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Interview Skills Training

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1 Interview Skills Training
Kathleen Campbell APAC Regional Recruitment Manager, Microsoft

2 Agenda The Recruitment Continuum
Understanding the Recruitment Transaction Interview Roadmap CV Development Getting Noticed Interviews Best candidates vs. Best employees Competency Based Recruitment

3 The Recruitment Continuum

4 Mindset Stage for Candidate
Mindset Stage for Hiring Manager Mindset Stage for Candidate NEGOTIATION RETENTION AND Succession planning for departures from your team Networking externally Networking internally Performance Management Career Development Passive Hiring Manager Not looking to hire Passive candidate Not looking for a new role Planning for future departure from current team Defining the new business needs for your team Preparing to buy talent Preparing to sell your team Preparing to sell this job Preparing to sell Microsoft Preparing to sell yourself as a Manager Preparing to sell talent Preparing to buy a new team Preparing to buy a new job Preparing to buy a new company Preparing to sell self as an Employee Defining his/her new needs Searching for the right people to meet business needs Looking to buy talent Ready to sell your team Ready to sell this job Ready to sell Microsoft Ready to sell yourself as a Manager Looking to sell talent Ready to buy a new team Ready to buy a new job Ready to buy a new company Ready to sell self as an Employee Searching for the role, company and manager to meet needs Selecting the right people for the right jobs Making purchase decision Selling to unique needs of talent Buying the best match to need Selecting the right role, company and manager New employee orientation Confirming your purchase decision Confirming talent’s purchase decision Confirming his/her purchase decision Developing your team’s skills and experience Developing your purchase decision Preparing to sell/buy again Developing skills and experience

5 CV Development Resumes – Curriculum Vitae
Soft copy application unless otherwise specified in advert No more than 3 pages – bullet points Typed and clearly presented No colours; fonts; graphics; clip art Keywords (for database search) Do include multiple contact details Bring a copy to interview Advance reference checking

6 Getting Noticed... Make direct applications where possible
Don’t waste money on hard copies & postage Present well to agencies Don’t contact all agencies – be selective Be ready to consider all employment options Utilise online job board agencies Utilise Employee Referral Options Own your own job search!

7 Interviews Master your telephone interview techniques Be on time
Have good/smart questions prepared for your interviewer Have a pen and paper Read the description fully Visit company web page – Research Bring samples to demonstrate your skills if appropriate Be honest and be yourself Don’t let nerves control your interaction (they are just people!) Practice


9 Attitude WHAT MAKES ME SAY “NO-HIRE”? Poor listening skills
Over confidence (arrogance) Poor communication skills Bad attitude towards managing conflict Lack of self critical Mobile phones left on Obsequious “Money is #1 priority” “I have learnt all I need to know” Lack of creativity or ability to think outside the box Stronger candidates available Dishonesty or unethical actions Inability to say ‘I don’t know’ Poor presentation Incomplete CV Lack of genuine interest in the role Religious vs. Agnostic in Technical Beliefs WHAT DO I LOOK FOR IN CANDIDATES? Friendly positive attitude Team worker Hunger/thirst to learn new things Honesty and ethics Self-confidence Breadth of experience Right attitude towards money Respect for Managers & others Creativity and original thinking Someone who proves they can work hard Excellent communication skills Relevant skills/qualifications/experience Tenacity and determination Religious vs. Agnostic in Technical Beliefs

10 Desire to Learn Formal Learning Informal Learning
Desire to Break & Fix Willingness to try something new Hunger to learn from others Learn the competition Retrospective wisdom Ability to demonstrate

11 The Difference Factor What makes you so special? Travel
Extra-curricular activities Sports Hobbies Community Service Awards 2nd Languages Responsibilities Passions

12 Skills Technical Skills Non-Technical Skills University Qualifications
MSCE Qualifications (& equivalent) Self-taught skills Networking Web languages Reading – online subscriptions Betas & Testing Competitive Knowledge Demonstrations & Industry Events Non-Technical Skills Presentation Skills Debating and Negotiation Selling Skills Customer Service Project Management Writing Skills Team working Skills Planning & Organisation Competitive Knowledge Understanding Business & Industry

13 Presentation Telephone – write down what you want to ask
A good clear CV with no spelling errors Better to be over dressed than too casual Careful with: jewelry; perfume; tissues; scarves; Accepting “coffee” Practice presenting answers at a whiteboard Public Speaking* Good eye contact & communication skills Business cards Good handshake skills Build your network – stay in touch

14 Hiring the Best Best Candidates Good first impressions
Prepared, on-time Seem interested Friendly, out-going Give complete responses Have skills and experience Assertive, confident Well-groomed Education Best Employees Achieve, exceed results Committed – don’t give up Always prepare fully Go out of way to help others Initiative to improve things Plan, organize, anticipate Initiative to learn Work well with others Creative Problem solvers Take feedback

15 Successful Interviewing Model
Comps Must Be Present FIRST Successful Interviewing Model Technical and Functional Skills Job Related Core Comps: Core competencies Smart Works Hard Gets the Right Things Done Passion for Technology and Business Flexible Core Talents and Company Values = FOUNDATION Company Values: Integrity and Honesty; Open and Respectful; Self-Critical; Big, Bold Challenges; Passion; Accountable

16 Our Values Are Who We Are
Why do we need them? Positive and consistent “way of life” Establishes “rules” Aligns internal actions with external words Customers look to our behavior to confirm this More competitive in the marketplace Creates a culture that deepens customer trust Today’s choices help determine tomorrow’s culture Easier to train for skills than for values First priority: Company cultural and values fit Second priority: The job itself

17 Questions Thank you

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