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Dice Probablity Nakata Ryohei Otani Ryota Sakano Mikiyasu.

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1 Dice Probablity Nakata Ryohei Otani Ryota Sakano Mikiyasu

2 Background We wondered whether the probability of each roll will be equal to 0.16. Prof. Izumori advised that I should roll dice thirty-thousand times to investigate dice probability. So I decided to make automatic dice roller.

3 Commercially Available Dice shaker Fault: Dice come from wrong place Dice doesn’t always roll well

4 Result

5 Self-made Dice Roller 1 Fault : It isn’t suited for rolling many dices at the same time.

6 Result

7 Observations I It is essential to roll dice many more times. It is necessary to make a new automatic dice roller.

8 Experiment III Saikoron wheel for dice rotation WEB camera CPU board Small direct-current motor The breadboard for electronic circuits Switching AC/AD adaptor

9 Result

10 Observations II

11 Thus, it can be expected that the more dots, the higher the frequency of rolling that side, and the less dots, the lower the frequency.

12 Assignment finish rolling dice 30,000 times and collecting data. improve Saikoron machine as a continuous experimental tool. verify the probability of those dice. examine the variation in the probability after changing the center of gravity of the dice.

13 Gratitude Norifumi YAMADA (Professor, Fukui University), Hitoshi IZUMORI (Professor, Kanagawa University) Naoki KOBAYASHI (IRISO SEIMITSU Co., Ltd)

14 Bibliography "my Arduino work note“(Tetsuya Suzuki work, latosol publication, 2013) "Arduino will be begun" (Massimo Banzi work, O`REILLY publication, 2012)

15 Thank you for listening!

16 Preparation 1.CPU board Arduino UNO R3 2.micro-relay switch (Made in OMRON) G6E-134P 3.electronic circuits bread board 4.small DC motor (Mabuti motor RE140RA) attached to a two-step pulley 5.dice rotating wheel 6.Switching AC adapter (1.5V 600mA) 7. WEB camera ( 3.2million pixel web camera made in Melco) 8.pulley and rubber ring

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