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Getting to Know the Math COE Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Scott Brittain April 24, 2012.

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1 Getting to Know the Math COE Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Scott Brittain April 24, 2012

2 Timeline Questions When is the first Math COE submission? The Math COE returns in the winter of 2013. The first submission is scheduled for February 2013. While the calendar has not been set for the 2012-13 school year we anticipate the submission deadline to be the first part of February.

3 Timeline Questions How does this first Math COE coincide with the Math End of Course assessment? The first Math COE submission will be after the winter administration of the Math EOC. Please note, the winter 2013 EOC cannot be used as one of the two required attempts for the February submission.

4 Timeline Questions Will there be other Math COE submissions available in the 2012-13 school year? Yes. There will be an augmentation submission in April for those students who meet the augmentation criteria from the February submission. In addition, there will be a June submission.

5 Submission Requirements What students will be allowed to submit collections in this first submission? The February submission is currently intended for 12 th grade students.

6 Submission Requirements Are Algebra and Geometry considered separate content areas and as a result can a student submit a collection for each of these areas? Algebra and Geometry are considered two separate content areas in Mathematics. For the classes of 2013 and 2014 however, students may only submit one math content area collection since they are required to pass a single Math EOC to meet graduation requirements.

7 Submission Requirements How many EOC attempts must a student have prior to submitting a Math COE? Beginning with the class of 2013, students must have at least two failed attempts prior to submitting a Math COE.

8 Submission Requirements Do the EOC attempts have to come from the content area of the collection students are submitting? At least one of the EOC attempts must be from the content area for which the student is submitting the Math COE. The other attempt can be from the same or another math content area.

9 Collection Requirements How many work samples or tasks are required in a collection? A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 work samples are required in a Math COE. All tasks submitted in a student collection must come from the state Inclusion Bank.

10 Collection Requirements How many ‘On-Demand’ Tasks must be included in a Math COE? Two tasks or work samples must be ‘On- Demand’. These tasks are designed to be completed in a single class period under the supervision of a teacher. Any Inclusion Task may be selected by the teacher or student as ‘On- Demand’.

11 Collection Requirements Can work be included from other math classes? Can the work already be graded? No. Work samples must be the student’s original responses to the Inclusion Tasks available on the COE website. The work samples may be completed in any setting under the supervision of a teacher. Work samples must not include grades, teacher comments, or scoring guides.

12 Collection Requirements Can group work be included in the Math COE? No. The Math COE, like the EOC, is an assessment of an individual’s skill and knowledge. There is no reliable way to ensure that work from a group project represents what an individual student knows and can do.

13 Task Understanding What are Inclusion Tasks? Inclusion Tasks have been created and reviewed by a team of math teachers and education professionals throughout the state. This process assures that tasks are aligned to our state math standards, they meet the required cognitive complexity, are unbiased, and each provides for the required reporting strands and performance expectations.

14 Task Understanding Where can I find the Inclusion Tasks Inclusion tasks can be found at the COE website: Inclusion tasks have been divided up by content area. Only inclusion tasks may be included in student collections submitted for scoring.

15 Task Understanding Why does the Math COE have to include work samples from each of the Reporting Strands? According to the original legislation, a COE must be comparable in rigor to the state assessment (End of Course). This EOC exam includes items used to assess a student’s skills in each of the Reporting Strands. A COE must also include work samples that represent these same strands.

16 Task Understanding How can students include 6-8 work samples while still providing representations from each Reporting Strand twice and two Process PEs, as well as two Course-Specific content PEs? Each Task includes multiple PEs representing two or more of the stated requirements. For example, one Algebra Task may address two different Reporting Strands and a Process PE. The Work Sample Documentation Planning Form will assist students in selecting tasks to meet sufficiency requirements.

17 Work Sample Documentation Planning Form

18 Algebra Task Matrix

19 Geometry Task Matrix

20 Contacts Scott Brittain Math Collection of Evidence OSPI (360) 725 – 6237 Amanda Mount Assessment Operations OSPI (360) 725 – 6037 Lesley Klenk CAA Options Administrator OSPI (360) 725 – 6330

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