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By: Molly Beachum  Author: Judy Blume  Cover art: Peter Reynolds.

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2 By: Molly Beachum

3  Author: Judy Blume  Cover art: Peter Reynolds

4  Sheila, a New York city girl who doesn't want to go to Tarrytown.  Libby, Sheila’s older sister who thinks she’s the Best Ballerina.  Mouse, the Yo-yo junior Champion of Tarrytown  Mr. and Mrs. Tubman are both very excited to go to Tarrytown.  Jennifer is a Normal dog in Tarrytown until she meets a friend.  Hank Crane is a Guy Who’s interested in films and is making a movie at the camp.  Maryann is a girl at camp and that Libby invites her to a sleepover, also has a great singing voice for a play.  Marty is Sheila’s Swim teacher and is very confident.  Sondra is a twin to Jane aand is really nind very nice but some times not so nice.  Jane is also Sondra’s twin and throws model planes, cars, at a sleepover.  Betsy is a emotional person and is a very nice.

5  The House that Sheila’s staying in, that is another persons house but there inEngland for the Summer.  The Day Camp that Sheila's Going to surprisingly ends up being ….  Sheilas real New York House 

6  1. Sheila’s Forced to go to Tarrytown with her Family, but look on the bright hatchers Dog side, she dosen’t have to smell the stinch of Peter Hatchers Dog.  2. Sheila goes to the day camp with her new friend Mouse.  3. Sheila finds out She’s going to swim practice and begs her mom to get out of it.  4. Sheila is taking part in painting committee for the camps play, “Peter Pan”.  5. Sheila takes her swim test. Will Sheila pass the test ?  6.The Tubman's throw a ………… Tarrytown Party

7  1.Sheila finds out that her family is going to a different town, for half of her summer!! Will she survive the horror?  2. Sheila finds out that Jennifer has a friend and she’ll have puppies soon! Will Sheila agree on getting one.  3. She has to take swim lessons, and she hasn’t even put her face in the water!!  4. Sheila’s having a slumber party, and so does Libby, so Sheila get’s really mad, will they cancel it?  5. Sheila has to take the swimming test for the lessons, and she’s really nervous that she won’t pass. Will she pass the test?

8 . Sheila’s telling the story in this book.

9  The Fudge book’s are done by Judy Blume and the Main Character in the story for my Book review. Sheila pops up here and there in the books.

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