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A Deadly Combination South Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal Public Fire Education and Data Management




5 Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking: A Deadly Combination

6 What Can You Do To Protect Yourself and Your Family?

7 1. Install Smoke Alarms For maximum protection, smoke alarms should be installed in every room and on every level of your home, but at least between living and sleeping areas and on every level Make sure alarms are working Test alarms monthly

8 2. Develop and Practice E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills in the Home)

9 Your Exit Plan Should Include:
Two ways out of each room A meeting place outside – make sure everyone knows where to go when they leave the house and that once they are out, NEVER go back inside…GET OUT! STAY OUT! Identify method of contacting your fire department from outside your home

10 3. Practice Kitchen Safety
Cooking fires are one of the leading causes of home fires in South Carolina and oftentimes, alcohol or other drugs are involved in the incident

11 Alcohol and Other Drugs add to the fire problem by:
Diminishing motor coordination and balance Impairing perception Impairing judgment

12 Safety Tips for the Kitchen
Cooking should not be left unattended Tight fitting clothes should be worn to avoid catching sleeves or other clothing on fire Smother food or grease fires by sliding a lid over the pan and turning the unit off

13 Kitchen Safety Tips: Turn pot handles to the inside so they can’t be knocked over or pulled off If something inside your oven or microwave catches fire, leave the door shut and turn off the power Always check oven and stove to make sure units are off before going to bed

14 Careless smoking, in combination with alcohol and other drugs increases chances of fire fatalities

15 Prevent Careless Smoking:
Limit smoking while drinking Never smoke in bed If you allow smoking in your home, provide deep-dish ashtrays with a solid base Douse cigarettes or ashtrays with water before disposing of them in the trash

16 In Review… Install and Maintain Smoke Alarms
Prepare and Practice E.D.I.T.H Be Aware of Cooking/Kitchen Hazards Careless Smoking Kills


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