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Week 2 Success University

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2 Week 2 Success University
The training on the second week was focused on the following topics. •The concept of Use Wear Talk and Tell/Show/Try/Do •The two income streams available •The training and support system through various media •Support Websites •Building a consumer base and referral marketing •The power of testimonials, packaging your story •The marketing plan and the process to increase discount •Methods of achieving the top discount as a Supervisor The closure of Week 2 was the introduction of Assignments to be addressed before this week, the purpose of this being the strengthening of knowledge through experience and the instigation of personal action to begin the creation of business activity.

3 Assignments – Before This Week....
1.Weigh and measure, continue consistency in your own product use 2.Write a list of minimum 40 people you know who might be interested in our products and/or business opportunity 3.Invite 3 people to a wellness evaluation in the Wellness Centre by you working with your sponsor/upline 4.Arrange your business launch date and venue, issue invitations. Graduation Day? 5.Log onto and register with websites 6.Invite minimum 3 people to come along next week to look at the business or to watch the webinar. 7.Obtain anything by Jim Rohn and read/listen/watch.

4 Productivity Productivity is the introduction of new people to the products and the opportunity and the retention of those already introduced. The objective of introducing people to the products is firstly to achieve their results and thereafter to achieve consistent re-orders, upgrade to add other products and obtain referrals from them.

5 Productivity The objective of introducing people to the opportunity is firstly to enable them to earn profit by developing their own consumer base and thereafter to achieve business growth through a duplicating business operation developed with continued training and mentoring. This is the benefit for all, and stable organisation income is only achieved through these objectives. Productive action is only that action which is pursuing these twin objectives for product and opportunity.

6 Productivity Achieving Retail Objectives
Achieved through consistent and disciplined lead generation. Achieved through total focus on the clients desired results. Achieved through regular and attentive follow-up (coaching) Achieved through information about, and introduction to, a wider range of products. Achieved through ongoing results and excitement. Body Fat Analysis and Measurements are vital. Good customers make good distributors!

7 Productivity Follow-Up
Helping clients stay on track or get back on track. Providing encouragement and reassurance. Finding out what their weakness is. Saying the things they need (but don’t want) to hear. Ensuring the products are used properly and consistently. Keeping the client results focused. Celebrating successes along the way. Asking for referrals!

8 Productivity Developing an Organisation
Offering opportunity and possibility. Everyone knows someone who needs an opportunity. You never know people’s situation or reaction to the offer of opportunity. Remember their goals and ambitions may be higher or lower than yours. Invite them to meet the team and have faith in the training system provided by the team. Work with your sponsor /mentor as you develop possibilities.

9 Goal Setting “When you know WHY the how is easy”
Take time to be clear on your personal goals, and write them down Goals are dreams with a time reference. What do you want to :- Have/Do/Become? Personal goals, business goals This month, three months, this year next five years. Your VISION goal!

10 “For things to change, you have to change.” Jim Rohn
Goal Setting Personal Development Self Development and Improvement is an ongoing process. Read, watch or listen to the right material consistently, choose carefully what you read watch or listen to. Use materials with varied topic content or style, select those parts that are powerful and that you gain from. Choose the company you keep as positive open and ambitious people. If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got! “For things to change, you have to change.” Jim Rohn

11 Running A Herbalife Business
Even a small business benefits from a business approach. Business attitude and disciplines now will lead you faster to a bigger business.

12 Running A Herbalife Business
Use a separate bank account for business, money in and money out. Keep ALL receipts to minimise Income Tax liability. Give receipts to every client and keep a copy. Notify HM Revenue & Customs that you are self employed, start paying weekly NI payments. Submit annual accounts (for a tax rebate?)

13 Running A Herbalife Business
Budget for business expenses:- Training Travel Events Marketing materials Phone “Buy” the products you use yourself to give a clear picture of business performance. Income is not profit, retain the money for replacing the products.

14 Running A Herbalife Business
Expect to be inconvenienced for business The importance you give your business determines your success Understand everything has a ratio, and expect the refusals Understand the distinction between Opinion and Fact, expect the objections Feel, Felt Found I don’t know about that,

15 The Herbalife Circle of Success
The Herbalife success over the last 30 years is based on simple business activity that anyone can do. Anyone can come in and go to the top. Success can only result from the twin objectives of productivity (product and opportunity). Big success means big numbers of people having individual success.

16 Big Success Comes From Exponential Growth!
The Herbalife Circle of Success Success comes from simple actions repeated over and over again Success comes from helping others succeed, working together The royalty income creates the possibility of lifelong income NOT dependant on your level of activity in the future Success provides the opportunity for financial independence, personal freedom and the ability to design the life you choose to live. Big Success Comes From Exponential Growth!

17 Assignments – Before Next Week....
1.Weigh and measure, continue consistency in your own product use 2.Invite 3 people to a wellness evaluation in the Wellness Centre by you working with your sponsor/upline 3.Invite minimum 3 people to come along next week to look at the business or to watch the webinar. 4.Prepare invite list for your graduation, issue invitations and note those definitely attending 5.Write out a comprehensive list of goals 6.Obtain anything by Jim Rohn and read/listen/watch. Obtain and read “Rich Dad Poor Dad – Cashflow Quadrant” and “The Business Of The 21st Century”

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