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Cyber Bullying. What do you think it is?? Cyber Bullying is….

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1 Cyber Bullying

2 What do you think it is??

3 Cyber Bullying is….

4 What’s the difference? You better watch your back!

5 Types of Cyber Bullying Direct Attack –Instant Messaging/Text Messaging –Stealing Passwords –Blogs –Sending pics through E-mail & cell phones Cyber Bullying by proxy – Someone else does the dirty work – “Warning” or “Notify Wars”

6 Why are there Cyber Bullies? When it comes to Cyber Bullying, they are often motivated by – Anger Revenge or Frustration Bored …and sometimes, people don’t realize they are doing it

7 Cyber Bullying or Not? I hate you. Everyone else hates you. You should just die!

8 Cyber Bullying or Not? Ugly! Fat! Ugly and Fat! See pictures of the 5 ugliest fat kids at Eisenhower Middle School. Vote for the ugliest fat kid by clicking here.

9 Cyber Bullying or Not? Locking someone out of game sites. Stealing someone’s password and posting mean messages about someone else. Setting up a fake user name “RobZaNerd2000”

10 Would you say this out loud??

11 Quiz Time Are you a cyberbully? You might be and not even know it! Take a few minutes and find out…

12 What is your school’s policy? APS has a policy APS has a policy APS has a policy APS has a policy Preventing bullying is important to having a safe, respectful, and fear-free climate. Incidents of bullying or harassment should be reported to the school administration. Consequences will result for cases of bullying, fighting, harassment, and other forms of disrupting the educational process* * APS Student handbook

13 Cyber Bullying Includes Harassment –Any gesture or written, verbal or physical act that is reasonably perceived as being motivated by any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, religion, national origin, sex, or disability. –Any of the above that will have the effect of harming a student or damaging a student’s property, placing the student in reasonable fear of harm to his or her person, or has the effect of causing a disruption to the educational process.

14 Cyber Bullying Don’ts Don’t forward hurtful messages or pictures Don’t say anything electronically that you wouldn’t say directly to the person Don’t give out personal information electronically Don’t reply to abusive messages Don’t reply to text messages if you don’t know who sent them

15 Cyber Bulling Do’s Make sure you recognize the caller’s or sender’s name before you answer your phone or reply to a message. Be careful and selective of who you give your mobile phone number to. Tell your friends not to pass your number on to other people that you don't know. Block anyone who is harassing you or making you uncomfortable. Treat your password like your toothbrush, don't let anyone else use it! Make sure you tell someone if someone is bullying you!

16 Questions??

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