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© 2014 Afra Furniture 600 Hodge Street Montréal, Québec H4N 2A4 Tel: 1-514-908-0048

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1 © 2014 Afra Furniture 600 Hodge Street Montréal, Québec H4N 2A4 Tel:

2 Stylish Comfortable Essentials An Introduction to Afra Furniture

3  Afra Furniture  Afra Collections  Recent Afra Projects  Afra Service  Q&A Session What to Expect Traforata

4 Afra Furniture

5  Rebranded in 2014: Formerly known as  Local business: Montréal based contract furniture manufacturer  Focusing on hospitality and institutional living spaces  Each piece is handcrafted to client’s specifications  Quick Ship inventory About Afra Furniture

6 “To inspire designers with a stylish and sophisticated variety of high quality furniture that’s both functional and comfortable.” Our Mission Trend

7 An Impressive Variety We carry an impressive variety of collections and models  6 collections with 600+ items  Chairs, armchairs, lounge, barstools, public seating and theatre chairs  Up to date with all the latest fabrics and materials  Look and styles:  French classic: Louis XV & XVI  Italian classic: Baroque and 17 th -18 th C Venetian  Modern and contemporary  Scandinavian  American 50s - Art Deco  Bentwood

8 The Collections ① Afra Classic ② Afra Modern ③ Elegance ④ Contemporary ⑤ Danish ⑥ Theater

9 Afra Classic Collection

10 Afra Classic  Variety: Wide scope of high quality chairs  Traditional look great for residential and retirement homes  Large chair sizes: North American standards Julia Fiona

11 Afra Classic Royal ArmchairDouglas DRLFlorence Bali DeluxeAlpha

12 5 Oval Chairs JaneOval Rome Maddy Louis XV

13 Afra Classic-Modern RomeFiona Classic to Modern The type of finish and upholstery can change the look and style Traforata Armchair MS

14 Afra Modern Collection

15  Wide variety of seating:  Chairs, armchairs, lounge and sofas  Modern design and look  Very comfortable  Different styles and price range  10 different wood and metal bases  Lucia L3: Selected for the Wynn Hotel Project in China Afra Modern Lucia L3

16  Polflex:  Polyurethane molded to metal & wooden frames  Shape will never deform: Avg. density is 50 kg/m  Seat Firmness can be modified (upon request)  Fire retardant: Compliant with Technical Bulletin 117 (upon request)  Great for restaurants, lounges, hotel rooms, waiting, conference, office rooms, etc. Afra Modern Mateo R9

17  Our Italian supplier is one of the world’s premium furniture makers  Clients include renowned companies of the furniture industry such as: Afra Modern

18 DimaAnn P2 Chicago Lila R6 Lila R14Ria R9

19 Elegance Collection

20  100% made in Italy  90+ years of chair making experience  Creativity and passion producing highly sophisticated, modern, elegant and fascinating furniture  Wood: Oak, ash, and walnut  Prices start from $500  Ideal for 4, 5 and 6 star projects “A Tale of everyday elegance.” Torso 837/AI

21 Elegance Collection Torso 837/I Torso 837/LI Diva 775/AI Diva 775/IL Grace 834/PMCC

22 Contemporary Collection

23  Made in Italy  All products focused on functionality and design  Main values: Design oriented, high quality standards, short delivery periods and excellent customer service Contemporary Collection Sign 455

24  Different shapes and materials:  Wood: Oak, ash, beech, veneer and laminate  Plastics: polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, technopolymer, methacrylate, acrylic and nylon  Fully upholstered including the frame Contemporary Collection Ester 691

25  Satisfies the most varied needs: Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, stadiums, offices spaces, education, cafés, outdoors, etc.  Excellent for food courts Contemporary Collection Kuadra XL

26 Contemporary Collection Allure 735 Blitz 641 Pasha 660 Host Lounge Miss-Alù Leila 681

27 Danish Collection

28  Mid-century, post modern, unique, Scandinavian design:  Minimalist: Clean, simple, natural with organic contours  Integration with nature  Wood: Oak, teak, rosewood and walnut  “Made in Japan” Danish Collection Ib Kofod Larsen Elisabeth  Furniture became increasingly desirable over time  Designed the famous Elisabeth chair Ib Kofod Larsen

29 Danish Collection IL-08 IL-10IL-07 JUN-02 SR-02 JUN-01

30 Theatre Collection

31  Trusted partner: 100+ years experience  Perfect for theatres, cinemas, auditoriums, conferences and sports halls, lecture rooms, etc.  Chairs are tailored to meet architects’ requirements HER995 ST HER998 ST HER999 ST HER893 ST

32 Theatre Collection

33 Afra Projects

34 Clients

35 Marriott Vancouver

36 Westin San Francisco

37 Four Seasons Costa Rica Diva 775/AIDiva 775/I Diva 775/ILDiva 775/P Diva 775/PL

38 Marriott Panama Luce Chair Luce BarstoolTilia Lounge Tilia Sofa Dublin Lounge High Back Dublin Lounge

39  Rialto Theatre  Hambar Hotel  Żyara Recent Afra Projects

40 Rialto Theatre Project  One of Montréal’s iconic buildings: Constructed in 1924  Restoration’s mandate: To conserve the unique architecture, style, graceful proportions, elegant details and acoustic performance  Special case: Afra only supplier able to deliver unique chair formats

41 Rialto Theatre Project

42 Hambar Project  Specializing in hams and charcuteries  Old Montréal, Hotel St. Paul  Retail Design Institute Awards First Prize Interior Design

43 Hambar Project

44 Żyara Project  Brossard, Quartier DIX30  Restaurant and lounge: Lebanese and Mediterranean gastronomy

45 Żyara Project

46 Afra Service

47  Customization:  Possible upon designer request (i.e. adding stretchers)  Client must supply designer drawings and dimensions  Afra will supply CAD drawings and samples  Metal bases are available in many different finishes  Wood stain colors:  12 standard stains  Custom stain color available - $100 for development  Samples provided upon request: Expected delivery is 7 to 14 days

48 Afra Service  Pricing:  COM prices (except Pedrali - Grade 1)  Material needed is provided in yards, together with the price  Lead time: 8-10 week (average)  Quick ship: 3 weeks (our list has been updated)  3 year warranty

49  High quality furniture  Great variety: 6 collections and 600+ items  Stylish and sophisticated  Functional and comfortable  Handmade and tailored to client’s specifications  Quick Ship inventory  Dependable lead times  Competitive prices

50 Foster 2 Postl

51 Answers. Traforata M Armchair

52 © 2014 Afra Furniture 600 Hodge Street Montréal, Québec H4N 2A4 Tel:

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