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SPH4U University Prep. Physics

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1 SPH4U University Prep. Physics

2 Welcome  Mr. Braun  Period 3 – Room 305  Extra-help time (Period 2 and Period 4 as well as before and after school if needed)  This course is designed to prepare you for any University program in science or engineering.

3 We’re in this together…  We’ll work together to make this semester successful for everyone  Extra help is always available  Be proactive – work hard and ask lots of questions

4 Expectations of Students  Arrive to class on time and ready to work and with all of your notes, pencil, paper, calculator – every day  Respect learning time by working quietly during class, working positively with each other and listening carefully to lessons and instructions, no cell phones  Stay on top of your work – you will have lots of time to finish work during class  Remember you’re preparing for the next step and your future  Have fun and learn at the same time

5 Late marks…  Assignment due dates are firm. There is some flexibility if you inform me that an assignment will be late, but if they have been marked and returned you will receive a mark of zero on the assignment.

6 Course Outline  Force & Motion  Projectile Motion, Dynamics in 2D, Circular Motion  Energy & Momentum  Momentum, hooke’s law, energy conservation  Fields  Electric and Gravitational fields  Matter-Energy Interface  Special & general relativity, quantum physics, theories of light, radioactivity  Waves & Light  Wave versus particle theory of light

7 Mark Breakdown  70% - Term Work (assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, etc.)  15% - Performance Task  15% - Exam (2.5 hours)

8 Questions?

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