protection Wear a lab apron to protect clothing. Secure loose sleeves.

11 Fire Safety An open flame may be ignited only when  no flammable solvents are in the vicinity. Check to make sure the area is clear.

12 Fire Safety Never reach across an open flame. Keep paper away from open flames. This is the most common type of lab fire.

13 Heating Safety Always remember,hot glassware looks exactly the same as COLD glassware, be careful what you touch.

14 Heating Safety Use proper procedures when lighting Bunsen burners.
Do not ever leave a flame unattended. Turn off gas valves when not in use.

15 F i r e Clothing or Hair are the most dangerous types of lab fire.
If you are involved in a fire stay where you are. Help will come to you.

16 F i r e If your partner is involved in a fire – get the fire blanket. The teacher will aid you in smothering the fire. Remember STOP, DROP and ROLL.

17 Chemical Safety No eating or drinking in the lab. No chewing gum during labs.

18 Chemical Safety If chemicals splash into someone's  eyes, act quickly and get them into the eye wash station.

19 Chemical Safety Never taste any chemical in the lab. Label all bottles and test tubes containing chemicals.

20 Chemical Safety Never add water to acids Always add acid to water

21 Chemical Spills Treat all spills as hazardous. Notify your teacher of any chemical spills. Use proper procedures to clean all spills.

22 Gas Precaution Do not inhale fumes directly, wave the substance towards you. Point all test tubes and away from you.

23 Electrical Safety Never handle electrical equipment with wet hands. Keep all cords out of water.

24 Emergency Procedures In case of injury (cut, burn, fire  etc.) Notify the instructor immediately.

25 B r o k e n G l a s s This is the most common lab accident.
If you break glassware stop and notify the teacher. Do NOT throw broken glass into the trash can. Place it in the broken glass container.

26 C u t s & S c r a p e s Report immediately .
There is always a chance of infection . Do not come into contact with another person’s blood.

27 Emergency Procedures In case of a fire or dangerous situation, notify everyone who may be affected immediately, be sure  the lab instructor is also notified.

28 Know the Location and Operation of :
Fire extinguishers Fire blanket Exit doors

29 Know the Location and Operation of :
Telephones Safety showers and eye wash stations First Aid Kit

30 SYMBOLS CAUTION! WARNING! Carcinogen (Cancer Causer) Radioactive

31 SYMBOLS Oxidizer Flammable gas or liquid
Dangerous or flammable when wet Flammable solid

32 SYMBOLS Poison Corrosive Biohazard

33 Safety First Safety starts and ends with you.

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