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Cyber bulling By: Abanoub Bolos.

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1 Cyber bulling By: Abanoub Bolos

2 What is Cyber Bulling ? Cyber bulling takes place using electronic technology ,cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyber bulling means somebody bullies some one using the Internet.

3 Why? Some people bully other people because of religion, sexuality, race , culture, physical appearance.

4 Cyber bulling is a problem
Cyber bulling is a problem, but we can solve it with effort and dedication. If we all work together, we can stop it but all together.

5 Solutions 1 Here some things parents can do:
Make sure the computer your kid uses is in a public area. Instruct your children to be careful when posting their names or photos. Make sure they never share their passwords or personal info with anyone. Teach them never to give out any private information over the internet. Instruct your child to inform you immediately if an incident of cyber-Bullying occurs.

6 Solutions 2 Here are some things teenagers can Do:
Treat everyone with respect Appologize if you hurt somebody’s feelings Don’t post any negative comments or photos on the internet Become friend with the new kids in school Support others when they need it Report any incidents of cyberbullying to your parents or teachers

7 Stop Cyber bulling a very dangerous thing.

8 What you need to do? If you bully somebody, if you make fun of somebody, if you name somebody , please and apologize








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