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Technology Comparison Present Day versus Ender’s Game By Ian and Alan.

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1 Technology Comparison Present Day versus Ender’s Game By Ian and Alan

2 Aviation

3 Ender’s GamePresent Day Advanced Fighter Jets that are able to fly outside of Earth’s atmosphere. “And none has served in a position of lower rank than chief executive officer of an interplanetary vessel.” (Card 21). Advanced Fighter Jets that can only fight in Earth’s Atmosphere. Space Transportation that can carry many civilians over long distances and time while sustaining a healthy body. Spaceships that can transport qualified astronauts over a limited distance and time.

4 Artillery

5 Little Doctor The Molecular Disruption Device which is also known as the ‘Little Doctor’ is a weapon that creates an atomic state in which the electrons cannot be shared, inevitably destroying everything around it. (In Ender’s Games’ case the buggers planet). “At the focal point of two beams, its sets up a field in which molecules can’t hold together anymore. Electrons can’t be shared.” (Card 272).

6 P-800 Yakhont Anti-Ship Missiles Equipped with highly advanced radar capabilities, allowing it to manually avoid ships defense systems A range of 180 miles Can carry either a high-explosive or armor-piercing warheads



9 Other Technology

10 Ender’s Desk vs. iPad A desk that allows him to play games, get notifications, and message others With both it is possible to play people over the internet and battles against each other “and Ender was doing Free Play. It was a sifting, crazy mind of a game which the school computer kept bringing up new things” (Orson 62)

11 Virtual Games Battle Simulators Ender’s battle simulations in Command school, even though it was actually happening it had a complex set up and controls. Xbox Kinect The Xbox Kinect is the most advanced body controlled game as seen in the movie Ender’s Game

12 Gravity Controlling In Ender's game they had the technology to control gravity, so they were able to walk around the Battle School without floating. They also trained in zero-gravity environments to help train them for battle. “with objects hovering in the air” (Card 45) and “in the lower gravity here, leave his feet and soar until he ran into something or someone.” (Card 45) To this day we don’t have any technology that is able to control gravity but we do have things that simulate zero-gravity environments, like the Battle Schools arena (astronauts begin submerged into water to train them to help them in space, and skydiving simulator).

13 How Would Technological Advancements Similar To Ender’s Game Affect us?

14 Space Travel If we had their space ships at hand we would be able to study space and see more of this universe than we can today The article ‘NASA Eyeing Nuclear Fusion Rockets for Future Space Exploration’ by depicts that with these concept ideas of Nuclear infused rockets space travel will be much more faster and could ‘potentially opening up vast swathes of the solar system to human exploration’.

15 Weaponry (Space Based Lasers) Is possible to have the ability to destroy enemy attacks shortly after launch. Intercepts by focusing and maintaining a high powered laser on a target until it achieves catastrophic destruction Would be much more effective as a defense weapon in situations of an extra- terrestrial attack.

16 New Territory For Humans We could populate different planets, so earth doesn’t become over populated. In the article ‘78,000 people apply for one -way trip to mars’ by Times Magazine, they illustrated that with the technological advancements that we have encompassed, it’s a possibility for us to go to other planets and sustain a steady life by 2022 (in this case Mars).

17 What role does technology have on them and us?

18 How are we both dependent on technology? Present Day.Ender’s Game Within the 21 st century, cell phones and handheld devices have become a ‘must have’ item, it’s because if their ability to have access to anything that a computer would usually do. Technology has made it easier to connect with people and maintaining tasks and obtaining knowledge is so much simpler. If we look at the movie and book we see that there is never a time where they're not using technology to help them. Computer and internet (we assume they have internet) access is greatly involved to find informational ideas and tactics to help them in battle. They learn by using technology as do we.

19 How is technology apart of us? What makes up so different from the past generations? In a recent poll done by CNET, 28 percent of people said they wouldn’t have been able to live with out their cell hones and high-speed Internet. We are so forward on just simply responding with ‘Google it’ instead of saying ‘look at a book’. All the information we would ever need is just a few types away.

20 What makes the technology from the past different from the present? Present Day According to, “The policy statement cites a 2010 report that found U.S. children aged 8 to 18 spend an average of more than seven hours daily using some kind of entertainment media”. Computers were blocky and unreliable, they were a last resort because how slow the information would get to them, but now its just so fast and easy. Enders Game We see that before when earth was first invaded they were not ready for such an attack. Now in the future of Ender’s Game they’re planning and using everything they’ve got to help them in the next incoming invasion.

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