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Retailing and Customer Follow Up How to build a Customer Base

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1 Retailing and Customer Follow Up How to build a Customer Base
SUCCESS TRAINING SEMINAR Retailing and Customer Follow Up How to build a Customer Base

2 How to build a Customer Base
List Your Circle of Influence – People you know : Family and Friends Colleagues at Work Walk and Talk – People you meet : On your way to work When you’re shopping During your Hobbies... Anywhere…

3 How to build a Customer Base
Referrals Button Ads Flyers Surveys Internet Pull Tabs Wellness Evaluations House Parties Weight Loss Challenge Nutrition Clubs Road Shows

4 Retailing Effective Retailing Start With... USE … the Products
Confidence Your Story WEAR … the Button Open for Business Proud to be an Herbalife Distributor TALK … to People Excitement Passion

5 Develop your own story…
Take ‘Before’ & ‘After’ photos (Follow steps in Book 2 pg 14-15) A picture is worth a thousand words… (Rands) Book 2 pg 14-15

6 Write down your story… Stories will answer the following questions:
Are the products safe? Who can use the products? How to use the products? Are the products working? Book 2 pg 14-15

7 The Power of Testimony Your Own Health Is Your Best Advertisement
The truth packaged in a powerful way…will effect others Your Own Health Is Your Best Advertisement Tell Your Story to Others You Know Expand Your Circle of Influence

8 Before, During, and After
Before Herbalife – I was …Broke, overweight, tired, I did …(took shakes, attended a meeting,) I am …(in shape, 10kg’s lighter, feel….)

9 Retailing – Button Script
Button Response Are you serious? 2. How much? 3. What have you tried before? 4, Why didn’t it work? 5. Why do you want to

10 Retailing – Button / Talk
6. You will love this… Your Story Other People’s Stories Before and After Photos Company Story 31 years 75 Countries 60 Million Satisfied Clients $4.3 Billion Program, Flavour, Payment “I don’t know about that, all I know is…”

11 Retailing – Talk to People
“If I could show you a way to ...” (Lose, Gain, Maintain, Improve, Smooth) “Without ... (the problems or poor results of the other things you’ve tried) “Would you be interested to hear more?”

12 WELLNESS EVALUATION Ask your Sponsor / Upline
Brochures available from Herbalife

Before After Product used: thermojectics Peach Tea Coach: Jeane’ van Greunen

14 TOTAL PLAN Ask your Sponsor / Upline
Training Manual available Online from Herbalife Brochures available from Herbalife

15 Summary We all know people that need our incredible nutrition
Let people ask you Advertise your Business The most important are the PRODUCT RESULTS

16 Retailing “Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living, profits make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Follow Up

18 Follow-Up “There are pennies in the sale and a fortune in the follow-up.” Jim Rohn RESULTS Re-Orders Referrals Long-term Customers Distributors, Supervisors… and President’s Team

19 Follow-Up Customer Profile Personal Data Family Members
Other Health Issues Phone Numbers Weight Measurements Photo How to Use

20 Follow-Up DAY 1 Try to Avoid Asking Yes & No Questions
How did your Shake Taste? What did you Mix it in? What Times Did You Eat / Drink? Water? What Did You Feel From the Tea? What Did You Notice About Your Appetite? Remind Customer… Starting measurements & weight? Before photo?

21 Follow-Up DAY 3 How Are You Feeling? Energy?
Appetite? Snacking? Hungry? Add more F3, Protein Bars, Water? “Positive Cleansing Effect” “FANTASTIC! The Products are working” Ask About: Cow’s Milk, Water, Regular Meal, Fruit

22 Follow-Up DAY 7 Results? Measurements? Weight?
How did you use your product from morning until night? How are You Feeling? How Much Water? Anybody Noticed…? Ask for Referrals (comes with results)

23 Follow-Up DAY - Weekly Become a Detective (F1 empty?)
Results: Measurements & Weight Who Noticed? Who Do You Know? Referrals? Re-Order…What Flavour Would You Like? Business Opportunity? Invite to HOM, STS

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