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Foundations of Government G-U1-L1

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1 Foundations of Government G-U1-L1
SSCG1 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the political philosophies that shaped the development of United States constitutional government. a. Analyze key ideas of limited government and the rule of law as seen in the Magna Carta, the Petition of Rights, and the English Bill of Rights.

2 Essential Question:

3 Self Government Who are the founding fathers? What is self government?
Men who helped establish America as an independently governed country separate from the King of England What is self government? Rule by the people, for the people When the colonies were officially under the control of the British Government, the colonists made many local decisions on their own Town hall meetings Juries Local elections

4 Limited Government American principle that government is restricted in what it can do AND that citizens have rights that government can’t take away. Idea established in Britain first, and then spread to the colonies.

5 Limited Government in Britain: The Parliament
Parliament: Started as a group of advisers, but slowly evolved into a more representative body Parliament gained more power, and began to limit the power of the British Monarch (King) by forcing him to agree to certain documents or “contracts”

6 Limited Government: MAGNA CARTA
Created to put down on paper, rights that already existed (just not officially) Placed a check on the absolute power of the King (in writing) Focused on taxation issues It included: Rule of Law Basic Rights Government by agreement or contract This document emphasized the idea that law also applied to the King

7 Limited Government: PETITION OF RIGHT
The King tried to raise money (tax) without the consent of Parliament Because of this violation, the Parliament created the Petition of Right Rights that were included in this document: Quartering (or housing) of soldiers Habeas corpus (people held in custody by the government are to be informed for the reasons for why they are being held)

8 Limited Government: ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS
1688: Glorious Revolution: While the Parliament was recognized as the dominant legal force in the British Government, they still struggled with the King for power- this struggle turned in a revolution After the Revolution, the new King was required to agree to the English Bill of Rights It included: Limited the Kings ability to tax without Parliament’s consent Emphasized the legitimacy of the Parliament (representative government)

9 Closing: Ticket to Leave!
Choose ONE of the following tasks and turn it in as a ticket to leave. 1. Explain quote 1: “That government is best which governs least.” –Henry David Thoreau 2. Explain quote 2:” A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” –Thomas Jefferson 3. Create a picture or image to represent limited government.

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