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Save the Library Reasons collected from students Book Month 2014.

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1 Save the Library Reasons collected from students Book Month 2014

2 1B It is important to save the library because:  It is a place that is nice and comfortable to read  There are more books than at home and maybe mom and dad don’t have so much money to buy more books.  The library is important because we need to read books they are good for us. If we read books we are going to have more imagination  because the teacher gets the books for the class from the library  if we read books we learn more, we have more imagination  because reading is fun  If there were no library no one would read  For the ones who speak Spanish is it good to read in English  If you read it is better because you read new thing and learn new words.  when you are not good in something you go to the library to look for information  you find dictionaries and other books to find information  because going to the library is fun and we hear stories  when we go to the library we can check out books and then we can paint.  If you read you get more imagination

3 1C thinks we need libraries because………………..  *Camille says we need to read books to learn.  *Alejandro says we need books to be more intelligent and know how to make buildings.  *Candela says we need books because we love to read.  *Jack says we need libraries so we can check out and return books  *Natalie says we can learn new stuff we don’t know  *Jonathan says we can learn new words and books make you smarter and a faster reader  *Mia says we need libraries because we like books  *Jeronimo says we need books to learn new animals  *Sebastian says we have to take care of books because we chopped the trees to make the books and we have to take care of our books  *Joshua says we need books because not all the books are online  *Augusto says we need a library because we can practice our reading  *Andre says that if we read we can learn more of the books  *Matilda says that we need books for read more and that we love them and we need more books to read and learn  *Torin says we need books to be a faster reader  *Tommy says we need books to research  *Sophia says we need books to learn  *Mauricio says we need the library to know new things and have more things to do new

4 2D

5 3A  So kids get more education  To get ideas  To have a break from playing games on a computer  It’s everything on a computer but spread out and with covers and you can see the inside  To learn about different things  To look up information for projects  With ebooks you have to look it up online, but real books are all ready  You have to pay for the internet but not to look something up in a library  To have fun with Eye Spy books  To have easy books for little kids  Books are real, you can feel them and hold them  If no one had books, people would not learn anything  Makes life more fun  Like Matilda, when you love to read you can become very smart  There are always more things to learn  Reading books encourages you to learn more  Books can make you feel like you’re traveling the world  For instructions  If there were no books, what would authors do?  If there were no library, what would happen to Ms. Cortez?  Keeps you from getting addicted to the internet  You can read books on planes

6 3B  Reading helps us learn very important stuff.  For education  For imagination  For creativity  Everyone should have a quiet place to read and work  To be entertained, because we’d have nothing to do during read period!  We don’t have all the books that the library does  We wouldn’t ever know new books  We love learning new words  We love the activities we do in library time  It helps us with our research  It helps us explore new types of books and authors  We wouldn’t know as much about books.

7 3D  To learn things that are not in the classroom  Learn how to use ebooks, destiny quest…  If there is no electricity or the battery runs out, you can’t read if everything is electronic  Computers screens tire eyes out  We can learn about wildlife  Learn how to cook  Books are fun!!!  A place to enjoy the books  You can take a book everywhere, but it is hard to take a computer everywhere  There is more personality in a book than in a computer  Books don’t rely on the internet, so information is available all the time

8 4A  I love reading books  I like to imagine things of fantasy with books in the library  I love the pictures in the picture books  I like to go to another world through my imagination in reading a book  I love the library  I like going into the library and seeing all the books I can hold an touch  I like to see the cover of the book I might read and turn the pages  I prefer holding a real book than reading e-books (but sometimes I like to use the internet)  Ink and paper really bring a book to life  You don’t have to BUY books, you can check them out and return them  The space is quiet, which gives you a time of peace for your imagination  The sound of turning pages is music to my ears  There are lots of books to choose from

9 4B  We need a library because it provides calm while you’re reading; so you don’t have a lot of noise.  So we can have fun reading.  When we have projects that involve research, we need to have the books and the computers in the library.  When you want to read a real book and you don’t have one, you can go to the library.  We need to show kids that technology is not the only thing that we have to use.  Reading for research is more productive that just searching around on the computer.  If you don’t have a library, it’s basically not like school.  It’s nice to have access to a place where you can borrow books for free.  It’s good because they have bunch of different kinds of books, so you don’t just have to read the books you have at home.  If you read too much on the computer/ebooks it will hurt your eyes, and if you have an actual book it doesn’t hurt your eyes.  There’s a difference between feeling a book in your hands and just reading a book on a screen.  We are lucky to have access to a library, because there are people who don’t have libraries.  If you really, really want to read and your Kindle runs out of battery, then you need to have a real book.  You learn more when you read.

10 4C

11 4D  If the internet was down you would have no access to information.  The librarian gives us awesome information.  It’s better to read using a book because electronics hurts your eyes. So the library is needed to house the books.  The library is majestic!  The librarian reads to us.  We need books because if the information is not on the internet, books are needed to find the answer.  The library is a good place to complete research.

12 5A  it's free (if you follow the rules)  it provides a variety of books  it's a place to quietly do research  it helps us practice reading  it's better for your eyes because you don't blink as much when you use the computer  it will make you a better writer  it exposes you to new books

13 5B  It’s a quiet peaceful place to work, read, research, study, etc.  Books should always be available even though we have Ebooks.  Ebooks require internet, electricity, and batteries  We have more free options in the library to check out and Ebooks cost money  Reading on paper is better for your eyes than reading on a screen  It’s a public and easy place to access, great place to meet with classmates to work on projects  We need the library to check out other resources than books  It takes the importance away from books!  A computer weighs more than a book

14 5C  It’s a place where you can entertain yourself with books  The library is a place for you to find books  It helps people learn because it holds valuable information  Where else will you find books?  It is more meaningful to read from an actual book than it is from the internet  We all have many great memories hearing and reading stories together in the library  It is a free place to check out books, it promotes reading  You might come across a book that you have never heard of before and end up enjoying it  It’s easy to find books that are at your level and there is always a librarian there that can help with that too  It’s a place to explore books in a peaceful environment

15 5D  Love  Look at Atlas’  Old yearbooks  Popcorn time  Quiet place to read  Smell of hardback books   Need  Check out hardcopies of books  Learn how to use destinyquest  Hear stories read to you  Help with research projects  Information that builds your knowledge  What if internet is down?! You have the hardcopy J

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