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Honors Physics Alan Kraut.

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1 Honors Physics Alan Kraut

2 A little about me BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd
MS in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon Last year taught physics at San Lorenzo High Live and breathe physics Love helping people learn

3 Objective of the course
Honors Physics is a one year course focused on physics concepts. The course meets the science admission requirements for UC and CSU.

4 Course Outline 1st Semester: Motion, Forces, and Energy
2nd Semester: Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Relativity Many hands-on activities

5 My Responsibilities Towards Your Student
Treat your student with respect and care as an individual. Provide an orderly and safe learning environment. Teach your student the required content.

6 My Expectations From Your Student
Treat me, themselves, their classmates, classroom and equipment with respect and care. Be cooperative and not disruptive. Be on time. Be prepared. Pay attention! Work diligently! Learn! No gum, cosmetics, food, drinks, cell phones, headphones, sunglasses, etc. Wait until I dismiss the class.

7 My Philosophy Physics is exciting! It takes time and work to learn
Communication with parents Grades On-Line Parent ABI Portal Web Site

8 Homework Policy Homework assigned weekly and is expected to be completed on the assigned due date. Homework check on due date. Make-up for late work Always OK if excused absence Otherwise at my discretion

9 My Availability to Help
Before 1st period (by about 7:40 most days) Lunch After 7th Period me to make special arrangements

10 Discipline Policy I expect the students to behave.
If I have a problem, I will address it with the student. If I have an ongoing problem I will contact you.

11 Grading Policy Weighted grading Tests are scaled. 15% Homework
15% Homework Quizzes 15% Labs 55% Tests Tests are scaled.

12 How to Contact Me I Prefer E-Mail Voicemail
(I check this more often) Voic (510) x 3763

13 Any Questions Call or me

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