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Employee Engagement Survey Results – District Wide March 2013.

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1 Employee Engagement Survey Results – District Wide March 2013

2 What is Employee Engagement? Employee engagement refers to the connection and commitment employees exhibit toward an organization, leading to higher levels of productive work behaviors. Engaged employees are: ▫Up to 26% more productive ▫Twice as likely to exceed performance expectations ▫Up to 20% less likely to be absent ▫Less likely to leave ▫More supportive and resilient in the face of change

3 Survey Administered to employees through Zoomerang Preserved individual confidentiality Mixture of ranked and open ended questions Centered on 5 main themes: ▫Communication and Involvement ▫Valuing Diversity ▫Organizational Culture/Image ▫Job ▫Site Leadership or Supervisor

4 Participation 356 participants (389 in 2011): About 56% of all regular staff All locations reported Variety of years of service in participants: ▫Less than one year – 10% ▫One to Four years – 17% ▫Five to Nine years – 31% ▫Over 10 years – 42%

5 Results Engaged employees answer ‘Agree’ or ‘Strongly Agree’; ‘Neutral’ and below are not engaged World Class target for organizations is 80% engagement of employees Engagement has declined in many organizations the last 4 years: 46% decreased, 30% increased per Hewitt Study Austin Public Schools overall engagement score was 70.4%, up from 68% in 2011

6 Score Breakdown-Communication and Involvement (7 questions) Over all score in topic – 66.74% Highest ranked questions ▫I have a clear understanding of APS mission, vision and values – 80.6% ▫I understand how my efforts connect to the mission, vision and values of APS – 78.4% Lowest ranked questions ▫Communication between different areas of the District is well coordinated – 61.3% ▫I receive adequate recognition for good work – 42.40%

7 Score Breakdown – Valuing Diversity (5 questions) Overall score in topic – 75.84% Highest ranked questions ▫I understand the importance of valuing differences – 95.8% ▫People are treated with respect and appreciation regardless of race, gender, position, function/department, age, disability, etc – 75.3% Lowest ranked questions ▫The environment at APS is supportive of the expression of different opinions, styles and perceptions – 39.9% ▫We are making good progress towards valuing differences – 26.4%

8 Score Breakdown – Organizational Culture/Image – (7 questions) Overall score in topic – 62.93% Highest ranked questions ▫APS cares about the community – 82.70% ▫I trust my co-workers – 79.5% Lowest ranked questions ▫People are concerned about what is good for the entire organization instead of what is good for themselves or their groups/areas – 53% ▫People are focused on solutions, rather than blame – 46.5%

9 Score Breakdown – Job (8 questions) Overall score in topic – 69.78% Highest ranked questions ▫I am able to take pride in a job well done – 91% ▫I have the chance to make the use of my abilities and skills – 81.9% Lowest ranked questions ▫There is cooperation between my area and others in the District – 48.3% ▫I feel I have an acceptable balance between work and my home life – 42.3%

10 Score Breakdown – Site Leadership or Supervisor (10 questions) Overall score in topic – 76.24% Highest ranked questions ▫Site leadership has high expectations for student achievement – 84.9% ▫Site leadership has high expectations for employees – 84.5% Lowest ranked questions ▫A strong and positive sense of community is present in our building – 35.3% ▫Site leadership gives me credit for work well done – 31.5%

11 Future Goals Engagement now Part of Scorecard C for the District Currently, we are at the ‘Baseline’ level on the scorecard, up from the ‘Concern’ level in 2011 Meet with each site to go over site scores with all employees Meet with Principal’s to discuss results for site and tie into the new Principal evaluation Develop Action plans and measure trend line in one year

12 Questions?

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