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Unit 1 A land of diversity Warming Up Can you guess it ? It is a very young country in the world, which has only a history of 200~300 years. There.

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3 Unit 1 A land of diversity Warming Up

4 Can you guess it ? It is a very young country in the world, which has only a history of 200~300 years. There is a Statue of Liberty in the east coast. It is about 46 meters high. The head office of the UN was set up there. Two World Wars didnt take place there. Now it is the strongest country of the world.

5 A Land of Diversity


7 The Star Spangled Banner Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

8 The Statue of Liberty

9 , 100, 46, 100,

10 Wall Street

11 The White House

12 Hollywood Film City

13 Universal Studios

14 The Central Park

15 Capitol Hill ( )

16 Manhattan

17 Golden Gate Bridge

18 The Grand Canyon

19 Total areaabout 9.4 million square kilometers (the fourth largest ); has a long coastline of 22,680 kilometers populationabout 300 million LanguageEnglish & Spanish ( some minority groups ) ReligionChristianity (56%); Catholic(28%); Judaism(2%) Climatecontinental climate ( most part ) subtropical climate ( the south ) NicknameUncle Sam & Melting pot

20 How much do you know about the USA?

21 1. Which flag is American flag? A. B. C. C

22 2. Which city is the capital of the USA? A. New York B. Washington D.C C. Los Angeles B

23 A. B. C.D. 3. Which stands for the USA? National Emblems ( ) C

24 4. How many states are there in the USA? A. B. C. D. 47 48 49 50 D

25 5. Who is president of America now? A. B. C.D. Barack Hussein Obama George H.W. Bush Putin Bill Clinton B

26 A.B.C.D. 6. Which doesnt belong to the USA? Statue of Liberty Golden Bridge White House Eiffel Tower C

27 7. Which are not American brands? A B C D Germany B F G E F G Germany Finland

28 8.Who are Americans? A B C DE keanu Reeves Steven Speilberg Ronaldinho Britain Brazil A C E

29 9.The largest state ---Texas

30 11. The 44th president --- Geoge W. Bush 10. The first president --- Washington

31 George Washington was the first President (and is marked on the US one dollar bill). Barack Hussein Obama is the 45th President.

32 12. Which city is known as Big Apple? ---New York

33 13. When was the Constitution written? A. 1789 B. 1777 C. 1786 A

34 1) When you look at the title, what so you think of? 2) Why is the USA called a melting pot? A land of differences. California is a land of great Differences differences in climate, in landscape and attitude. Answer the following questions: There are many immigrants to the USA and there are many cultures and nationalities. So it is a place in which people, ideas, etc of different kinds gradually get mixed together.

35 It is a very young country in the world. It has only a history of 200-300 years. Most people in the country are immigrates.( ) The head office of the UN was set up there. Two World Wars didnt take place there. 1 Washington DC 2 New York 3 California 4 Mississippi 5 Florida


37 2. Most state names come from Spanish or English. 1. New York is the largest state in the Us. 3. Atlanta is known as the Big Apple. 4. The Constitution was written in 1779. F F F F New York Texas Native American language In 1789

38 5. There are 52 stars on the American flag. 6. George Washington was the first American President. 7. The first settlers arrived in North America about 30,000 years ago. 8. The Mississippi River is the longest river in the world. F F T T 50 The Nile River

39 Look at the map of the USA. Work with your group to write on the map the names of as many of the following as you can. Compare your answers with other groups.

40 San Francisco Los Angeles Houston Boston New York Washington, D.C Rocky Mountains Mexico Chicago Canada Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean the Mississippi

41 Superior Michigan Erie Huron Ontario

42 Ocean on the east coast _________________ Ocean on the west cost __________________ Country to the north of USA __________________ Country to the south of USA ________________ California __________________ Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Canada Mexico Southwestern USA

43 Great Lakes: Longest river in the USA: Some important cities: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario Mississippi River New York, Washington D C, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans Rocky Mountains Mountains range in the west

44 California (one of the 50 states of the USA)

45 1. illustrate vt. illustration n. 2. slave n. slavery n. 3. Spain n. Spanish adj. ( ), n., 4. majority n. major adj. minority n.,, 5. immigrant n. ( ) immigration n. immigrate v. / New Words

46 6. nationality n. national adj, nation n., native adj.&n., 7. prehistoric adj. ____________ n. 8. react vi., __________ n., 9. mix n. ; v. ; ; mixture n. ; ; mix…with and … … … 10. racial adj. ; race n. racialist n. prehistory reaction

47 11. percentage, ( ) percent …( ) e.g. a large /high percentage -- What ____________ of students in your school go to college? -- 97 _________. 12. applicant n. apply vi. apply for sth. to sb. vt. be applied to sth application n.,,, percentage percent

48 13. socialist n. ; adj. society n. social adj.,, 14. central adj. ; ; centre n. ; in the center of, 15. occur-occurring-occurred- occurred vi. ; ; ; ; ; sth occur to sb ; It occurs /occurred to sb that.. …

49 16. indicate v. indication n.,,, 17. apparent adj / / apparently adv / appear v. 18. slip-slipped-slipped 19. bakery n. baker n. bake v. 20. hire v./n. fire v

50 21. ___________________ n. 22. __________ n. _________ adj. ( ), n., 23. _________n. ___________adj. ( ) n. ; 24. __________n. ___________ adj. ( ) ; 25. _____________ …… ; luggage / baggage a piece of luggage/baggage an article of luggage/baggage DenmarkDanish KoreaKorean PakistanPakistani by means of

51 26. ______________ _____________________ 27. ______________.. 28. _________ v./n. ________ v 29. __________ make a life make/earn a living by team up with hirefire take in 1. It was a_________ from her face that she was really upset. Fill in the blanks. pparent

52 2. Take care of our l________ while I find a cab. 3. An increase p___________ of the population own their own homes. 4. These animals i__________ to North Africa in winter. 5. I think their failure is due to a m_______ of bad luck and poor management. 6. His angry r________ to the decision was beyond my imagination. 7. The quickest m______ of travel is by plane. 8. I have finished this magazine. Can I s_____ with you? uggage ercentage mmigrate ixture eaction eans wap

53 1. Review what you already know about the geography of the USA. Find more information about California. 2. What does your hometown look like? Describe it. Homework

54 Useful expressions How long /wide/high/tall is ….? Its …metres/feet long/wide/high/tall. There is …in the north/south/east/west. It looks like….

55 Sample description My Hometown My hometown isnt very large. It is located next to a river and there are three main parts. On the east side of the river, there are many apartment buildings and two middle schools. Most people in my town live here. The west side of my town is divided into two parts.

56 In the north, there are two factories, a power plant, and a train station. There is a small park between the north and the south, and there is a small lake in the park. In the south, there is a shopping center and many important buildings, e.g. a hospital, a police station, and a government building. There is also a small university.


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